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Bear in mind the shoe tree is pointier than the actual deco shoe because it fits inside.(As I say that, I recognise it's like saying the antenna makes the Freedom Tower look taller than it actually is. Antenna or not, it's still pretty damn tall. And yes, the deco is pretty damn pointy. Just not as pointy as the shoe tree. )
Navy blue Saphir cream. Trust me. It's the polish I use the most of - it works on everything mid-tone plus: from vintage cherry, vintage rioja, racing green, vintage oak, vintage chestnut, even on my black shoes.You're welcome.
Happy St. James's Day, brother!
Great - the suede has a bit more "give" than calf, so these and the other suede shoes I have are very comfortable.
Happily showing off again @pravda G&G, Gallo
First full day with the new Connaughts.
Fortunately I've preserved the anomaly below in my original response That said, the censored version is just as good.
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