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I can't compete with Reevesie but I own four pairs - recently did a blog post if you want to see a round up of my experiences, click below ...
That's a sweet looking PMW Jazz, does that have exposed holes in the lugs or are newer models solid now like they did for the sub?
Excellent comments Gus and I particularly agree with your note about the colour of OCBDs. Most of them are so deadly dull I've avoided them like the plague and when I finally did succumb I made sure it was in a brighter blue just as you suggest. HT context is everything. If this outfit was for the office on a casual Friday it would probably have been OK. But if it was for meeting your mates or missus on an evening it looks like you just got off work on casual Friday!...
Oof! Crusty has set the bar high right out of the gate with this one!
You're both correct! In the Venn diagram of your two critiques there's a lot of overlap!
[[SPOILER]] Nice ensemble Smitty and I particularly like that tie. Saw it on eBay but wasn't willing to pay that high of an asking price but it does look good there.
Timoooooooooooo!!!!This suit looks so good on you, you clearly have no more need of that SS beige/blue overcheck flannel PoW you have, and you should definitely sell it to me (if you're a 38!)I still regret not jumping on that suit when it was out. Missed it by a whisker!
Aye it's interesting peoples' different take on his. I've given it some thought and aside from a few quartz watches I've acquired, I've narrowed down my personal choices to four - one for high days and holy days, one for daily suit wear (blue Sub!) one for casual/weekends and one world timer for traveling.I noticed the SA at Diamonds and Dials in the Tampa Mall (they since moved out to St. P) wasn't wearing a watch. I asked him how come and he said someone had come into...
What are you sporting these days Stitchy? Do you still have that date-o-graph or did you flip it? I wonder about those in the business, if they have grail watches and once acquired they stop buying, or if, like some mechanics I know and their cars, they are constantly acquiring and flipping as their moods change.
Nail on head, more or less.I'm not much of a golf fan but some of the pros look decent - Chris Woods?Over here there's a bit of a cliched uniform for weekend golfers wearing off white high rise baggy pleated chinos (Levi's Dockers) with oversized polyester polo shirts. Slim chinos in brighter colours with a fitted polo (and fitted V neck) is a decent look
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