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The Tropicana in Victoria St fresh fruit salad with cheese croissant and strong flat white does it for me plenty of options and child friendly. What time you thinking of getting there PM if you want to catch up.On PoP's advice went to Chiswick in Woollahra for dinner tonight OMG one of the best meals I have had in years ( outside of my kitchen that is:) ) had a couple of Sex in Garden Cocktails and think my socks have been rocked , well the drake NZ PN helped.Ps doesn't...
Anybody in Sydney able to recomend a good bar in the Easten Suburbs or live music joint for tonight.
In APS recruitment interviews I had a rule which was dependant upon a) Department b) level of position. If it was a junior role jacket off tie on, mid level sports coat tie, executive level and above suit. Finance, DFAT always a suit. As a contractor i stood out because I didn't wear black trousers and wore pink shirts. Personality and dress are interlinked you don't have to take your cue from the other drones but that said you can look sharp and project confidence with...
If it suits your face go for it, great frames IMHOPs Fuck IKEA!
LOLWho was knocking back Mojitos with aplomb? I was sensible with G'nT's for the quinine
Tourist tales went to see America Painting a Nation first part of the show purely historical interesting to note changes in fashion then Rennie Ellis Kings Cross 1970-71 god that was a tasteless time in fashion. Tired to pick up a pair of Electric Blue Suede Lofers where I did find my size one problem they had the left foot but no right Then descending into the Rabbit Hole bar I had the pleasure of moving from the virtual to the real by making the acquaintance of PoP...
I have numerous items from BB shirts,OCBD, trousers and ties. The trousers in particular the pleated ones suit me fine also it's nigh on impossible to get OTR pleated trousers here. Looking forward to trying on a few suit styles to see which one fits best for the US sales great markdowns. But I wonder if they will behave like J Crew and force you to buy through an Australian site.
Being a Mexican where there are no beaches you fail to realise the practicality of a pair of Harry Wongs, being in beach bum mode these past two weeks thongs are a practical part of any beach wardrobe.By the bye DB you still in Sydney?
what is it with the beads? have I missed something?
Bills have a couple of styles M1 M2 M3 M3 is s slim cut M2 suits me and M1 would probably fit you. The P when you see M1P stands for pleated otherwise there a flat front AAAC has a wealth of knowledge about Bills over there they think its part of the second coming.Not sure what has been written on SF about them STP have some bargains but its hit and miss for the both styles and size.I'll have to go through my mail but I got mine at around $110 good price seeing Pacific...
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