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Sorry don't have a catechism handy. We always put our tree up on the night of the 13th. But seeing as my son has outgrown it aside from the handouts I am prepared to leave it to Mrs GF to decide what to do.
Fyshwick fully understands lapels when I mentioned it, the guy smiled and stated they gently ironed them instead of pressing.
P FRAPIN & CIE L'HUMANISTE now this is summer and very well suited to the day which is not as stinking hot as yesterday. Strong citrus to begin then an aromatic herbal aroma enters the picture and something else which my olfactory abilities have not been able to finger yet.
Any one in Canberra used Top Cat dry cleaners in Kingston? Or is it better just to stick with Bell's in Fyshwick?
Tradition dictates that the tree goes up 12 days before Xmas then comes down on the 6 Jan. Symbolically this carries the good will and spirit of Xmas into the new year.
Try China Mieville The City and The Citythis goes some way too describe it
That happened the first time I saw Eraserhead couldn't work out if it was in colour of black and white it just got too weird and i had to leave the cinema.American Sniper watched it with my son, what a waste of time.
Yep why would we want that JM after all the 'great Australian dream' of home ownership is an antiquated anomaly in the global market.There is also the 'suspect Russian' money in the real estate market. From what I've seen and spoken to people about they have different strategies when it comes to property acquisition and money laundering.
CD amazed by the intensity and staying power of Amouage woke up Monday morning and it was apparently there, not sure about it for summer but would definitely be a Autumn/Winter scent.
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