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46 10:04 by Ben Lerner A post postmodernist take on the novel i think. Just the thing to have on your bedside table at the end of the day, interesting bedtime material.
HC Went into Braddon Tailors on Thursday to commission a Sports Coat Pip strikes me as not only knowledgeable about mens wear but also insightful in terms of choosing fabric which suits your personality. Will post more later today but basically went with a 3 roll 2 and a single vent. Have to upload the photos from my phone.
No I edited my original post because i was determined to remain civil in the face of dim witted ignorance hence Richard Cranium.
Typical neo con behaviour play the man and not the ball.
You are a Richard Cranium aren't you with a city centrist POV. In rural Oz the ABC is highly regarded in terms of both radio and TV. Radio in particular as it provides local coverage of news events sports ect and is active in regional centres.As for gutting quite few jobs have been lost due to the cuts. How do I know? From lefty mates who used to work for Auntie and I know people in the cultural sector here in Canberra who have recently been shown the door. But let's not...
Where's Olli? Probably gloating over a cold XXXX. I think what is worse is having Bookshelves Brandis the AG as Minister for Arts shows the mindset of these clowns in its true light.
Pesto made with fresh from the garden basil served with spelt pasta and a mixed green salad.
He told him to join the ALP.
Sorry to disagree on such an aesthetic subject but I found Protestant Private school girls were/are basically lazy in bed Catholic girls on the other hand they knew the meaning of Sin. But then that is all in the past....SIGH.
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