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From The Sell at the NLA I had quite a few white cotton Pelaco shirts i garnered from Op Shops in the early 80's in Melbourne. Black Friday didn't bother. Was tempted but kept my resolve.
Clear blue skies the mercury is rising to its summer prime and Blenheim Bouquet comes out of winter hibernation.
57 The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly Harry Bosch is back. [[SPOILER]]
Sunday night Crowded House live from the Sydney Opera House on the ABC. Sit back open a good bottle of wine and remember aspects of my misspent (not) twenties and early thirties.
Mensbiz code SAVE20 for 20% off
Re Talking to My Country: still waiting for my turn at the library.
Joe Versus the Volcano is a hoot.Looking forward to Bad Santa 2. If its anything like Bad Santa then it should be (crude, offensive and crass) fun.
Yes but have you ever worked the sausage sizzle?
Sigh, no. Think it discreetly went to Dublin to celebrate with the Irish. Waiting for the photos to show up on Facebook.
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