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TBM what brand is your coat and where did you get it?
Got woken up by drunken son at 5am who not only locked his keys and truck key in the truck but truck is parked in no standing zone in Civic. He was told to leave truck at mates house, he has cabcharge card to use on weekends or going out and getting drunk. But no! Now wife has to drive him to factory to get spare key and his mates are still asleep in his room at 11.30 Saturday morning. He has done this numerous times of late, leave key at home when going out, and I am...
I bought a J Crew peacoat in February this year have gotten marginal use from this winter in Canberra. It was quite cheap due to it being on sale and in a final close out. Now would not be the time to buy one from the US or UK as you would pay full price and then some with the state of the dollar (sigh). I have gotten a bit of use out of black car coat this year, but overall navy would be more versatile and traditional for a pea coat.
Instrument? Choir?Seen it preformed about 4 times int he last 20 years.
The worst 'social occasion' concert I went too at the Opera House was Zubin Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic In the 80's. The audience noise was absurd Leo Schofield wrote that he wanted to strangle some little old lady due to her fantale consumption and the noise she made with her wrappers.I too go for the music but now whenever I get to Sydney and have a night out with the wife its a social occasion so early dinner then SSO, Wayne Shorter or STC whatever. So I always...
I have a business email that is now awash with Russian brides and Viagra, I think a client must have been hacked as I kept address close. i could swap you some viagra for a new pair of jeans.
I think classical music is a lot more 'accessible' and has been for a long time, events such as Symphony/Opera in the Domain have done a lot. Also the end of the distinction between 'high' and 'low' culture which is really no excuse for not dressing well when you go out.I remember a piece the SMH had in the gig guide advising heavy metal nerds on classical music, Dimitri was at the forefront with the 8th Symphony.
Yes I have noticed that no one gets dressed for orchestral events for some years now. I used to go to a lot of SSO performances back in the 80's and 90's I would wear a suit, on all occasions. But I guess your observation just affirms the general adoption of casual dress for all occasions is the new Norm.When I was a Theatre Manager in WW and it was a major event, Bell Shakespeare for example, people would turn out in their best. Suits from the townies, tweed from the...
Squackett A Life Within a Day Chris Squire & Steve Hackett prog rock lives:slayer:
Friend came to dinner last night with a very nice Tasmanian Pinot Noir, Ok we open Barossa Valley Shiraz, friend leaves as he early start and by now wife has wind in sails and opens another, great now feel like shit this morning due to her snoring like a mad cow for most of the night. Thankfully client meeting for this morning has been rescheduled for next week.
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