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No. How could they as their the centre of their own universe and we are but bit players in their ongoing drama.Mind you there is nothing wrong with having a healthy well balanced ego, inflation is a curse of the human condition.
Sorry I don't do house calls.Having not everyone enters politics for purely ego centric reasons there are some individuals who see politics as a means to achieve a specific agenda and have a honest desire to rollup their sleeves and do some good for the nation and the public.However in these days of the 24/4 media cycle they are few and far between. Some peoples motivation goes beyond mere ego gratification and they do what they do for altruistic reasons and this does...
You forgot the Rugby World Cup.
What? You don't enjoy the Wrestling?
No this is the best thing for Labour it means, I hope it means the end of Bill. Malcolm is going to have to come good on Gay Marriage which is going to be prettty divisive outside the metrro area and its going to screw the Christan vote for the LNP. Actually its a big loss in terms of their (imagined) poitical power. As for the economy well there is no magic rabbit to pull out of the hat in the short term. And the Senate is still going to be problematic. Same old same old.
Two years of absolutelty nothing and dont get me started on Brandis. I just hope with the removal of the Mad Hatter the rest of Tea Party will vanish. As for TA he made me ashamed to have once been a Catholic.
Wahoo! The most loathsome vile poltroon who ever graced the nations political stage has been burnt at the stake.
Go Albo and lets get Jimmy Barnes to sing The International after his victory speech. Or maybe we should all relax and let Rupert decide who should be PM (again)!
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