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Kim's in Gungahlin is my go to guy and I give him constant business. He's been rock solid and gives great prices - much better than Alterations Now et al (taking in a jacket might cost $25 as opposed to $80 charged at other alterations). Also he does things the proper way - e.g. deconstructing a Barbour quilted jacket to slim it down from the back seam, as opposed to Alterations Now who wanted to cut corners and butcher it from the sides. He'll tell you if he can't do...
What's the colour fastness like for the overdyed dark shitrts (eg navy)? Does it fade easily?
Excellent shine Gerry. Did it take you long to get to it to that state?
Could you post a fit pic?
Meermin's QC team may be staffed by cataract sufferers but their after sales support isn't terrible. They should be able to offer you a remedy. Email them.
Done it long before you told us to.
I got my wallet and briefcase from Frank Clegg. http://frankcleggleatherworks.com/accessories/wallets.html If it's good enough for Obama it's good enough for me
Do the fleece shirts lose its fleeciness after washing?
Thanks - yeah I was referring to the newer fit. I think XL would be the safe option too.
Would going large be too ambitious for me? I'm 184cm (6 foot); 90kg (200lb); 41" chest, with an athletic body (broad shoulders, slimmer waist).
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