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Ending in the next 2 hours or so ...
KN14. I don't have an MH71 in the same size (these are 9.5UK and my MH71 Thorpes are a 10 - both were sale purchases, so driven by availability and the fact that I'd expect to wear thicker socks with Thorpes.)
^ +1 Transferwise is brilliant for major currencies. I've used them for several shoe transactions now with no problem, and for significantly less cost than WU, bank transfer, PayPal etc.
Casual Friday. G&G, Pantherella, Levi's
Special dispensation (diem fortuita benedictus)
Isham, Monaco, Hove and Thorpe get special non-Deco dispensation from my wardrobe deity. As long as I don't stray too far from the Deco fold - which, to be sure, is unlikely.
Drat my mortgage!
[[SPOILER]]They're "false brogues" - the wingtip isn't a separate layer of leather, it's marked out by stitching and perforations.
They're great for finding my way around at night.
^ 3rd of 3: New deco Mitchells in black calf.
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