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I'm not a fan of the new St James II broguing pattern in the heel, especially how there's no curvature (like the old design) when it meets the welt, judging by the pic.
Dovers in midnight blue would be a beautiful choice if you're hard pressed thinking of a colour
That's a shame. I have a SB 50% code on any sneakers, that expires in 2 weeks which I forgot I had. Free to a good home.To be honest the outlandish designs commonly sold on SB (not to mention the crazy prices) always makes me wonder how/if they return any profit.
Yes it is. Luck is varied however. Some shoes stretch better than others depending on how tight the shoe was lasted.
EG Dovers on Burgundy calf, 202 last fresh out of the box
Is it from Sneakerboy by chance?
Cool - have you got anyone in for TV? I'm counting two so far (me and Fox)
How many have you got for AA?
Looks good. He should try wearing them now
Without opening a can of worms, what's the consensus on the matter? Did the TOJ owner do a runner, or are there serious questions as to whether he can produce those jackets?
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