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A question for the wise men re alterations is it easier and or better to let trousers out or take them in?
Hamlet how twee.
The poodle barks, the caravan rolls on.
My post was about the cold weather which I am jack of and that fact that its coincided with a 15% price hike in natural gas, now if that isn't something that would piss anyone off then I don't know what would. Its all about comprehension and reading skills areas your clearly lacking in.Yes I did call you a wanker for your insipid response and your replies have demonstrated that you are a wanker and no doubt your response will affirm my observation.I think your posting...
There, there just run home to mother have a good cry and tell her someone on the internet has demonstrated what a little bitch you are.
What are your fingers on the keyboard still trying to locate your brain, sorry forgot your all piss and wind signifying nothing.
You are such a tool maybe another drink or too and you may locate your spine, but I doubt it.Wanker NPFO
Ho hum, does mother know you've slipped your leash bitch? But it's Sunday and I could not be bothered by a such a troll.
Wanker where are you from exactly?
Saw a couple of examples of variations on M65 and Afriaka korps style safari jackets back in the DJ January sales. Not my cup of tea to be honest some by GANT others by HB.
New Posts  All Forums: