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Consider this, a friend and I we're discussing OCBD the other day.QHere is the O’Connell’s shirt I was talking about.According to someone on AAAC the fit is pretty much the same as BB “Regular”.The shirts are rumoured to be made by Gitman for O’Connell’s. interesting option for an unlined OCBD at full price is http://michaelspencer.usI much prefer the look of the longer...
Take it back, get something practical like socks.
Hell is other people.Spent the night in Victoria St Potts Point at a party at a 14 floor penthouse on the ridge line. Marvellous view of both 9pm and midnight fireworks.Walked out at 1am and picked up a cab home without delay.Campanologist at the RC church across from where I'm staying went to work at 10an then off to cleanse the body at Bondi beach.
Three hours Canberra to Sydney. Then a couple of hours at Clovelly Beach 26C water temp 19C served with a divine cornucopia of female flesh. The only issue I have with weights and cardio is that my shoulders have bulked up and a MTM sports coat I acquired in January is now a much tighter fit. Currently sitting on the balcony with a large Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin and Tonic contemplating the coming NYE in Sydney for time in donkeys ages.
32C in shade of the back yard with a ice cold six pack of Peroni.
Historical high seas and high stake rescue drama based on real life events in 1952. Visually it captures the period and there are some interesting sartorial moments early in the film. Casey Affleck as the stoic and enterprising chief engineer and Chris Pine as the leading Coast Guard seamen provide standout performances leading a strong ensemble cast. Which overall delivers an entertaining film with enough tension amongst the CGI. A bit boys own adventure but done...
So it's true then, fxh secured the money from Packer to get you released.
William Gibson has written a 5 part sci fi comic series called Archangel I bought the first issue six months ago after reading a review. I'm still waiting for issue 4 god only knows when it's going to finish.
65 Passchendaele Requiem for Doomed Youth by Paul Ham In the Introduction the author writes " Stay the distance and we shall meet on the other side, with a deeper understanding of what human beings are capable of doing to their fellow creatures, and why." "I am not prepared to accept the position of butchers boy driving cattle to the slaughter." PM David Lloyd George 1917. One hundred years in 1917 since one of the most insane campaigns which was another monumental waste...
Antony Beevor is an excellent military historian whose focus is WW2. Read six of his books highly recommend.
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