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28 Arctic Chill A Reykjavik Murder Mystery by Arnaldur Indridason Starts off slow in terms of police proceduaral but insightful about the main dick interesting subtext as I never knew Iceland had problems with immigrants and emergent racism.
Hawkwind Hall of the Mountain Grill
I thought you had a squeeze? You looking to trade up?What flavour does that come in?(sigh)
Roughly translated it means that as we are part of a stratified society our ability to consume determines our position in the social pecking order eg Bespoke has more cultural capital and symbolic power than OTR.Our socio economic upbringing conditions us to purchase particular brands and commodities which are reflective of our social position to ensure we maintain our position in the social habitus that we belong too.
When reading these things i always take 'class' to mean personal style, an expression of taste, cool, je ne said quoi, that certain something that makes one stand out from the herd.
Yes I'm sure some evil Trolls are blocking my pipes.
Walked outside and saw that the laundry sink which the washing machine runs into and then connects to a drain that feeds into the main drainage for the house is blocked. Resulting in the grey water forming a pond in the back yard. Just what i don't need.
You can find it on todays SMH under executive style.PS well done TBM
Real men don't have emotions, yeah right.He's not a vet, he's 100% pure Bogan and a council worker.The old man could have gone out on a totally disabled pension at the end of 1945. Sadly when the Greeks said "come home with your shield or on it" they forgot to take into account PTSD.
Nah his attitude is that real men don't talk about emotional stuff they just drink to quell the pain/anxiety of emotional stuff and then yell at their family as a form of therapy and keep drinking till they pass out, our father was like that but he had an excuse, the 1939-45 war.
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