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In the depths of a Canberra winter I've seen a lot of Pea Coats or Overcoats around oddly hardly a Trench coat to be seen.That is provided we have a winter this year.
A real disaster of a disaster movie on an epic CGI scale. Mindless entertainment for a Monday night. Pity Alexandre Daddario didn't let the puppies out of the kennel. Too tired to complain just sat back watched and consumed a number of GnT's
If the weather holds I'd highly recommend for any Sydneysider a visit to Cockatoo Island during the Biennale. The art is hit and miss but there is a great pop up bar with stunning grand vistas of the harbour. Mrs GF and had a pleasant Sunday glass of Pinot Noir lounging on the lawn, good retro music as well in the background.
Today Journey Man aromatic spices, sandalwood incense? Great for a day sampling art and Sydney harbour. TF Noir de Noir on Saturday. First time in a while I've been able to get it away from Mrs GF.
Great film“Hitchcock made everybody in the picture dress in a classic style… He didn’t want the picture to date because of the clothes.” Excellent foresighted direction as well.
Gunners yesterday RAF blue suit cotton blend? and tan double monks ok who was it?
Tom Ford Noir Extreme a melange of spices, sandalwood and vanilla? Something else in there as well. Perfect for grey over cast day.
I thought about that but it's the principle of the thing.
Typical I get an email offer to spend $150 and get $50 off and the jumper I want is $149 FUBAR
15 Words Without Music A Memoir by Philip Glass This is a fantastic read as he strolls through a life lived immersed in culture and its various manifestations ranging from the 1950's to the present. And it sheds some light on the creative, inspirational and compositional aspects of his oeuvre. Helps I must admit to having listened to his music and seen him perform live either solo or ensemble for the past thirty five years.
New Posts  All Forums: