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39 Hour of The Wolf by Hakan Nesser This is the darkest novel in the series that I have read so far. The story is solid in terms of its procedural approach but its up to the intuition of The (retired) Chief Inspector to solve it. An gripping slow paced story about egotism, blackmail and a total disregard for human life with its inevitable consequences.
Given up going to try in the morning. The NBN went into meltdown over it.I just want to know how many Jedi are amongst us.
HC is too much of a gentleman to state the obivious.😎
Australian Womens Rugby team wins gold by beating New Zealand in the final. And Canada beat the Poms for bronze. Go ahead make my day! Wallabies take note.
Woke up to -4c this morning. However the world is turning and spring is coming. I need some new trousers for spring/summer. Thinking I may try to buy locally prefer to get some linnen ( this is a mens clothing forum why does it not recognise the word ) cotton blend. Option would be off the rack locally or may get some made up at OH. Suggestions required.
Took my nephews on Friday night. What can I say except Margot Robbie's arse saves the day. I have to ask don't the DC film writers understand humour or do they just take themselves too seriously. At least Marvel has a sense of humour and irony.
Hurricanes finally win the Super Rugby final on their third attempt. Not the greatest of finals due to the rain but good solid game. A Maori Jack Mormon friend of mine is seriously working on the "mother of all hangovers" at present. Two weeks till the Rugby championship and the Bledisloe Cup games. Would be good to see an annual North EPCR v South Super Rugby hemisphere championship game involving the respective winners. Could be played in the respective hemispheres on...
38 The Inspector and Silence by Hakan Nesser A weird christian sect, a charismatic charlatan who leads them, murder in the forest of two young girls. All Chief Inspector Van Veeteren can think of is he's getting too old for trawling through the detritus and misery of the human condition. Retirement or a holiday in Crete beckons in the stifling oppressive heat of the Swedish high summer. Van Veeteren has a debt to pay and find the fiend behind the murders. The pace of...
Red Hill Estate Pinot Noir 2013 a great example of Mornington Peninsula pinot at its peak.
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