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still waiting on a large and small wallet.
Any one else still waiting on wallets?
I was able to check out with a midnight villain. Went to site at 8 checked out through paypal a few minutes later.
Welp just picked one up. Along with a loopwheel tee
I'm not sure which of the sweaters you are talking about but I have a handful of wvg sweaters and never had an itch issue (i'm usually pretty sensitive to it too). I pretty much always wear my wvg sweaters without an undershirt.
If anyone is interested I have a spot from 2/19/14 for $795. Black Lamb DR2010 w/ Bemberg.
Was there ever an update on if there was any left over sheep or panda cloth to make more shirts?
Just picked up the 33.
navy regiment twill 32
looks like a killer deal. too bad not my size.
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