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Thin Blue Duke: Suit, shirt, tie, square, cufflinks, watch, socks, belt, shoes ... and hat!
Echoing the above! What a stroke of luck for me to be in town and able to attend this gathering to rub shoulders with some solid citizens for top drawer food, drink and conversation. Thanks to all for making this nomad feel at home. Good luck to all and I hope our paths cross again some day.
Of course it will - the more the merrier!(Just don't ask me to join a shoe circle!)
I'm still in. Can be in midtown from about 5.30 onwards on Tuesday so just say when and where!
I'm in! Missed the SF meetup early last year due to a change in plans so would love to see some of the east coast igents. Not sure about venues - what about that restaurant on the SE corner of 34th and 5th (empire state bldg) named something brewery?
The sum total of my knowledge of art could be written on a post card, but I do like the primary colours of Mondrian, so just for fun ...
Supporting the team that never fails to disappoint ... (But hoping local lad Henderson does well!)
Since I'm mucking about with pictures for today's challenge, WIWY: Bottom picture is the best capture of dark blue suit colour - the whole thing was less saturated in real life!
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