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Then you guess wrong.Saint George is the patron saint of ENGLAND and England only, not Britain.
And on a similar note can anyone tell me how to get rid of that annoying progress bar that pops up on my iphone whenever I'm scrolling within a thread? Thanks!
Here's my new Sturmanskie Gagarin: From what I can gather its a special / alternative edition of the Poljot Journey, number 068 of 999 if the number on the case is to be believed. The inner bezel rotates with the 10 o clock crown to select a different time zone. The chrono has central seconds and 30 minute counter at 3 o clock. The other complications are sweeping seconds at 9 o clock and a 24 hour counter at 6 o clock with the date at 12 o clock.
I had this exact jacket. Bought new in summer 1980. It had a weird bleachy smell no doubt from the manufacturer softening up the raw denim. Took several washed to get rid of the smell. I must have been still growing, cos I remember giving it to my then girlfriend in 1988 when I bought a Levis one from a market stall in Leeds and which I still own but rarely wear.Interesting discussion about overcoats, I got a black+white=grey Hickey Freeman herringbone coat with fly front,...
Cheers fellas. I will make more effort to look on this side of the forum as I catch up on this thread. As I say on the blog, what draws me to the Mod look is versatility such that it can be dressed up or down as much as you want it to be, so can provide a template for so many situations without being rigidly prescriptive. I can't say that I've stayed within the template my entire adult life, but I can say that the worst style mistakes I've made have been those by which I...
Morning Gents - I usually look in on the CM side of the forum so I can't believe this excellent thread has been going on for the last year right under my nose. Me and my best mate were both swept up in the late seventies revival, and talking to him recently even though we now live on different continents, see each other rarely, haven't met in five years and communicate occasionally by e mail, after all these years we are both still in line with the theme of this thread...
I have a beautiful Case tuxedo knife with lapis scales.I believe they are so named because when they are opened they sorta look like a bow tie. I carry mine on formal occasions in my pocket so it wouldn't make a difference if I was wearing a tuxedo or not, as no one would see it unless and until it comes out to perform some task.
WORLD champions?What other countries were invited outside of North America?
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