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Someone say Deco??? what exactly'd you order? Details please!!
The round deco examples in the Savile Row store are gorgeous. I'm still on the fence about committing though until I see it in its real-life incarnation.Point taken on whether there is value in doing a deco GMTO. I'd surmise that since G&G has done stock runs on the deco last at non-deco prices, there is a theoretical precedent. I'd not want to hazard a guess as to whether the stock deco-lasted shoes are "full" decos in terms of construction and treatment, but it would...
I love that design - was really pleased how it turned out when I commissioned it. I'm always up for a GMTO discussion that revolves around the deco last, as you can see: [[SPOILER]] Note that G&G do a deco Warwick as their normal stock in vintage rioja, well worth checking out - http://www.gazianogirling.com/products/warwick-deco-vintage-rioja. They also do the Mitchell in midnight blue on the deco last, which is currently my favourite wingtip - so much so that I got it in...
I'd gladly jump on this!
Incoming - G&G Burnhams in mole suede on the deco last.
And speaking of MTO's - these just arrived from Skoak
G&G's scoping of its RTW universe simply doesn't match with your definition of RTW, and the prospect of them broadening their RTW universe is unlikely.You are not alone in your frustration - Lord knows a broader stock range would have saved me much aggravation and ££'s. But there isn't, so we each have to choose how we deal, whether to take a chance or go to another maker with a wider scope. It sounds like you've made the latter choice, a perfectly reasonable path to take...
This +1000. Bear in mind you're trying to find a fit on a stock size that is a best compromise - in my case, my preferred fit of 9.5E is slightly too narrow in the ankle area and I would LOVE the instep to be more accommodating to my very high insteps. But it fits at the ball of the foot and minimises the "bubble" over my toes when the shoe flexes and stretches over time, which for me is worth sacrificing for - initially I hated the snugness, closure at the instep out of...
Yes - I had an email conversation with Riccardo as recently as a week and a half ago.
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