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When I completed my masters degree in 1991 I rewarded myself with the exact same watch that Dopey pictured. It cost $450 and although I've since moved on to a couple of Rolexes (thanks Stitchy!!) and it doesn't see much light, its still chugging away in the cupboard. I've got used to the size and weight of a submariner but still like the way that Tag looks. I'm a strictly amateur watch geek but would hazard a guess that Tags are sometimes unpopular because they seemed to...
I like the saturated blue shirt Roy, although I suspect we'll be in a minority here:
Surprised you didn't break out the orange trousers Don. I never trouble the big dawgs for many votes on these things anyway, so what the hell ... RL Polo Lacoste Lacoste Seavees
Whoah! Whoah! Stop the press!Another Mackem on board? What's your local Queenie?
A deep and strong field this week eh gents?
I used to be able to pick out a lot of tartans from being dragged round Scottish weaving mills on road trips, feeding my Mam's never ending hunger for skirt fabrics etc. still I don't recognize that one, looks a bit like a dress or more likely hunting Menzies if its monochrome. Add a yellow line and you're getting close to Campbell, but I stand to be corrected by any knowledgable checky skirt wearers looking in!
Then you guess wrong.Saint George is the patron saint of ENGLAND and England only, not Britain.
And on a similar note can anyone tell me how to get rid of that annoying progress bar that pops up on my iphone whenever I'm scrolling within a thread? Thanks!
Here's my new Sturmanskie Gagarin: From what I can gather its a special / alternative edition of the Poljot Journey, number 068 of 999 if the number on the case is to be believed. The inner bezel rotates with the 10 o clock crown to select a different time zone. The chrono has central seconds and 30 minute counter at 3 o clock. The other complications are sweeping seconds at 9 o clock and a 24 hour counter at 6 o clock with the date at 12 o clock.
New Posts  All Forums: