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sent you a PMhttp://www.westcoastshaving.comAside from buying a stove/oven and dishwasher for Mrs GF I picked up an Aeron chair on sale today quite a good score in terms of the price and tax deductibility of it.
Spelt spaghetti with slow roasted tomatoes, skinned char grilled red capsicum and slow roasted eggplant. Mixed with aged goats cheese, oregano, chilli and garlic and EV olive oil. Served with a radicchio coz and arugula salad.
BB Oz are having their semi annual sale with decent discounts the cashmere jumpers are now quite well priced however who in their right mind would wear these? HC my vote is for the Striped Grenadine
So the farce is strong in your family.
Been there done that and it will happen a lot more in the next few months as the recruitment freeze is over. I know a couple of APS Institutions who are masters of this game, I used to ask before interview 'is there a preferred candidate for the role' "NO" Bullshit the stitch up happens at the end of the day. Gives me the shits as it calls my impartiality and objectivity into question never mind issues of nepotism and governance.
I've read a few books on CD recommendations and reviews and I agree with his assessment however I would add that I found them both incredibly and violently misogynistic, he spares no punches with his crime scene and autopsy descriptions. Irene cites a couple of books I have read but this novel is darker more senselessly diabolical in terms of the cat and mouse game being played between Verhoeven and his protagonist. There are also a couple of other games being played in...
Led Zeppelin III https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWnVxuqvY7Jgahwh3Plw2TQzw6TKsds40
I went for a role last week and after they had 100 applicants they took the job down. Mind you there are now 8,000 unemployed APS in Canberra at present.Most panels I have been on interview on average 7 but a bulk recruitment the numbers get a lot higher.Can't have just 1 for an APS job APC rules require transparency and interviewing 1 based on received applications would be seen as nepotism. If it came to that they would simply readvertise.
Now this is a job interview
ROFL mind you some of the clangers I have seen at interview would be on par with those responses.Picked this up yesterday for half price its warm its a Dad look and winter will be long this year.
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