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G&G, Pantherella, Levis
How crazy has everyone gone with the MTOs? So far I have a deco Gable on order. So far.
Rothschilds on the round deco last with Beluga patina
This times infinity. Definitely looking forward to hoof shots in the wild!
You can see a difference, yes, when you turn them over and look from the bottom. But standard G&G's already have a pretty slim waist to begin with. So much so that looking from the top - well, the fact that @saurabh's excellent (standard but deco-lasted) Sinatras were just taken to be (full deco) Coopers is a perfect demonstration of how small the difference is visually.
I corroborate, having also lost a lot of money by being over-eager size-wise - @MrVenneri speaks the truth. Investing a lot of time and effort to get the fit right is well worth it.
G&G, Bresciani
From meschausettesrouges
G&G, Mazarin - and some new socks for some new combos in future. [[SPOILER]]
Mink suede Holdens - Outside lighting Inside And some new goodies - looking forward to some new combos in my rotation!
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