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These ones are suede (mink) - would love a navy, a darker brown suede, a polo suede, maybe even black. And I would murder for some smooth calf ones to go alongside my vintage chestnut pair - black, rioja, midnight blue, pearl grey, a couple (or more) two-tones. All with swan-necks. The Holden is hands-down my favourite G&G model.Alongside the Mitchell, Cliffe, Gatsby, (old) St.James II, ...!
G&G, Pantherella
Holdens - I want one in every colour. Dead serious.
Same G&G model (Mitchell), same last (deco), different colour, yesterday and today.Yesterday - black calf, purple Mazarin socksToday - vintage oak calf, blue striped Gallo socks
Mitchells, yesterday and today
With all those G&G shoes Brexiting these shores, I'm looking forward to some incredible pics on this thread over the next couple weeks. Gentlemen, don't disappoint.
The swan neck is patented.Just kidding. I've always requested it as part of the MTO. Personally, I can't get enough of it.
G&G, Pantherella, Levis
Mink suede Holdens. I'm definitely catching the suede bug!
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