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Reading history is one of my non sartorial pastimes but I have to wonder when English sensibility and intellectualism provides this analysis. "The sartorially impeccable Wehrmacht rocks 'innovative submachine guns' with an old school mash up of 'baggy thigh breaches' and 'high collared' tunics." WTF is going on here and anyway everybody knows that the SS were better dressed as their uniforms were made by Hugo Boss.
52 Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink by Elvis Costello Great read so far and prompted to listen to My Aim Is True which is so stripped back its great in its rawness. Have quite a few other albums which i'll use a soundtrack to reading the book.
Terry Riley in C Mali
Thanks CD.
With tastes like his I'm surprised the ALP even let him join.
You still peddling contracts for Beelzebub?
I know the name of a good therapist.
So everyone making their annual donation to TAB Corp today?
51 The Vienna Assignment by Olen Steinhauer This has to be one of the most tedious spy novels I have ever read and the lead character a stereotypical Eastern block ideologue. Oxygen thief of the first order However it did reinforce one aspect of Bridge of Spies and that was the antagonism which existed between the KGB and the satellite nations security services. It appears that there was a real sense of rivalry and nationalism at work in their cold war games. Not...
ROFL made my day.
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