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Gorgeous. Where'd you get them from? Interested in trying a pair like that.
^ As God is my witness, I'm yet to start "percolating" beyond socks ...
The Mitchells are a favourite of mine - and I see you're working them with the scrubs like @TtownMD
I tend to have a one-track mind ... But I'll make up for lost time, I promise - Jermyn Street isn't far. I need a trip to focus the mind, the possible leather combinations seem endless!
When I start obsessing about a particular shoe model it pretty much means it's only a matter of time. Galway 82 last is calling.
Errmm... well, the deco shoe trees are apparently interchangeable between round deco and square deco. Does that count against them technically being fullly lasted? Practically speaking, the difference is immaterial given that the only difference is right at the very tip.
Two-tone Submariner Date
Spending an extremely pleasurable 15 minutes scrolling through the pictures on this thread, I've found a lot of pairings of different colours/textures that could serve as inspiration for you. I take it that you're looking for something other than the standard black-white spectator combo.Lots of the pics aren't spectators themselves, but they have different leather combinations that you could replicate if it catches your eye. Vass is also a good place to look for...
New G&G Mitchells, vintage rioja calf. Round deco last. Paired with Mazarin socks.
New Mitchells, vintage rioja calf. Round deco last.At the Savile Row store... [[SPOILER]]
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