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The Mitchell is just about the best-looking wingtip design I've seen. Absolutely love it.
DG70 - smart round
Pictures are posted, not sure why you're unable to view. Happy to send them via PM if that helps.
Thanks for stepping in - wasn't sure of the answer!
First quality - these aren't seconds, or kopped in a sale. Worn, but just had the soles and heels rebuilt and replaced by G&G with pristine new ones. I'll be in the US in November for Thanksgiving, so can ship from there for buyers across the Pond. Otherwise, Royal Mail quotes shipping to CONUS from the UK at £130 (2.9kg parcel including shoe trees, tracked and insured), and domestic UK at £30. If you live elsewhere PM me and I'd be happy to get you a quote.
Non-TG73, I haveOxford DG70, blackCambridge DG70, vintage chestnutCambridge DG70, vintage RiojaDeco Gable, vintage oakDeco Gable, blackDeco Holden, deco blackFeel free to PM if you want more details.And just to round it out, the TG73s are vintage cherry St. James II and vintage cedar St. Ives
Yeah ... ever since discovering Meccariello and Bestetti, and since G&G opened their store on Savile Row where I could try on actual production shoes instead of trial pairs, I've finally confronted the rather embarrassing (and extremely financially/emotionally painful) reality that my entire G&G collection is a size too big.SO ... I am beginning to embark on a quest of rebuilding/replacing with proper-fitting shoes. Starting with these beauties. A few posts back I had my...
These just in.
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