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I read this last year I found it an interesting entertaining read you should try his new book Glow.
63 The Terrorists A Martian Beck Novel by Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo Clockwise that Mahfouz novel sounds interesting will see if I can find a copy locally.
DVD Keith Jarret Trio Tokyo 1996
Bliss is a great book and film adaptation is a good laugh. Oscar and Lucinda is a good read a lot of his recent work i have not found inspiring My Life As A Fake was a good read and The Chemistry of Tears. I believe he has another fiction book coming out soon.
John Barleycorn is Dead Traffic then Sticky Fingers and a large amount of spiced rum.
I have there messenger bag love so try thishttp://www.whippingpost.com/products/the-military-duffle-bag
62 The Word Exchange by Alena Greadon A dystopian cyber age metaphysical story with shades of detective noir, a touch of Orwell and Huxley. Their hand held devices, soon to be superseded, are so much smarter and multifunctional than the latest smartphone. Language is no longer a virus but a commodity available at an iTunes type store. Only 90 pages in, highly readable and recommended.
Way too Post Modern for my tastes looks like interpretation of the original Coke bottle which was an interpretation of Botticelli's Venus.WH Taylor have a 20% discount off all plain shirts tsts10
Buy a Swatch
I was thinking There a Weird Mob.
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