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Yeah I hope to kick things off soon as well. Don't miss your chance to pick up a staple boot ready for winter (or any time of the year really)
Good on ya ajc - great shoes and a great price. Wear in good health!
Send Steve a PM for pricing
Timex Weekender + brown leather Hirsch strap = great looking budget watch IMO.
I don't own a pair of boots so was thinking of either a pair of brown chukkas or Chelseas from Carmina. What's do you guys think are more versatile? I'd like to wear these with mostly jeans but maybe the occasional suit as well.
Howard Yount?
Never knew it costs that much as I've never sent something to the UK, but holy smokes that's crazy.
I prefer penny loafers with a strap:
That has crossed my mind as well. I don't have the patience to comb PayPal terms and conditions from other countries in case anything goes sour. PayPal Australia and other countries T&Cs aren't the same to my knowledge.
It's probably not a coincidence, appreciation for fine mens shoes is probably much more mature in Japan than Australia.What postage cost do you usually set when shipping to Japan/China? Looking at selling some JL City II's (size 7.5/museum calf if anyone's interested PM me ) but not sure what price shipping to set it at.
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