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I have quietly working my way through 2 bottles of Farrside by Farr since 1pm with Mrs GF the family have been slinging back beers(bogans the lot of them) and we are putting on Sweet Sumner Sun Hyde Park Live by the Stones after Dr Who.
The Quality of Mercy Reflections on Shakespeare by Peter Brook and Mrs GF bought me Power & Style A World History of Politics and Dress by Dominique & Francois Gaulme for Xmas
Farside by Farr 2011 Geelong Point Noir great with duck.
Thanks Journeyman one of the benefits of Fatherhood.
Lilly Collins? I rather the Wallabies beat The All Blacks Happy, Happy Happy, Joy, Joy, Joy to the world.
To all my fellow Gentlemen on the Oz SF thread Seasons Greetings, I hope with all the eat drink and be merry your trousers still fit on Friday.
WTF ? Foxy either you stop playing the PS4 or quit the Victorian Young Liberals
PoP re the Black Suede Boots Another option not summer of course is double pleated and cuffed grey flannel trousers with sky blue shirt and not Brando jacket but a French Resistance three button leather coat, bit retro but for blokes over 50 it harkens back to both the post punk fashion era and has a touch of 50's boho look to it. Or for summer linen navy cuffed and pleated trousers with purple/red polo bit off the beaten path or a linen shirt I wore the first option a...
Bartok or Shostakovich for string quartets along with Glass. Kronos Quartet have some great modern music in the catalogue . Did see the Emerson Quartet do the Bartok cycle at the Town Hall years ago.As for piano the Mozart sonatas and Bach are my preference.As for Symphonies well as the saying goes my heart belongs to Mahler, also with Dimitri, Bella a bunch of moderns.
Double post.
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