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Ha! I had one. Never wore it. Gave it away!
Late Adebayor I was told by a SA
Flying Monkey and Mister Fu pretty much nailed it. Like PB, except for my dinner jacket and a nice velvet 1 button pseudo dinner jacket, all my jackets and suits are three button. Almost all are hard threes, with a few that can roll the top button. Its partly a reaction against hideous polyester broad check seventies suits with huge lapels and flares or square Richard Nixon styles, and partly an affection for the early sixties Mod style (more details in my blog - see...
Cheers Mr CI do get that sometimes, hence the SF handle. Also - skinny white English bloke with spikey hair, who like DB also happens to married to a beautiful exotic African princess! When we are out together we often get shouts of ' there goes Bowie and Iman'(Its always summer in Florida!)
Nice jacket Europrep. Randolph Levis Lacoste Levis M and C Clark's
Hard to compete with some of these entries but here is my humble attempt: Silver sharkskin jacket was bought in Manchester in 1985 but I suspect that it was originally bespoke from the early 1960s. Probably a bit too 'suity' for SF tastes to wear as an odd jacket but it's too nice to let go - label says 'worsted and silk'. Bonus picture of my Dad's RAF issue shades from the 1950s, and his silver cigarette case which I never use as I don't smoke but wish I had a...
Alright lads? I enjoy peeping in at this thread from time to time, some interesting posts and pics. Check out my blog as it may be of interest to some: www.rodsmodblog.wordpress.com Cheers, TWD.
That's a lovely shade of deep dark blue Mr B, if my iPad screen can be believed. I see this colour in old films and occasionally on here, but almost never in the real world. Very nice.
Sorry no time for a full shot -
Some great entries this week - very competitive challenge ... Edit: Damn! Too Late!
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