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Sounds doable PM me with details Wig&Pen still?
Fellow Canberrians and lurkers who were going to wear their HC ties and introduce themselves due to the fickle nature of freelancing I am unable to attend the Wig & Pen tonight.
I saw Jaco do his "Bionic Basplayer" routine with Weather Report when they played in Sydney in 1978 great concert summed up perfectly on Weather Report 8.30. Currently listening to Swiss Movement Eddie Harris & Les McCann
Mine is a shop keepers daughter who looks for value and I am carted around to offer an opinion on how she looks in things, which is odd because 9 times out of 10 she doesn't buy it. Its the 1% of times that is always costly for me.
LOL I must remember this tactic sounds cost effective.
After thirty five years I have decided to go back to DE wet shaving. I have two razors at present a Gillett which is over 50 odd years old, it belonged to my father and a new Merkur Futur. I was also using his old brush however I was not getting a good lather so I picked up a Simpsons Duke 2 and using it with MWF soap, much better results now. I am using Iridium blades in both razors and thinking of getting a EJ 89 which a few friends of mine recommend. Two questions...
Puto etiam multi affectus Glenfidich grammaticum.
I'm sure one of our legal members will represent me for intellectual property violation in this matter, design fees are at most 10% of total budget thank you.
If you have time try Rick Stein at Bannisters, heard very good things about it.
To praise great men for their sartorial accomplishments and acknowledge their commitment to excellence in human endeavours.
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