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Does anyone know of a cobbler in Toronto that has Dainite soles? Novelty doesn't have fact, they've never heard of them.
Thanks for posting!
Thanks for taking the pic.Wow, perhaps my monitor is off, but this looks like a totally different color than Meermin's stock photo for the light brown calf. you get the shoes in-hand, could you please post another photo as well as your impression of the color?Thanks.
Great! Looking forward to real life pictures and your impression versus the stock pictures.
Thanks. That would be great.
Has anybody purchased these light brown calf double monks? If so, can they please post pictures. I'm curious about the colour in real life...lighter, darker, as uniform, etc. as the picture on the website.
I live in Canada. I use a silk scarf that I purchased in Delhi that is made of sari material. I find it to be a wonderful wind block. I have never found it to be cold. It is, however, much lighter and less bulky that any wool scarf that I've used.
In my opinion, none of these shoulder treatments would be considered inappropriate in even the most conservative setting. As others have mentioned, its certain sleevehead treatments..such as a spalla camicia with puckering in the sleeve fabric that would garner more attention and could possibly be considered less than conservative. I think it would be great if you put out some suits or jackets with minimal or no shoulder padding. Please, though, don't have narrow lapels...
You might also want to check out the Holland and Sherry HS1033 Crispaire book. There is a French Blue Nailhead #339030.
Are these still for sale?
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