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I just can't get away with the sub dial second hand, they just look too out of place to me, otherwise a nice looking watch.
With brown trousers? Nooooooooooo!
The beginning of the 21st century was only sixteen years ago. Were cockpits unenclosed as recently as that?
I think old people are weally boawing, and the only weason they don't understand our music - is cos they don't like it!
Here's mine ...
I have to say Spoo I admire your embracing of J Crew trou. I don't own any Bowery ones myself but I find it refreshing that you often fold a 'mall brand' into your outfits which often feature other items which are orders of magnitude higher in the reputation (and price bracket!), and in most cases with no small measure of success. I have a few J Crew things myself and contributed recently to the discussion started by Moss about the exemplary fit of their Aden trousers...
Great pics MC. At least it goes to show that we British at least did some good things while we were there! How come so shy? Haven't you shown your mug before? Anyway enjoy the fresh air before you hit the diesel and dust of Accra!
I don't believe that red trousers are in any way rock 'n roll, but I suppose Billy would disagree:"How about a pair of pink side winders and a bright orange red pair of pants?"
That was very sage advice indeed and with which I (as a rare hat wearer) fully agree.I always say for those nervous about taking a plunge in the hat pool, get a Panama fedora or if you're on a more modest budget, a sisal type straw hat, any of which will be functional in hot weather and as such will give you a more robust reason to wear it and thus bolster your confidence. Once you get through the day and survive hopefully without any derisive remarks, you'll be all the...
Me too, but I think the same about a lot of the stuff I see in Pitti photos.
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