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I think the original connection of Lonsdale for Mods was that when Carnaby Street first started getting noticed there was a Lonsdale shop right round the corner (Beak Street?), and since Mods were in some ways the instigators of wearing sportswear as casual clothing, they started adopting the T shirts, boxing boots, sweatshirts etc. Ditto for cycling. When I first visited Carnaby Street about 1980 (it was really crap then!) I'm pretty sure the shop was still there.
Haha yes we have the same memory. I just took a look at britboot thanks, they have some nice versions there, just the black calf in leather soles but I'll continue to keep an eye on them. Back around 1984 various versions of these were very popular among lads who frequented a nightclub I went to. It was outwardly an 'alternative' club with a lot of goth and semi goth type people (the cute Siouxsie type goths not the ugly socially deficient Slipknot type!), but the music...
Cheers mate! They are available in a variety of colours - Blue, raspberry, camel, brown and IIRC two brim widths. You can order online if you know your size too. I would definitely go back for more and they might even knock the price down a bit at the end of the summer.
I have a Sunspel short sleeve polo in brick red/rust jersey cotton size medium for sale if anyone's interested. Please PM me. I bought it off eBay thinkng it was a riviera which is how the sale was titled. I wanted the fine mesh riviera and don't really want the jersey cotton version although I like the colour. Thanks to the poster above for defining the difference between a Sunspel 'polo' (pique) and a 'riviera' (wide mesh) as I asked End a couple of times if there was a...
Yup - don't know whether advancing age affects colour differentiation as well as distance vision but I find it hard to see the difference between some colours, aside from the issues of lighting and monitors. Navy / midnight / black I find particularly difficult to tell apart.
Crusty - sharp as ever but that suit looks mostly gray to me. Lucky for you I'm not the FC arbiter! Theo - that jacket is a hard three, don't be shy about buttoning it as such! CM - that brick red/brown jacket and today's pic are both very nice and making me envious. Good work!
Oh yes!I love Matt's bondsuits blog and it's an interesting jumping off point for discussing certain clothes but I agree the literary Bond would not be caught dead in flashy Tom Ford clobber and Fleming had him dressed in almost a uniform that, as an undercover operative, allowed him to be both smartly dressed for most (late fifties-early sixties) occasions and still comfortable and unobtrusive enough to go about his profession. Still, even in that context I always thought...
Come on Mr K - I know you're of a vintage that you remember when the old valve driven CRT tellies went on the fritz you got those flickering horizontal lines and had to adjust the 'vertical hold' button round the back of the telly?Anyway as for resort wear, living in Florida means it can be an everyday thing. Subtract that 'hanky hat' thingy and that's pretty close to my away-from-work uniform here for a large part of the year. One of my mantras is that the attraction for...
That was in 'Thunderball' IIRC and it was in Nassau.Always thought it odd that Fleming would have Bond dressed unimpeachably most of the time then have him commit these occasional faux pas. Mind, that was written in the early sixties. I wonder how many odd looks someone would get walking around Nassau nowadays during daytime wearing a dark blue suit, shirt, tie and open toed sandals?
I live in FL. A large part of my wardrobe is linen (suits, strides, blazers) which I wear almost year round.Just remember that this is the state where you put on long trousers and you're considered to be 'dressed up'!
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