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from my experience with the whiskey indy, kathy didn;t require a deposit, till they went into production. it was 50%. i'd like to get in on this boot, i just hope kathy will accept my order as i passed on the indy's once they were delivered, not to spec
ha, never looked at their sight.
in case anyone is interested... stronghold in venice stocks aldens and they just did their first collaboration. #8 wingtip boot all eyelets commando sole on the barrie. looks great in person i hemmed and hawed but left cali without a new pair of aldens
love coming home to a package... alden restorations, it's like getting a new pair of shoes. almost! this being my first experience with restoration services anywhere, i am VERY pleased!( other than not being able to switch the sole). and i must add, it was really quick. under a month. before and afters...
shall i hop on the train? care to give a hint??? i got some monies burning a hole in my pocket after passing on the indy's
sure i;m going to regret it, but i passed on the whiskey indy's. there is a 9.5 available if anyone is interested...
thanks, for in addition to being done with speed hooks, they also chose to not use a 360 welt...
i received the pic too, maybe i;m confused on what a 360 welt is?
call kathy at alden dc, most of these were pre-ordered. there might be a 9 1/2 if i pass. price i believe is 710. Trubalance last Double waterlock oiled leather sole Speed hooks Hand stitching 360ยบ welt
yes, kathy has been amazing and totally understanding! great service!
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