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Don't know it this is another exceptionally good take on the Faust theme
Money? Buys Swans proper 80's white shoe brigade hero. Christ I remember the white baby grand in the practice window on Broadway in Sydney. Everything bulk billed of course.
ANGEL HEART on cable. A Noir take on the Faustian pact with an interesting twist. Mickey Rourke as the luckless Harry Angel and Robert De Niro as Louis Cypher "Mephistopheles is such a mouthful in Brooklyn" Charlotte Rampling and Brownie McGhee as Toots Sweet and a highly salacious performance from Lisa Bonet. Another film I have not seen in years the sound design in particular is first rate. I have to admit that the Faust story is one of my favourite narratives in...
20 The Fire Witness A Joona Linna Thriller by Lars Kepler This is the 3rd book in the series. An above average Scandi Noir thriller well paced and a couple of interesting pickled herrings to throw you off the track of the killer.
I think your all referring to The Strange Case of Dr Edelsten and Mr Coxie by Gianni Agnelli and translated from the original Italian by The Ernesto with assistance from PoP& fxhAnd I have just realised that packing to move is a liberating experience, some one will score well from St Vinnies out of this and as for the rest well any paperwork into the secure shredder can't be too careful due to dumpster divers.
I have three bags which depending on the situation and requirements are used. Filson Field Satchel my 50th birthday present from Mrs GF My Vintage Messenger Bag from Whipping+Post Excellent for toting iPad, portable chargers note pads and books along with glasses etc. Perfect companion for a day at the AWM, NLA or NAA And this except its in black t DJ's years ago. Good for HR work not too pretentious but professionally functional. Each have this use and purpose,...
The first time I have watched this in about eight years and its such a brilliant film a joy to watch as it operates with so many tropes, metaphors, cultural and social commentary and an abundance of humour, irony and satire all blended into this post modern melange. One of the stand outs visually is the bath scene and the burning bush, is it Moses or Freud talking. And the importance of the book and the word. I lectured about this at Uni with a class on all of the...
Like most retailers BB have perpetual sales but there mid year and Boxing Day sales are their highest discount with at least 50% off.I would say buy now as the prices won't get any lower. Unless you get to a BB outlet. I know the leather wallet I want is $100 instead of $200 at present.
Interesting Anderw McDonald is in the same arcade wonder how that will affect his business also Suit Shop in Strand. Convergence of convenience.
I'm a fan but not diehard enough to get up and watch it at 1am after nebulous Bundy & Black Death with a mate. Do remember the Highlands V Chief's game.Watched the Brumbies replay this afternoon think Henry Speight could be shit over a carless tackle.Saturday night will be big, two games of Kiwis V Oz. I can live with the Tah's winning if the Brumbies fail to make it through, mind you Mrs GF is a Tah's fan.
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