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After watching the video I had the same thought luckilyI have a trip planned for September. So lavender short sleeve for me!
The only thing that seems different to me is the neck opening is a bit smaller and I only noticed cause I have a giant head.
Perfect timing! I've been searching for a tailor (really don't want to travel out to San Francisco). Found a couple on yelp with mostly good reviews then the handful of terrible reviews.
baseball jacket was calf suede? I'm t hinking about a suede bcdr and not sure to go with lamb or calf.
calf or lamb suede?
picked up a couple tees. no issues. still on the fence with the lounge pants though.. oh well maybe next order
:/ bought both wallets. I'd also be interested in the harrington and a different color daypack (already have the black)
On the topic of sea island... do you plan on releasing another shirt? I'm still sad I wasn't able to get a sea island shirt.
I think it was brought up a little earlier too but detailing through pictures/videos of what makes your clothes stand out. Whether that is in the item description or in the blog. Someone earlier mentioned searching around for all the terms you used on your bloodline trousers, it'd be great to be able to see all the different things on your clothes and why it is quality.
What about leaving the rewards as is but retroactively crediting back the first purchase if that person then decides to become a rewards member?
New Posts  All Forums: