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I could live with that.
Bonds singlets are ok the T Shirts meh! the quality of them has gone right down not worth it. I been buying white Duchamp from DJ's the last couple of years good value I mainly wear them in winter. Anyway I thought the polo shirt replaced the T Shirt once you get over 40.
I guess the next question is will he survive past next week? Trailer is a bit ambiguous on that point. And does Queen bitch get done over by that big bull dyke nun?
Droll Very Droll no I'm quite solid in the chest and upper shoulders. You do have chest and shoulders don't you?
Depends if they have entirely departed from the book and have decided to finish it in a way they want I'm speculating on an active role for the dragons in the war against the white walkers. Also whats John Snows blade made from?But who knows there are what at least a 12 or more? story lines to tie up and how many more years will the show run for?Mind you I haven't read the books so I can only go by what Mrs GF has identified as departure points from them.
At least its better that being a dray horse. Or in my fathers case being described as built like a brick shithoue, mind you he was only 5'6 and solid as a rock.Damn that DNA
Last night slow roasted tomato sauce with oregano, parsley, rosemary and garlic on spelt penne pasta.
Last nigh The Bad Pus live in Canberra. Currently Tim Bern's Snakeoil You've Been Watching Me
I stand (solidly) corrected. Why is there no emoticon for envy?
Bastarda 😁 no skinny me thanks DNA for my solid Celtic build.
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