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Can anyone make any recommendations on raw jeans with a high seat that won't break the bank? Entry level is fine. Given my odd proportions, I'm having no luck with jeans. Almost all of them sag from the back, while the front stays where it's at. Like a \ almost (not as extreme, obviously). I was told that I may simply need a high seat. I tried to give a pair of PNS a shot, but felt they were way too skinny from the knees down (I understand this is intended, but didn't...
I thought they would be fine with the upper, and they were, but the calf area is still tight. Might be tighter than you think. Either way, post and let us know.
I don't know about that, ordered a pair of PNS and even for my tiny ass calves, they were skin tight. Got hammered on return shipping, too.See the PNS, if they're too tight, I figure your only options are to get your current pair hemmed to something you're happy with.
Wanting to pull the trigger on one or two items from Mr. Porter. Should a spring discount/coupon code be expected soon, or should I just pull the trigger?
This is the exact same problem for me too, well, not exact, I'd be in a 29, so I can always size up to the 30 and get the 33.5" inseam..hopefully. But it's a fucking shame, these would have been perfect.
Porter seems to have completely different measurments for the inseam, fucking 32". You stubby legged people...
Got so excited about these, then checked out measurements..inseam on the 29s are so short, and the 30 waist would be a proper fit + stretch..too much. ajhdlkajsdasd. No winning with APC.
Isn't that exactly what you want?
Their measurements are all wacked out.Leg opening increases with size and then goes back down? Unless this is due to an increase in seam length from tagged 28 to 29.
What? That was seriously directed at me? Would I really expect THAT much of a stretch?How long have you been wearing them for, and how has the stretch been?
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