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Corrupt cops, politically astute animals & greed combine with sexual perversion high class whores and a climbing body count fuel a great example of American Noir of the highest order. Stellar cast of Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kevin Spacey Danny DeVito and the (then) luscious Kim Basinger. Just under twenty years old and it hasn't aged at all. Great film.
If you can't visit Op shops and If that's your price range just shop at the mid year or Xmass sale at DJ's or Henry Bucks . They have a good selection then. That's when I used to stock up on ties.
Second this his Grenadines are first rate.
Washing down Sunday dinner with a couple of James Squire Jack of Spades Porter. Creamy strong rich taste and not overly gaseous as I find some Porters to be,
23 ZERO K by Don DeLillo First encountered him at University with White Noise which was considered to the great post modern novel. Have also read Underworld and Cosmopolis very impressed with both of them. Only just started but texturally, linguistically and narratively its off to a good start. Received numerous good reviews in various press sites.
Picked this up today in one of the whats happened to winter sales. 95% down perfect for early morning trips to the gym and better with an $80 markdown. Tried a couple of others but the length was too short the Lands End vest I have is perfect but the shipping charges are too absurd to make it worthwhile to acquire a new one.
In my experience I've found BB true to size. Only problem is that the arms on their jumpers are too long.
Tonight as the mercury is dropping a variation on Pasta alla Norma with added fresh habanero chilli, only a half of one, klamata olives, rosemary, caramelised garlic and goats chèvre to tone the heat down with home made spelt tagliatelle and a bitter green salad. Washed down with a 2014 Caravan Petite Sirah from Tharabogang NSW.
22 THE CROSSING by Michael Connelly Harry Bosch is in enforced retirement and decides to cross over to the dark side. Interesting story on bent cops and numerous denizens of the depths.
New Posts  All Forums: