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Go Ahead Make My Day Wallabies 34 V Pumas 9 In yrears past I used to score quite a few ties at HB sales mainly Robert Talbott and Zegna ties well under half price
Three is a Henry Bucks in Sydney not as extensive but you can still find a bargain during the sale.
"The first thing to do is kill all the lawyers" Shakespeare Henry the VI if not condemn them to inflating the sliver pillow of death at 3am on a Sunday morning.
An Omelette for Mrs GF and I, free range eggs with goats chèvre and aged cheddar cooked in butter with a dash of dried chill with a mixed green salad washed down with a Oakridge Over the Shoulder Pinot Noir 2013.
Wrong. They will know what RM's are and think nothing of it.As for Saturday can't do cooking up a feat from Mrs GF and friends on Saturday night and its only me in the kitchen.
15 ENCYCLICAL LETTER LAUDATO SI' OF THE HOLY FATHER FRANCIS ON CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME This is a well reasoned response to the ongoing debate about Climate Change and its impact upon both the present and the future. It is elegantly and articulately written and clearly states the issues while avoiding a heavy handed doctrinaire approach to solutions. It clearly links the the issues of climate change to social justice and the ethical behaviour of the developed world. I...
The last couple of days in Canberra have beautiful. However there is no moisture in the air, which does not bode well for summer.I'm in Sydney on Tuesday anyone free for coffee around 2pm?
Pokey LaFarge Something in the Water
1 Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey and 2 Live and Let Die by Wings
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