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I remember those. Think they were a passing fad so they don't get cited as 'classic' items. We were getting work done on our house around 1972 and the plumber's mate was trying to get his mack on with my sister. He used to wear one of them in claret and blue and she was having none of it as a SAFC fan!@LST - try your wife's curling iron ... although with her bonny straight hair she might not own one!@ TomMc666 - where in Florida? I live here and it's very slim pickings!
Pics or GTFO!
Haha - dreadful from Ralphie there. My mate plays in a band called Classical Grass. They were members of a symphony orchestra who play in a bluegrass band. In the middle of all that banjo and flat picking the 'fiddle' player will burst into a solo from Verdi. They are often kitted out similarly to show both sides of their influences, with black tie top halfs and jeans and cowboy boots.
I went to a wedding in the mid nineties. Formal gear for the wedding party with groomsmen in tailed coats, wing collars and bottle green bow ties to match the bridesmaids dresses. Except for the father of the bride who fancies himself a bit of a cowboy so wore the tail coat, shirt and bow tie with a cowboy hat, jeans and cowboy boots. The photos were exhibit A in what a complete prat he looked, and he was predictably the laughing stock of the whole event.
I have two pairs of high rise chinos by Levis. Not Dockers! One are the K-1 Crammerton which I had slimmed in the legs, the other was a vintage pair of aviator chinos off eBay. They are out there but you might have to dig around a bit. I understand the recently defunct Bill's Khakis were high rise and loose legged.
Your pics seem to make you look disproportionately top heavy. I think you'll get a better depiction of how your clothes really look if you position the camera approximately at your navel rather than looking down from head height.
IMO no.If your suit is dirty, have it cleaned.If your suit is wrinkled have it pressed.If your suit is neither of the above, wear it and leave it alone!If your suit is a well made canvassed bespoke suit it will be 'shaped' a lot better from you wearing it than by being pressed.
Well I hate gardening but if I spent any time doing that nobody else would see me so style takes a back seat to function. There's a fella down my street cuts his own lawn wearing a Chinese coolie type conical straw hat. He's had skin lesions removed so needs to be careful. The wind problem affects all hats to some extent. Not sure if there's a viable solution there. Some hats have that fishing wire thread which you use to attach to a button but I don't think that's the...
I'm with Andy on this. Here in Florida it's sunny year round. For anyone dipping into the hat pool, get one that's functional. It's Panamas all year round for me. There are Panamas and Panamas. At a minimum they should be made in Ecuador not Panama! The finest Montecristis are like linen and can go for well over a grand. For a more modest budget you can get them starting for around $100. I just got a couple from JJs in the sale. See my blog for details ...
Good answer Reevesie! The image of brands and labels ebbs and flows over time for a number of reasons. Also the perceived history and heritage is a very nebulous method of judging a brand's quality and value in the present. Some allegedly historic brands have been bought over and/or revived by companies who have nothing to do with the original instigators. Others belong to giant conglomerates like that Louis Vuitton Hennssy company that seems to be buying brands all over...
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