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I recognise them from the stock in G&G's flagship store on Savile Row. Those deco Mitchells are the business. I'm glad to see them available online - hopefully that will persuade G&G to do moar shooz as stock on the deco last!
Coming in January from St. Nick
As requested - Fairbanks following patina treatment
True - this particular pair was stock, not MTO, so for the sake of £400 I was willing to compromise!
Yes - for a non-bespoke shoe, at any rate. Ideally, the ball would be a tad wider but flatter, instep a bit higher and the heel cup ever so slightly roomier. But I've tried F width and/or half-size up/down and found them to be suboptimal. Oh well.More pics in the wild:
X-post from G&G appreciation thread
New vintage rioja Warwicks on their maiden Tube trip back from the G&G store ...
Lovely shoes - what last are they? You'd think I know my DG70s from my TG73s from my MH71s by now ...
^ yes.
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