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Woke up this morning to find Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prise for Literature. Strange days indeed. Everybody has a personal favourite. I think its due to the fact that I have a blue eyed son.
Matt Congratulations on the 50th. I've never read that Carey book. Ever read Bliss?
Aren't the animals still out in the pasture growing?
The life of a freelancer/contractor under the current government ensures I have time to read. and I split my reading into two steams one for daylight hours and nighttime which is about half an hourt before sleep.Also do not read The Fountainhead its bad for your mental health.
This is such a great film, superb cast,script & direction. Visually full of incredible and amusing tropes, loved the Odessa steps homarge. I haven't seen it since it came out at the cinema. Terry Gilliam is such a remarkable film maker. Have to get a copy of the Fisher King wore out a VHS copy of it.
One of the best Fathers Day presents I ever selected.
Thanks Steve.The Grayling is a great read well structured in terms of its development and articulation of his principle idea that this was the Epoch in human history that created the Modern mind and not the Enlightenment. Can see his POV but not sure I agree with his thesis.Not a historical period that I'm overly familiar with aside from a number of philosophical systems and the individuals who created them.Transversing the continent via the blood drenched thirty year war...
Kelly's biography How to Make Gravy is a fascinating read.As for non fiction I have Grand Hotel Abyss The Lives of the Frankfurt School and at At the Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails on my list to read before years end.A friend gave me a copy of London The Biography by Peter Ackroyd but will leave that to January.
something from left field graphic novels 49 Doctor Strange The Way of the Weird by Chris Aaron writer and Chris Bachelor Artist/ Colourist 50The Last Days of Magic by Chris Aaron writer and Chris Bachelor Artist/ Colourist Hard backs which collects ten issues of Dr Strange. Interesting way to pass a bleak Sunday. To say the least much has changed since Stan Lee & Steve Ditko were at the helm fifty years ago. We now resume normal transmission 51The Age of Genius...
Thanks JM hadn't considered that aspect will seek further advice.You and Petepan are probably right about the shoulders and they have built up in the past twelve months to the point where a couple of Sports Coats are now a tight fit. And better still the Wallabies played solidly and won this morning however the Blacks marinated and roasted the Springboks.
New Posts  All Forums: