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All but guaranteeing I'd be seen from space this morning!
Just finalised the details on my MTO with Riccardo. Inspired by the Lodger Hamilton model with invisible stitching, with a few tweaks: Riccardo is basing it on his own model, and it will be in black calf on the Perfetta last, Novecento standard: Test shoes are on their way, uppers soon to start being cut. Can't WAIT!!
No effect on the Burnham GMTO, but I'd be really interested to hear how people's tastes run when it comes to the inside of the shoe. Personally, I love a contrasting inside (with, aside from a few exceptions, sole treatment to match) - don't know why. But I really really REALLY wish G&G would offer some crazier combo options for MTOs.Besides the ever-delicious red, my dream contrasts are:Racing green outside, a rich purple or orange inside, sole treatment to match...
Got new Meccariello Aurum Romulus adelaides in the post today :-D Their maiden voyage:
Beg pardon - obviously, SF's conferment of the title "Senior Member" on my profile was entirely premature. It's like a couple weeks ago I was at the airport, saw what was obviously a sports team of one genre or another. Pleasant chit-chat led to the polite enquiry "and what sport do you play?"Turns out I was speaking to the captain of the England cricket team before they headed off for their tour of South Africa.
^ nice. Who's the maker?
I made the mistake of over-ordering with G&G because I was so excited about finally being able to afford RTW shoes at that level. I can see that the same principle applies with bespoke - the word to the wise being "keep it simple, and go slow until you're sure you've nailed it down."
Very interesting thread. At this stage, I'm still in the MTM category and thinking about bespoke, and I have a question based on my journey thus far to getting truly well-fitting clothes:What happens to the bespoke first suit or pair of shoes once you've received your second? Take shoes, for example - I've had a couple shoes now from Meccariello and Bestetti who start off with semi-customisable lasts. The first shoe I got fit 100% better than standard RTW. The second shoe...
My G&G journey wasPayless (back in college) --> Bass (after first internship) -->AE (graduation present) --> A Testoni --> (Jeffery West - I know, serious detour) --> Barker/Cheaney (back on track) -->C&J -->Lodger/Lutwyche --> JM Weston -->G&G. As @MW313 says, there is no turning back.
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