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25 Stasi Child by David Young East Berlin Noir at first I thought it would be reminiscent of the Martin Cruz Smith Arkady Renko books.But no the main protagonist Oberleutnant Karin Muller from Kripo is totally sold on the mind set of the DDR. Good story and what appears to be the first book in the series. One item in the narrative was telegraphed too soon or was it just my powers of deduction working? Good story and look forward to the next one. 26 HOW DID WE GET INTO...
The App is keeping their conversationn private.
My new toothbrush can talk to my iPhone. I knew watching the Jetsons was educational.
Sigh I don't think my wife would allow me such accessories.
New Order live at the SHO, virtually the same stage show as in the above clip, musically and visually outstanding as Mrs GF and I were seven rows from the stage, Fantastic night as Guru Adrian said in the 80's 'having fun is half the fun'
Picked up a Argyle BB lambswool vest at Viinnies which is Made in England. Glad to see irony is alive and wel in Bronte amid the storm carnage.
Sunday; Mrs GF "well at least the cars clean" Early dinner at Bennelong then the most amazing mix of music, lights and video for two hours solid of New Order. Outstanding!
Stu Hunter is preforming The Migration next Friday night in Melbourne. Saw it at the Sydney Festival highly recommend.
Leisurely pint of Grainy Stout 8.2% at Bent Spoke then home for pizza and pinot but before that a Dark & Stormy. Mrs GF opted for Tanq 10 & tonic.
Two words Doc Martin's
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