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Fish sperm? I can understand caviar but Fish Sperm?
I see youand raise you in the exotics stakesMy immediate boss at The Treasury had some Stingray cowboy boots he had made in Thailand not my cup of tea.
Fucking terrible as for the referees don't get me started.Agree with Bourdieu 'how can one be a sports fan'
Junior you should have asked me as I know what the problem is.Half time Blues in front and i must say I now know why I spend more time watching Union.
Never cooked it like that, I had to beat the daylight out of it then pan fry. The head chef in the restaurant had a thing for Croc, Buffalo Emu Roo way a head of his time that man, this was in 1986. Most labour intensive kitchen I ever worked in.
"I love the look of shoe porn in the morning"Tonight for those civilised individuals tonight its on mate against mate one of the major bogan rituals of the year yes its State of Origin time. So stock the fridge and crack the odd cold one as the Blues dish it up to the Cane Toads.PS for those interested Crocodile is a bastard of thing to cook.
Tonight quattro formaggi, with gorgonzola aged goats chèvre, king island cheddar and parmesan on spelt penne pasta washed down with a Tasmanian clean skin Pinot Noir
I watched it about a month ago on cable to think that Ronald Reagan was originally considered for the role of Rick (shudder) Umberto Eco wrote a wonderful essay on Casablanca Cult Movies and Intertextual Collage. I had a book with the script and a lot of stills and trivia that came out on the 50th anniversary of the movie and based a lecture on the film. loaned it to a student who made off with it
Henry Bucks carries them and they sell to particular elements of the legal medical and economic fraternity who don't or are too old to shop online, don't know what the price is when on sale, seen them but was crowded out by raging buffaloes at last Sydney sale.The best discounts for CT I have found in advertising in the AFR on a Friday the last one i bought cost $39 plus free shipping.
Up there with them, very good read Erlendur makes an appearance as the Detective. Well translated fast paced mind you no Ford Falcons make an appearance. Mrs GF is now reading it and she read all the Erlendur books
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