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@Coxsackie I wondered if that was the linen POW from Suitsupply. I saw it on their website last summer and thought it looked great but in person not so much. Now I see your pics and you've sparked my interest again. I notice it's been revived for the Spring Summer stock so on the evidence of your pics I'll have to take a second look! Are you happy with it?
And may the choir say 'Amen'!One thing I've seen manifest is a new poster will post several pics, receive a load of criticism and then continue to post relentlessly - even daily - after which either:1. The same criticism is offered day after day and the OP gets pissed off2. Those offering criticism get bored and give up, thereafter ignoring the OP3. Minuscule improvements by the OP are splattered with thumbs making the OP think he has 'cracked it' when in reality as you...
Frank Nitti in 'The Untouchables' film. Might be the only time I can recall seeing a DB with a waistcoat that I really liked.
A few (perhaps non-salient) points:If you read the Richard Barnes book it seems accepted that things were in constant and rapid motion (trouser width, lapel width, vent length, hair length, etc) so the look that we (is that the 'royal we'?) associate with classic Mods was probably only extant for a very brief period even within the golden Mod years of say 1960-1964. This was the look that was picked up on, aped and fairly rigidly adhered to in the revivalist period of...
Somebody asking about brogues? Allen Edmonds shell cordovan MacNeil long wing derbies.
Don't sweat it Mr. K. I still sometimes enter the FC just for the hell of it and expect maybe one or two sympathy votes, no more. I remain equally bemused by the apportioning of votes and thumbs. I reckon some can be explained by voting for the poster, not the post, and some by the fact that many people just don't 'get' the sixties aesthetic. For example slim lapels are almost universally derided but post a pic wearing a jacket that Tony Manero would be proud of and...
Haha - a trip down memory lane. The disco boys seemed to be enamoured with burgundy around 1980. I was dating a lass around Christmas 1980 and she bought me a burgundy v neck! We didn't last long as a couple and I was straight back to M and S to swop it for a better colour! They also loved bleached out jeans, white socks and very low vamp loafers which we used to call 'mocassins' back then not loafers, usually with a gold tone bar across the instep. I'm not much of a fan...
Chas Chandler, bass player in The Animals 'discovered' Jimi Hendrix and encouraged his career. Then went on to be producer of most of Slade's golden era. I believe Burdon and Price hate eachother cos somehow Price finangled a 'trad. arr.' writing credit for House of the Rising Son so he gets an extra check whenever it's used!
It's hardly a primary resource but I seem to remember in Alan Fletcher's novelisation of Quadrophenia he has Jimmy say something along similar lines, that he went off the Animals cos they came on stage posing on motorcycles or something. The value of these recollections of cast iron Mod credentials imposed on Jimmy is somewhat tainted when he goes on to write about him playing 'Concrete and Clay' by Unit Four Plus Two on his record player.
Err - no. Not sure which would be more frightening!
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