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Me thinks the Canberrians should meet at the Wig & Pen for an evening of sartorial ales.
If you haven't read Blaise Cendrars Moravagine and Breton Froth on the Daydream both are brilliant surrealist novels worth readingAnd waiting on Tatiana by Martin Cruz Smith to arrive been a big fan of the Arkady Renko books and recently found a first edition hardback of Gorky Park which I picked up for a $1 at a charity stall in excellent condition.
They killed off Brian the star of The Family Guy WTF? What has the world come too! http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/shortcuts/2013/nov/26/brian-dog-family-guy-an-obituary
Currently 24c Canberra shorts and tshirt being keyboard monkey at home. Tonight dinner at Waters Edge courtesy of Mrs GF school board. Blue linen/cotton trousers and Blake RPL red linen shirt.
If your still looking there is The Sydney Button Store in Newtown
But its art! (need irony emoticn)
couldnthaveknow Middle section of the market I believe won't pay full price anymore as they have been conditioned to expect discounted prices due to constant state of sales which DJ's Myers HN constantly engage in. Lux market I have the readies I want it I'll buy fuck the cost its the status of the object and the fact I can which concerns me. Bottom end of the market too busy making ends meet to care will always go for the cheapest option. Simple observation I admitt...
Ad in the business section of today's SMH advising new Rolex boutique to open in December in Sydney.
I worked at the Sail & Anchor in Fremantle in 86, one of the first microbrewery pubs have fond memories of Brass Monkey Stout 'drink no evil' yeah right. While Corona is a good drop its not a craft beer, had a few too many 4 Pines Kolsch Friday night quite a nice drop. Wig & Pen is a great Canberra institution excellent range of beers highly recommended if your down this way.
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