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Friends for dinner tonight and I picked up a cheap boned shoulder of lamb at the market this morning. Its cut up and now marinating in paisley garlic and lemon oil. In couple of hours i'm cooking it for 5 hours in slow oven as a Moroccan lamb with ras el hanout aubergines tomatoes and king Edward potatoes. Then serve it up on a bed of cous cous with cucumber yoghurt and garlic on the side. Then wash it down with some Tasmanian Pinot Noir with two gams of super...
Time Out of Joint.
Vegetable garden going mental in the heat Courgette patties with Victorian Goats Chèvre and Bulgarian Sheep Feta served with a bitter green salad and washed down with a WA Margaret River Semillon Sauv Blanc clean skin
If you like bent alternative Si Fi then yes you would enjoy it read any Phillip K Dick?I had to read White Noise as part of a undergraduate degree not overly impressed but did enjoy Underworld.
Lake Street Drive Bad Self Portraits and there playing free in town next Friday night
43 Altered Pasts Counterfactuals in History by Richard J Evans after a discussion about the alternative reality Si Fi genre the other night I found this in the library CD if you want a good alternative take on the Christ story try Behold the Man by Michael Moorcock very bent.
Play that funky music white boy!
Monday Black Coal Thin Ice Chinese noir very entertaining. Wednesday night Hannah and her Sisters one of Woody Allen's best films.
Spelt pasta with fresh basil oregano paisley rosemary chill and garlic finely chopped with grated parmesan fresh tomatoes and goats chèvre washed down by a New Zealand Anthem Discover Pinot Noir from Central Otago.
Shoes Sydney? Don't make me laugh as for Canberra I may start crying.Henry Bucks but only on sale, Herringbone could be worth a look now that the Peso is behaving so poorly?
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