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I have a pair of Calvary twill trousers that after the wash looked like a snow storm. Will have to wash them inside out in future and have gone over then with a fabric brush and still the lint is on them. Any suggestions on how to remove?
CR made great Chinos between 91-96 they were pleated front after that they turned to crap.
Head online to STP and look for Bills best chinos on the planet.
24 ARDENNES 1944 Hitlers Last Gamble by Antony Beevor Arrived in the post today and with the Queens birthday long weekend perfect to kick back with it. Finally finished it the other day. Great historical narrative exposition by Beevor. Interesting cast of side characters including Kurt Vonnegut and Hemingway and sacramental wine, Martha Gellhorn and Marlene Dietrich who by all accounts shagged her way through the Allied High Command. There is gore, of which a large...
I had a Harwick cashmere jumper, not impressed to be honest lasted about 3 years elbows gave out and came apart at the seams literally. The WL and JoE are much better quality. I enjoy the cold but this last week has been absurd particularly being out at night and predictions are its going to get colder, great.
Stefano Bollani & Hamilton de Holanda last night OMG on stage an hour and half, never laughed at a Jazz gig before but Bollani doing Harpo on the piano was halliarous, when they cam bacck for the encore he started to play Tubular Bells. The interplay and virtuosity between then was sublime completely blew my socks off. Joe Lovano on Saturday night but wont be in town. The Capital Jazz project this year has been one of the best weeks of live music I have witnessed in...
Its the end of hte world as know it, its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. (repeat ad nauseam )Listening to AM and it appears their is joy amongst wool growers as the price per bale is going through the roof. Most of it is headed to China.
Yes they do A as long as its summer or B worn with a pair of long cotton ribbed socks and shorts and shirtsleeved safari jacket RSL style circa 1970.
One of my favourite films to be honest. Sadly that one never makes it cable aside from the happy ending I thought it was the best specifically for the Marlowe Noir touch, I thought in terms of overall story it gave it more depth and character exposition for Deckard . I've got the Final Cut on DVD. As for the new one on offer I wonder if they will be following the storyline in any of the Blade Runner books which came out years ago.I think another thing that will be hard to...
Eric Haland Band Voyager live last night. What a genre bending interpretation of jazz rock. Absolutley fantastic the quality of the musicanship and compositions was OTT great night. Only bummer on CD's for sale as they sold the lot in Mellbourne, merde!
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