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Plebeians! Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water is the go, best of Britsh. Capi is ok and I trust you put a slice of orange with it PoP. Tonight finished off the Hendricks and had a couple of The Botanist with tonic and lime wedges.
Suffer you Bastard!As for women the other day Mrs GF came with me when I went to get a pair of beater hiking shoes. So we are in there and the saleswoman says loudly that if you buy two pairs you save XY on them. My bloke radar should have realised I was being set up but no the Farce is strong in my family.The next minute before I had the left shoe on she is back with a pair of shoes for 'Work" yeah right. She tries them on and says what do you think? Some how my plastic's...
Infidel, worshipper of false idols! Beatlebone by Kevin Barry and Numero Zero by Eco arrived this morning. Not beach books, more late afternoon with a large GnT post beach
Congratulation just in time to put the feet up and pick up a good book. Any one ordered anything of interest bibliographically? I still seeking out a couple of books I can while away January at the beach with.
Sorry don't have a catechism handy. We always put our tree up on the night of the 13th. But seeing as my son has outgrown it aside from the handouts I am prepared to leave it to Mrs GF to decide what to do.
Fyshwick fully understands lapels when I mentioned it, the guy smiled and stated they gently ironed them instead of pressing.
P FRAPIN & CIE L'HUMANISTE now this is summer and very well suited to the day which is not as stinking hot as yesterday. Strong citrus to begin then an aromatic herbal aroma enters the picture and something else which my olfactory abilities have not been able to finger yet.
Any one in Canberra used Top Cat dry cleaners in Kingston? Or is it better just to stick with Bell's in Fyshwick?
Tradition dictates that the tree goes up 12 days before Xmas then comes down on the 6 Jan. Symbolically this carries the good will and spirit of Xmas into the new year.
Try China Mieville The City and The Citythis goes some way too describe it
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