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Great images I've seen a few exhibitions of these at the SJ&PM over the years. Mrs GF was the designer for a film on Eugenia Falleni, alias Harry Crawford back in the 90's. Very odd story that one.
Kids they need their toys close at hand.
Well at times it beats Richard the 3rd and Macbeth, opps House of Cards for entertainment, with House of Cards the villain is better dressed.Never read the books and feel no compunction to do so.
Buy me a beer or three and I can fill you in on what your missing.
As for socks Marcoliani wool Argyle socks for winter, cotton hard to come by and Happy Socks cotton for summer/casual wear. The best athletic socks i have had have been Bonds they last about 9 months then binned. Singlets 'its gotta be Bonds'
Socks jocks singlets always bought on Sale from which ever store has the cheapest price. Sigh remembers days when Gowings had perpetual sale of Chesty Bonds wife beaters and seconds.
Sorry didn't realise that people would actually buy this stuff if they didn't have Foxsell. Australia has the distinction of being the worlds numero uno pirater of GoT.
It's turning into Dallas with Dragons. Who offed JB?
Your right it should have been more prolonged and that brats suffering drawn out.
Loner Matt you ever read Neal Stephenson "Snow Crash" cyber punk with a humours bent.
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