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DW went to Spice Thai Cuisine great food good value. Canberra does not do Thai. Thanks
No shoes by Peale &Co,jackets OTR only to 46 no pleated chinos not impressed with BB
Thanks for the suggestions Nabil PP & DW have some choices and will put it to a vote.
Near PoW, the Spot
Anyone able to recomend a good Thai/Indian restaurant in Randwick? Hotel I'm in is here and don't want to travel.
I'm looking forward to finally getting a look at the BB store in Martin Place tomorrow.
FURY not sure what the message was there or even if there was one, or for that matter WTF it was on about. Saving Private Ryan had a story along with an opening twenty minutes of spectacular cinematography. Fury visually looks good but I would not have enjoyed paying full price for a ticket for supposed entertainment value.
The film of the book is worth checking out.
KLUTE the fashions are unbelieveable and its been years since I've seen it. Not bad viewing for a Monday night. Going to see Fury tomorrow heard mixed reviews but for $6 at the cinema i'm not complaining.
JM you are so far ahead of the curve I just read an article on lumber sexual's in the Guardian on Saturday.
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