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As a HR Consultant I can attest to that to my chagrin. I was recently asked to provide feedback to an APS muppet and gave it to her straight.You don't need to interview 20 people for one position even if you want to have a merit list.At least 10 would not have made the cut off if I did the shortlist as they had no HR experience.You don't give people 40 minutes to answer 5 questions.A fail is a fail and I/you should not care or be intimidated because she is the Directors...
HR is the Devils playground.
I would rather give advice (and sample) the wine being laid down in said cabinet.
What sort of man is your boss?Can he deal with the truth?Do you enjoy your job?How easy is it to get another job?
In the real world the northern infidels were put to the sword tonight at the MCG.YES!
Hey I was the one who was mistaken for a Guardsman now I'm going to have to go and put a hit out on fxh as well PoP you busy this weekend.?A friend who was in an artillery regiment has his old tie, its red with a jagged blue stripes on it, the stripe signifying the thunder of the guns.
There was a similar rockabilly revival in Sydney at the same time, currently its in vogue again in Canberra as I went to a rockabilly arvo at a local pub a few weeks back, good music and craft beer on tap.
LOL I wore a red and blue striped tie at The Treasury once and this clown in all seriousness asked if I was an ex Guardsman. Of course I had to shoot him.
Nice but what about an ochre or burnt red instead of green?
JM glad you got the compliments but a word of warning change your jacket tie shirt and socks if you go out after dark otherwise the Queensland league bogans would string you up due to your traitorous upper ensemble.And as to the big game, bah humbug the last one was a joke and I doubt this one will be any better.And its currenty bucketing down here fantastic.I second Ernie's statement about the colour I've had some great Navy and Gold ties over the years. Have one in my...
New Posts  All Forums: