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Thanks mate. I don't know how loafers fit, I'm typically a size 8 carmina and EG (888 last). What size shoes are you, JM?
Are those RL's in UK sizing or US sizing?
Uk or US sizing?
How many more spots needed for Tobacco Vanille? (Just curious)
Are those cognac calf? Is the photo an accurate representation of its colour?
Is there anything worth considering around the $1k USD / $8k HKD mark other than Dream Bespoke?
Cheers. It seems like the strong-point for visiting HK is getting MTM clothing rather than shopping for OTR stuff. No surprises from me so I think my visits to AC and DB will make me more than happy enough
EG Belgravia? Solid choice.
Organising my itinerary while over in HK in early January. So far I have Ascot Chang for three shirts and Dream Bespoke for three suits. Any other suggestions? Going to proxy some stuff for Foxy from Armory but other than that nothing else planned. Maybe Brooks Brothers and checking out that Michelin rated dumpling house.
There is nothing wrong with their cart. John Smedley just charge higher prices from the Australian site (equal to the UK price plus VAT) thereby giving the perception that it's not deducting VAT. When in fact theres no VAT actually charged, just higher prices.
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