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Cross-post from G&G thread. G&G, Pantherella, Reiss.
Rocking the racing green today
Ah - so market saturation by make/model, not by material. Sounds like a plausible hypothesis, blasphemy notwithstanding
Could it be we've reached collective market saturation with kudu?
Vintage oak Mitchells
Ha - if it helps, I've co-opted the term for use in a different context. So far, there's been no confusion.
We are in agreement. "Instep cone" represents the end of a detailed discussion with G&G as their solution to the fit problem. The conversation did not begin, as you might have inferred, with my taking two words at random and unilaterally attaching a definition to them. That would indeed do nothing but confuse people.I'd take your thesis, which I fully agree with, a step further: to communicate, if you're going to try to use precise terminology, it needs be done correctly...
.... AAAAND this is why I try to avoid using technical terms on subjects that aren't my own personal area of expertise!
It's a piece that they fit on top of the standard last to give a roomier instep relative to the standard shoe - I've done it now on all my MTO's.
Gorgeous. Wear in good health, Sir!
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