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Have to Disagree here JM one thing which struck me a while back were vanishing clocks, most stores no longer have clocks prominently displayed. Something to do with the psychology of shopping I believe. A lot of places banks, PO small businesses and work places no longer have them in view.As for watches my daily is an a.b.art Swiss made very minimal, no hour numbers only thin lines on each has date, clean post Bauhaus aesthetics. I also have an Omega quartz constellation...
ADAPT Why success always starts with failure by Tim Harford
Moscot widely available good range of frames, high quality product. Thinking of getting them as everyday optical wear, BP very stylish quality product, haven't seen any C&G
Personally i favour tortoise shell with the GP style, black IMMO is better suited for a heavier style frame
The first thing to do is admit you have a problem then turn yourself over to a higher power, a tailor who will bespeak your life while sending you to the poor house.Seriously it's a simple question of want versus need over the reality of your clothing budget. You do have one or are you taking advice from foxy?It's like any passion learn what you like and why, and then approach it with a sense of practicality, I was about to say moderation but then I thought of my other...
Wife swapping? S&M? Freebasing?Heisenberg = foxy methinks.
So much for the 'Say no to drugs' message.
I had a blue linen/silk, not sure of ratio blend, jacket some years ago patch pockets. Found it very functional in Sydney summer, along with linen trousers and shirts. Edit just looked at swatches my personal taste is for 862214 more of a casual summer blue the navy appears too formal for my taste.
The Necks Open streamed here http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/soundquality/sqy-18-10/5011154
Interesting tie good knot and dimple CD, good score.
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