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^ my thoughts exactly, sir!
Deco Fairbanks in maple calf
I got there just after 8 and you'd have thought the iphone 6 had gone on limited release. Once inside, it was mayhem, but in a very polite, SF-appropriate manner. Blissful, other than that some meanie obviously got in before me and walked off with a bunch of 9.5Es that I'm SURE were mine ...... though to the unknown visionary who ordered a pair of Deco Fairbanks in maple calf, you have my undying thanks - your first-quality-rejected understudy has now found a good home for...
Not an Arran for me, but if anyone's ever considering an oxford non-wholecut lace-up model (eg St James, Westminster, Mitchell, Cambridge, Oxford etc) on a Deco last, let me know - I'm in.
Cheers! Looking forward to seeing what's available at the sample sale on Thursday - my current collection is already overdue for a cull (closet already overflowing! )
My G&G circle.
Yes, Novecento. Yes, it's his almond last.
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