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Here's my new blue PoW suit ... It's hard to get a good pic of the colour and pattern ... More pics on the blog ...
Can't be arsed with this week's FC. I only have a couple of BDs anyway, doubt they'd offer much competition to the clique. Here's my blue PoW suit ... It's hard to get a good pic of the colour and pattern ... More pics on the blog ...
So add a third button and buttonhole? I've successfully done this on several jackets.
It's a nice looking watch - at first I couldn't make out the chrono complications!I think the screw down pushers are as you say a good feature usually found on higher end watches. I'd guess that the main reason for having them screw down is to add to water resistance. I have a non Seiko chrono with a screw down crown but non screw down pushers which seems a bit pointless to me - I don't wear it in water!
Errr ... chrono buttons but no chrono? What am I missing here?
Thank you sir - that was doing my head in! (Always thought he was an affiliate) cheers, TWD!
@ blekit I just bagged that same suit in the outlet sale last week, waiting for delivery. Looks good. I was also thinking about a light blue shirt and dark blue tie. I'm having a mental block. Can someone remind me of the tie vendor with the Chinese name (not Kent Wang) based in New York. I checked the affiliate vendor list but he's not on there. Thanks!
Life would be boring if we all had the same opinions. I've yet to see a bracelet type watch with a NATO strap that wouldn't look better on the bracelet. When I was a kid in the sixties my late Dad treated himself to (I think) a Seiko automatic. I think he was influenced by the Tokyo Olympics as maybe Seiko was a sponsor. Can anyone confirm this? He wore it on a yellow and black NATO style ribbon strap for several years before getting a SS bracelet. As far as I know it...
Love that steel Daytona - my next grail watch one day. If anyone knows of any good deals please feel free to PM. Cheers!
I was hoping you'd see my pic.You may be interested in the fun coffee table book 'Rowing Blazers' by Jack Carlson if you're not already familiar with it. Loads of pics from around the world and each is given the history of the club or college.
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