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The last time I drank Cinzano it cost a $1.30 a bottle.
KB in France getting a real spanking now. Had a very nice SA Longhorne Creek 2009 Cab Sav tonight now Pat McCabe scores.
Wallabies kicking the French butt, found a blue lambs wool jumper today on sale reasonable markdown and size smaller than last year. Honey Badger just scores Wallabies 36 v France 9 20 minutes to go.
15 SNOW HUNTERS by Paul Yoon CD posted a review replete with a yellow cover picture. While I was picking up another book at the local library today I saw it and thought why not. I am glad I did as this is a very gentle story about PTSD, healing and tailoring on this point I do have some reservations but why let them stand in the way of a good story. I read it in a day and was quite moved by both the simplicity of the narrative and how the text effortlessly flowed on...
Bondi Lifesavers, The Trade Union Club, the Manzil Room, French's, Bombay Rock, the Crystal Ballroom such cesspits and dens of iniquity are now only to be found in late night alcohol induced revelies of a distant age as your teen age children yell at you to turn the music down.
Double Speak 101 Orwell would be proud of you boy.
Go to the head of the queue.
Was checking out lambs wool jumpers today saw a orange one crew neck, I know the colour would suit my disposition and complexion and winter wardrobe. I just wonder about mileage, any thoughts? If not this then it would be a navy blue crew neck.
The Angels Doc Neeson has gone West. In their day The Angels were a great live act and his onstage persona was completely over the top.
Winter is here and the temperature is 12 so I go into Civic to buy some new Argyle Wool socks, can I do this No! Now I find that i am reduced to buying some online from England.
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