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1. You don't have to wear a hat but I would say either a top hat or if you don't want to look like the great Trappedini, a Homburg. 2. I think William Holden wore an alpaca polo coat over his white tie rig in Sunset Boukevard. Otherwise a dark (midnight blue, charcoal, herringbone grey) overcoat would work. 3. Not qualified to answer here as I've never worn a morning rig. Came close at a wedding once but it was in the summer so no outerwear needed. 4. Seasonal coat...
TIMOOOOOO! Where have you been matey? Don't be a stranger!
Take a look at www.thickasthievesla.com for MTM suits with Mod / skin details at a very reasonable price. Jason who used to post on here has good experience of the kind of look you're aiming at. I recently posted about a suit I got from them on my blog (see below).
It's like they're going out of their way to be ugly.We can't all have had the good fortune to make the lasses swoon due to matinee idol handsomity(!) but for me one of the tenets of Mod was to do the absolute best with what you've got. These people are like the 180 degree antithesis of Mod. 'I'm not conventionally handsome so I won't make any attempt, in fact I'll go out of my way to make it obvious I'm not trying' thus the shit beards, shit hats, workwear clothes, etc.Due...
Thanks for that - they look impressive eh?
The aren't many rules in menswear that are inviolate but dinner suit trousers without turnups has to be up there. Try a coloured silk pocket square in dark scarlet (see Dean Martin in 'Ocean's Eleven'), burgundy or royal blue for a subtle pop of colour to set you apart without making yourself 'that guy'. That's about as much pushing of the envelope that I do with black tie.
Questions about recrafting... My navy suede Players are looking a bit tired but that's due to overuse as I love them. Anyone ever recrafted suede with AE? Happy with the results? And can you drop them off at a store for recrafting and have them sent to the house when done?
It never gets cold enough here to need anything like that. For six months you don't even need a jacket. I have a load of lightweight casual jackets that rarely get worn as the season is so short to need them.I've been going to New York for work and dug out an old Crombie that was my Dad's to wear during their brutal winter months, and more recently got a great Hickey Freeman herringbone Chesterfield off eBay for $99When I go home to northern England I have a leather pebble...
I have no need of a sheepie in Florida but that might be one of the nicest ones I've seen. Navy takes it away from looking like McCloud.
From this week's Friday challenge (wear something grey). Blue grey mohair suit by Thick as Thieves.
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