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Congratulations guys. @Leaves, if you get enough enquiries about availability in E-width, will you launch a parallel GMTO?I firmly plant my flag here as E-width Interested Party #1 - and invite my E-width brethren to sally forth in support of this noble cause.
Cross-post - G&G, Pantherella
Holdens in vintage chestnut
Deco Warwicks, vintage rioja calf.
Been there, as my sale threads below can attest. I feel your pain. Good luck!
Congratulations guys. Surely that's a record to getting to the magic number?
So by my count we have the following interest thus far:A) Thorpe in Vintage Oak@grc1 - E@shaggycalf - F@RogerP - F (would also consider option B)@Steel28 - E/F borderline@Faster - F (equal interest in option B)B) Thorpe in Green Hatch@Faster - F (equal interest in option A)@lartiste - F@RogerP - F (would also consider option A)Rather looking like option A could potentially be viable in a F width if a couple more of F-company rally round to the cause. But where have all...
G&G, Pantherella
Having slept on it, I'd also be open to a contrasting colour / grain on the shaft. In fact, I'd be pretty interested. But also extremely happy with non-contrast all-over vintage oak, or subtle-contrast such as in the picture above. Let's see where @Leaves' option A) goes!
A) for me.
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