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Ouch, wearing E shoes when you're G width... wouldn't that be like putting on kids shoes and hoping it would be comfortable?
Dovers in burgundy / 202
Thanks guys!
Does anyone wearing Alden Barrie last also wear Carmina Rain/Forrest or CJ 478 lasts? If so what sizing is suitable?
Does anyone here by chance wear Alden Barrie lasts? If so, what sizing would be recommended for someone that wears 8F 888/202.
Great tie. HC unlined ties dimple so nicely and easily, I love them.
Haven't shopped there but by all accounts Chris (the shop owner) and his brother are a top blokes who will look after you.If this is your first step into high end shoes I'd suggest two pairs of Carminas rotated will be a more logical and prudent investment than one pair of EG's (unless you're looking at buying two pairs of EG's). Double Monk also sell Carminas. Carminas are top shoes that are much cheaper than EG and are about 95% of its quality.
Easiest way to tell if it's 606 is if the toe 'edge' looks a bit flattened as opposed to rounded when looking at it from above.
I think G&G make the best shoes compared to the other top three English RTW shoes (JL/EG/GC), so their price tag is relatively speaking, great value. Their lasts are the sleekest (in my opinion) and the attention to detail they put in their shoes far exceeds the others, e.g a beveled waist and lacquered sole edges. These features don't exist in the other three shoemakers.
Yep it's 888 in width F.
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