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As I want to wear some shirts more often I have some noob questions: Traditionally a curved hem means that it has to be tucked in the pants, right? But I think I saw lots of pictures were people didn't do so, also in the WAYWT-Thread on this side of the forum, especially when worn under sweaters, but also in other fits, I think. I actually like that look, but never really looked for it on the streets. Is it "OK" to do so? Is there something to keep in mind then, regarding...
Sorry, I meant 3 Prague Winters, I just had this thread open for some time before I posted. Maybe I'm wrong, but on his photos it always looks like there is fabric hanging down from the chair. For some reason it always catches my eye.
Why don't you repair your chair? Or is it not that visible normally?
Somewhat boring fit, the camera sucks and bad angle, but whatever.
I had the impression that zalando is always way to expensive.
Still, at least here in Germany something like his postcard, with this whole "made in Germany" thing in Fraktur (which afaik was something popular at the begining of the third reich time, though it was already old at that time and not popular at all after 1945) in black/white/red would immediately be associated with nazi era Germany. I mean, reinterpreting old German clothing seems to be his kind of thing (for example according to his site his new collection is called...
Fun fact: I don't know if you people know that, but New Balance shoes were worn a lot by neo nazis in Germany for some time. Probably simply because of the big "N" and they see themselfs and nationalists. Or maybe they still wear it a lot, I don't know, as they are worn by other people a lot, too, nowadays. I think the first time I heard of the brand was in that context. ^^
Some pictures about the production of japanese denim, maybe somebody finds them interessting:
As annoying as it may be, I would probably keep it and give the seller a negative or neutral review (not that he cares). But I think I'm quite poor compared to other people on this board. Maybe I would send it back when I would have more money.
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