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Can't say I'm familiar with that Sancho Boot brand, but you're right - they look fairly average on the picture (not slim enough for my taste),and the color is quite a bit off from what I want too.Is someone familiar with these guys? price tag seems pretty low, and at least the description looks promising. The color in the video and on the pictures seems very different...
Man of Lint: Thanks! eluther: Well Jeffery Wests are English-made I'm aware those are a sort of outside my "soft" upper limit (They come out to be $324). But they're the cheapest ones I could find that have the color I want, have nice slender soles and don't look like they're going to fall apart from steady wear (I'm planning to wear them on a regular basis rather than as a special occasions boots.) Can you suggest some other brands to look at that have modest prices?
Hi all, I am trying to pick some suede chelsea boots in a reasonable price range ($250 soft limit). I am partial to a particular shade of brown appearing in the two models...
Ah I see. Thanks everyone for the help!
Wait, this is if I get the smaller size, and try to let the waist out. Would the other way around work? (I keep my current size, and try to take the waist in?)
Btw, to everyone, I know shortening the sleeves shouldn't be too much of an issue. How difficult is it for the waist be taken in without destroying the coat?
Right, I guess this is my problem too. With merino/cashmeres I can go down a number, but if I put something chunkier (even lambswool) - which I probably will since I'm using this as a winter jacket - the smaller size feels a bit tight around the waist (one can feel tension around the buttons there)
Hey Roger C: There's some pictures in the link in the original post
Hm, that's unfortunate. Is that due to the design of the coat itself or the fit? I don't do very formal all that much - my usual attire is dress shirts+sweaters, hence I got it in charcoal. I'm also intending the coat to be able to get me through fairly cold weather, so I'm not sure it can look as well as a tailored one.
Hi all, I recently purchased a Mayfair J Crew topcoat. ( I was hoping for advice on the fit. It feels like it's a tad big, but I'm not completely sure. (This version also has Thinsulate, so a bit of the bulk could be due to it. Also, the next smallest size felt a bit tight around the waist, even without Thinsulate.) Here's some pictures: Thoughts?
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