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This could be good news but I guess it depends on BB and what they percieve their demographic to be and how much there willing to offer to the public and if they intend to stick around for the long haul.
In terms of fashion and people from that socioeconomic background Yes. Oscar Isaac is dressed like the The Teflon Don.
Was just reading about that brilliant film last week haven't seen it in years and do you think I can find a copy, FUBAR as the one video store in Canberra that might have had a copy has closed down.
It was set in 1981!
13 If The Dead Rise Not by Phillip Kerr featuring the good German Berrnie Gunther. Interesting historically and well written in terms of plot and character development and the historical milieu of the horror that was Nazi Germany.
The Hundred Year Old Man Who Fell Out The Window And Disappeared An absurdist Swedish film that recounts the adventures of Allan Karlsson who has a passion for explosives, alcohol, espionage and the propensity to be in the right place at the right time and encounters a diverse cast of historical characters. It also includes Neo Nazi bikers, gangsters and an elephant. 3/5 Kingsman The Secret Service This was a hoot and had a great cast exceptionally dressed. It mixed...
Back to Henry Bucks sale thinking of this for whats lefft of winter looks like a good score http://www.henrybucks.com.au/store/Henry-Bucks-Wool-and-Cashmere-Zip-Pullover.html
Go Ahead Make My Day Wallabies 34 V Pumas 9 In yrears past I used to score quite a few ties at HB sales mainly Robert Talbott and Zegna ties well under half price
Three is a Henry Bucks in Sydney not as extensive but you can still find a bargain during the sale.
"The first thing to do is kill all the lawyers" Shakespeare Henry the VI if not condemn them to inflating the sliver pillow of death at 3am on a Sunday morning.
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