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Looks like I'll have to wait for the next attritional war stalemate before I can wear my Buberry trench coat again. Damn!
Probably cos proposing someone else's pics would look like arse licking and proposing your own would look like a desperate cry for approval. And we can't have any of that around here can we?
Cheers. That was from last May!There are some nice pics on that thread but it's living proof how skewed the whole 'thumbs' thing is. As far as I know that's my one and only inclusion on that thread, I'm fairly confident there's a few other pics I've posted that look better than a lot of what has made it to 25 thumbs. (Not bitter at all, honest!)
What are the circumstances of the wedding whereby you are leaning towards wearing some kind of boot? PT boots seem a bit clunky / wintry for early autumn in DC. How come you don't take the more traditional option of oxfords or even derbies? You can choose a more flamboyant tie or pocket square and some classy cuff links if you want to stand slightly apart from any other navy suited attendees.
Even as an avowed fan and perpetrator of sixties Mod style, I'd never wear dessies with a suit despite what Jimmy did in Quadrophenia. If you're going for a casual suity look consider calf Chelsea boots. Even on a modest budget you can pick up a decent looking pair in Aldo if you're in America. They won't pass the scrutiny of the SF shoe top dogs but will be entirely presentable if on a sleek last with a slim sole and polished up.
Yup. My experiments with bespoke and MTM have had results mostly way below expectation. As I'm not too difficult of a fit I largely abandoned that approach and feel I get better value doing as you suggest. Different strokes for different folks but it works for me.
Well I'm sticking up for Suitsupply. Got several items from there, all OTR never 'custom' and had my local fella make any alterations. I'm 6 feet 1 and 170 lbs and have never had problems getting into any of their strides. I'm not 'offended' by their 'sexist' ads I don't care about them one way or another. I will say that almost all the SAs wear their strides at ridiculous half mast. I asked an SA once if that was a company policy and was told he did it by choice, but it's...
Jaysus! What's your doctorate in? Ballroom dancing or orchestra conducting?
Good work Smitty. We demand to see pics once you and the hats are in the same place!
I'm running joint third. The leader is rightfully running away with it but with a bit of a late push I could sneak the runner up spot.Vote early - vote often lads!
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