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Did you need to activate the promotion in your PayPal account before the purchase of the item?
If getting the Aeron I'd recommend the chrome version. Looks much nicer than the black non-chrome version (though it is a fair bit dearer). I love mine.
Thanks man! Copped two Gitman Vintages in their madras print
I give mine a quick brush before wearing.
Did you pay using Paypal? Or did the email confirmation have your new address? If so you should do a chargeback from your credit card.
I personally do not like the 348 last on a pair of chukkas. On a pair of oxfords yes but chukkas no. My vote goes for Carmina chukkas on the Rain or Soller last, which is less aggressive than the 348 last.
200kg ATG widowmakers or GTFO and go back home
Kim's in Gungahlin is my go to guy and I give him constant business. He's been rock solid and gives great prices - much better than Alterations Now et al (taking in a jacket might cost $25 as opposed to $80 charged at other alterations). Also he does things the proper way - e.g. deconstructing a Barbour quilted jacket to slim it down from the back seam, as opposed to Alterations Now who wanted to cut corners and butcher it from the sides. He'll tell you if he can't do...
What's the colour fastness like for the overdyed dark shitrts (eg navy)? Does it fade easily?
Excellent shine Gerry. Did it take you long to get to it to that state?
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