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This was very helpful, thanks. Those boots look terrific, too.
6.5 this morning (personal best distance), mostly on rough dirt roads, which was a nice change from my normal road loops. felt like I could've keep running - and I'm not sore now. will try 8 miles in the next week or two.
2 this morning in the new shoes
5 this morning. actually went out on my 4 1/3 loop, but had to take a detour due to unexpected road construction. 5 is the farthest i've run since i was 14 or so. after 2 days off, i felt great - like i could've run longer. and my time for the 4 1/3 would be very close to my personal best.
Recently bought a pair of oiled leather work boots for Fall through Spring wear, and I'm wondering how to care for this type of leather. A search of this thread for "oiled leather" didn't turn anything up. I found this thread, but it wasn't particularly definitive: Anyways, I'm definitely not interested in shining the boots - just want extend their life. I don't plan on wearing them in the very worst weather, but...
bit over 2 this morning in new shoes (liking them so far). 4 1/3 yesterday in old shoes
1.15 this morning - first run with New Balance Minimus shoes. Figured I'd start very small while moving away from a heel strike stride. My feet are a bit sore (which is normal for me, unfortunately, and one of the reasons I'm trying to change my stride), but calves feel fine. Actually, I've been conscious of my stride for the last week or so while still running in my old running shoes, which led to some minor calf soreness following those runs. Will run longer next time...
achy 2.9 this morning despite resting yesterday - would've like to run farther my body wasn't feeling it. Will take tomorrow off, and possibly Friday
2.05 with small dog - would've gone back out alone but my ankle felt funny. Will try to get out for a longer run tomorrow.
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