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29 The Peripheral by William Gibson started on this last night a departure from his previous the future is now trilogy
Stir fried Thai eggplant their long like the Japanese variety but violet in colour with snow white flesh only available for a few weeks of the year, with deep fried tofu, red onions and English spinach cooked it with garlic and chilli and then added some fermented black beans which i made into a paste then served it up with basmati rice.
Wild Man Dance Charles Lloyd
Brilliant book one of my all time favourites still have a Penguin copy in my library.
I remember Deadly Ernest from the late 60's used to show a lot of B movies and the occasional Boris Karloff gem. As for the Sunday lamb roast and White Wings deserts my mind reels at the memory.
What about Joe the Gadget Man?
Wrong blah I had a number of second hand suits in the late 70's which were thirty plus years old and they were in excellent condition and I got over seven years wear. I also had a suit which belonged to my father which was 30 years old I had it altered and got ten years occasional wear out of it. Thought ok keep it for my son but moths got at it.
Go to Aria I've been there a few times with Mrs GF great food great view. I would also highly recommend Chiswick in Ocean St Woollahra bit more laid back than Aria but excellent discovered a great Hendricks cocktail there 'Sex in the Garden'
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino used this a couple of times, I really like it find it a warm herbal scent, good seeing its only 5c at present and I'll be spending a fair bit of time outdoors today.
Keith Jarrett Creation Gary Peacock Now This
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