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No.You just have to know where to look.
Picked that up a while back on CD's recommendation great book.As for recipe's after 20 years years of professional cooking there is not much I don't know (Christ I am modest) all this talk of curry prompts me to recommend India Cookbook by Pushpesh Pant I was initially taught Indian by an ex Hari Krishna 35 years ago, love it eat it at least twice a week, with no ring of fire afterwards.And Kraftwerk wads great show at the Opera House earlier this year
Effing stupid iPhone double post
Depends is he using a moulin à légumes and fresh truffle in his mash? Of course any civilised person would use organic milk butter and pink Murray River salt that is a given.
And it burns, burns, burns that ring of fire ,
The problem is not with me but with reality in particular.
Nice, the ones to get from LE are the Hyde Park Suprima OCBD on AAAC they rave about them. I have one a country check good both for work and casual wear.
Yeah I had a look also saw the same CR jumper I have just worn an elbow out on, not a bad price. Still useful at this time of year in Canberra. (sigh)
Which one did you get? I have a couple of them which I am very happy with, I would also recommend the BB OCBD's. By the way anyone read anything extra on when BB is opening in Oz?
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