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Your review paints a very interesting picture of this novel and I admit to being a big fan in my youth of existentialist novels and over the past ten years I have picked up a few Sartre and Camus in the Penguin green spine editions I read then. I found that their observations on life, the focus on personal responsibility and the left of centre views of society were informative for me at age and helped my own intellectual development. I tried to get a copy of Sarraute via...
I'm in the inner north in Canberra and the bloke up the road keeps a sheep for 12 months then bang into the freezer, mind you there is another bloke around here with a pet sheep which he takes walking.Memo to Self leave Canberra now while there is still time.
21 The Draining Lake A Reykjavik Murder Mystery by Arnaldur Indriðason. Totally engrossed in these books at present. Have three more to read after this one.
Took Mrs GF to see Godzilla today very impressed, enjoyed it immensely.
I've read a lot of Great War history this year so will keep it in mind but I also found a documentary based on the book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4zPg5Kv_ug
Coffee Table book I have a few menswear books which you have to clear the decks to read you should have a look at Power& Style A World History of Politics and Dress.http://www.bookdepository.com is where I buy all my books from these days at the price of it I flinched but come Fathers Day its mine.
its only ten minutes he is doing a loner talk at the Sydney Writers Festival so you'd recommend the book?Lands End sale 25% off Promotion Code FAMILY and PIN 5020.
Listening to RN yesterday afternoon and caught this http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/thelist/the-list-may-16/5450364 Colin McDowell talks about his book The Anatomy of Fashion Why we dress the way we do. Worth a listen
The Return of the Mail Order Bridegroom Ed Keupper formerly of the Laughing Clowns and The Saints stripped down pared back unpliugged rock n roll.
Fucking Royal Mail and fuck Australia Post for that matter been waiting on a package from England since 30 April and still not here And did anyone tell me that the Belgium beer they serve at a local pub is 12% no they did not 'oh thats why we only put in 300ml glasses' thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: