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Gutted I missed this by just a few days. Mr. C, Crusty, T-1 et al, enjoy, please keep me posted for the next one in case I'm in town.
I have a Chipps garza fina grenadine in rust which looks very similar to Don's tie. Eric, if you're looking for one, Mr Winston has recently got his grenadines up on the website and they are very decently priced at around $50.
I seem to be currently in a phase of wearing odd jackets more frequently than suits, and in my usual OCD way I am now trying to acquire one pair of trousers to pair up with each jacket, in most cases made of similar fabric and of course in complimentary colours. It got me wondering if this is a common habit among the SF odd-jacket wearers (Claghorn?) or if its more common for gents to make use of the versatility provided by non-matching top and bottom halves, and...
Aaaargh! It's bad enough that it looks like I will miss another meet up with the sterling NYC lads, but all the more so as I'll be there THIS week coming, Monday -Thurs so will only miss you by a few days. If any of you industry bods arrive a few days early, and/or if any of the NYC fellas are up for a swift tincture or two on July 13/14/15, please let me know. I don't want to derail the 'official' meet up but it was a great night the last time I made it and would be great...
Have you been living under a rock? One of my all time favourite films, and sure to be on the top ten list of a sizeable majority of English blokes of a certain age. The suits were by Dougie Hayward. Can't believe you didn't mention Camp Freddie's pink suit, recently copied by Reeves. Music awkward? It's brilliant, by Quincy Jones, he heard Michael Caine talking in rhyming slang and wrote the theme song around that. Brilliant. "This is the self preservation society". Its a...
When I completed my masters degree in 1991 I rewarded myself with the exact same watch that Dopey pictured. It cost $450 and although I've since moved on to a couple of Rolexes (thanks Stitchy!!) and it doesn't see much light, its still chugging away in the cupboard. I've got used to the size and weight of a submariner but still like the way that Tag looks. I'm a strictly amateur watch geek but would hazard a guess that Tags are sometimes unpopular because they seemed to...
I like the saturated blue shirt Roy, although I suspect we'll be in a minority here:
Surprised you didn't break out the orange trousers Don. I never trouble the big dawgs for many votes on these things anyway, so what the hell ... RL Polo Lacoste Lacoste Seavees
Whoah! Whoah! Stop the press!Another Mackem on board? What's your local Queenie?
A deep and strong field this week eh gents?
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