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I'm in. E width here. Open on eyelets or speed hooks. Propose green lining, but happy to go with the flow.
After seeing stevent's pics, I'm a convert. I'm in!
How'd you guess? It was the final interview question - name the make, model and last of the shoes I'm wearing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
... speaking of the sale, the shoes weren't the only stars of the show - picked up lots of socks too from Timothy Everest.
Thank you - likewise a pleasure, sir. Wear your purchases in good health, as they say!
I wonder this as well - went back to the sale today, tried on 2 pairs of loafers on the KN14 last in a 9.5E, but no dice - too much buckling with my high instep. Yet the Monacos I got yesterday were same last, same size, no buckling. Go figure.
As a new Thorpe convert myself, I'd second the notion for MOAR PICS - in the wild!
Absolutely - I think the biggest win for me (and potential risk to my wallet ) has been the broadening of my G&G horizon from Deco-lasted lace-ups in smooth, highly polished calf, to more conservatively casual/rugged styles and leather textures. Given my sizing debacle a few years back (plug: I still have a number of pairs available, see signature below!), I'd not have taken another risk, let alone a double one with the Monaco and Thorpe, at full price.A whole new world! I...
Can't believe I've gone this long without a pair of Thorpes in my weekend rotation.
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