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So that drug crazed bastard stole it off Uncle Bill.
"When the going gets wyrd, the weird turn professional" William Burroughs
I have two very nice IMHO Robert Talbott ties in purple, lavender and thistle are good tones for shirts but you need a bit a colour so I only wear them in Summer. Aubergine is a dark purple closer to a midnight navy., not much red in it to be honest.
Ox blood shoes, pale blue shirts, Harris Tweed jackets
Depends on the hues are we talking Aubergine or something lighter? I've shirts and jumpers in various hues over the years quite like the colour myself, but dont know about trousers.
The Monuments Men Originally heard the story behind the film about twenty years a good film highly recommended.
35 1914 A Novel by Jean Echenoz A very short novel that distills the filth,the fear & horror, in a literate well crafted minimalist manner within its pages that does both the characters and the waste and stupidity of the Great War justice.
So why is St Paddys day in the middle of lent?
First Hemingway I ever read, thought the ending sucked still do. My favourite real life Hemingway story is about the liberation of the Ritz Hotel bars in Paris in 1944.
36 A Very British Coup by Chris Mullin A novel which spawned two TV Min Series and a dystopian nightmare vision, depending on your politics, of the British upper classes and their belief that they rule by divine right. In all honesty both TV series did better justice to the ideas, narrative and characterization than what the book achieved. It The book came across as being somewhat cliched and the characters one dimensional. A case where TV surpassed the Novel i think...
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