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The only thing in terms of rules I've seen in the last few years is compulsory wearing of ties in the APS.
Think thats debatable JM in Sydney in January that look was everywhere mostly sans tie I think it was the 'IT' business look for the Sydney Summer. I spent a month there and I was spotting that look at leas half a dozen times daily.
RN had an interesting speaker on Blueprint for Living this AM. Christopher Breward has written The Suit:Form, Function and Style you can listen to it or download it here http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/blueprintforliving/the-history-of-the-suit/7520514 The book is published by Reaktion Books a very interesting Cultural Theory Art publisher and while their books are written by academics they are quite accessible. I've quite a few of their books in my library.
For the defence I believe Burgundy shoes with navy suit or trousers/grey POW jacket white shirt and burgundy paisley tie are fine in my humble POV have worn this in the past and not raised eyebrows. However I am speaking from a cultural creative perspective. In the government business circles I have been mixing the past few years ( a Murder of Crows) its been black trousers black suits and black shoes. Put me off wearing black it has.
At last some honesty and integrity in the election.
I don't have a sig (fark auto correct) and nothing to sell. Mind you a certain Mr Luis Cypher did come knocking and wanted a signature in blood but on the advice of fxh I declined, wasn't paying enough if you ask me.. Anyone watching Rake? H&K who manufacture in the People's Republic of Scotland and H&H are having sales.
Its just my pedagogic nature at work.31 An Emergency in Slow Motion: The Inner Life of Diane Arbus by William Todd SchultzA psychobiographical study of Arbus that examines the process and production of her photographs and how her "Otherness" was subjectively produced by her experiences of a warped family and alienation from middle class society which in turn directed her working methods and selection of photographic subjects.
I always thought it was more of a Western ripoff.The Directors Cut while sitting at home while waiting for a tradie to arrive. First time in years still a fantastic dystopian vision of the future. Great cast, great script and great director. Sci Fi at its visual pre CGI best.
That's very generous of you but my shots are up to date and fxh is going to lend me his seniors card while I'm there.
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