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Killing time between connecting flights ...
X-post from G&G appreciation thread
I too take the same size in G&G lasts, including the Deco.
There is an upcharge for having a non-Deco model made on the Deco last on an MTO basis.G&G do have a couple stock models on the Deco last that are priced the same as their non-Deco stock lines - if memory serves correctly, they have a vintage oak Sinatra, a midnight blue Mitchell and a vintage rioja Warwick.
Just in from Bespoke England - vintage oak Mitchells on the deco last.
It is deco black calf - in daylight it looks more grey than full black, with the bleaching effect evident on the toes. Here are some pictures when they were delivered new - they have not been recoloured.
Sweet - are those from MTO Paris? Love the socks - who makes them?
Question related to the relative benefit of bespoke vs RTW - I was in Lutwyche today browsing and there's a RTW suit there on sale. Normally £3400, it's going for £1350. The fit is good round the shoulders and collar, all in all it looks like alteration needed is pretty minimal. Is it worth it or am I better off putting the money towards an entry-level bespoke?
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