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Friday night and Two Pints of Grainy stout at 7.5 at the Bent Spoke with Mrs GF then over for take away wood fired pizza OMG they were a revelation as I have never ever had a soft base pizza before then home to a bottle of Metala Shiraz Cabernet and Eric Harland Voyager Live which I picked up this arvo and then Rugby.
Hollywood what else can you say. Otherwise I thought that film to be brilliant the whole focus on self improvement was a hoot and the commentary on media was just salacious. Irony abounded if not fuck me that they took it so seriously. 4/5 IMHO
Sigh young people when will you discover the joys of S&M and giving girls a good spanking.
Article about the Bionic Bra a hi tech smart bra in today's AFR. WTF! What next smart jocks? Boxers with brains? (No double entender implied)
Vale Ornette Coleman who has gone to the great gig in the sky.
Re Clint why you no watch Unforgiven? Aside from the Dirty Harry flicks In The Line of Fire is my favourite Clint film. And his son is a shit hot Jazz Bassist.
Pantherella pure wool argyles bought five pairs before the peso went south. Very comfortable and my feet are very very happy thank you.
Tonight Spanakopita using leeks instead of onions makes it taste sweeter IMHO with a bitter green salad fresh from the vegetable patch.
Know its not an A1 but still
Very sedate evening, anyway to cold to take to the goonie to the river. @Journey Man does not strike me as the kind of fellow who would preform CPR on the Silver Pillow of Death.
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