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The last couple of days in Canberra have beautiful. However there is no moisture in the air, which does not bode well for summer.I'm in Sydney on Tuesday anyone free for coffee around 2pm?
Pokey LaFarge Something in the Water
1 Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey and 2 Live and Let Die by Wings
Just think he misses the simple things in life like going to the fridge and getting a beer.
The Absent One this is the second film in the series of Department Q novels. Its not a palimpsest but a loose adaptation of the novel. I saw the first and the thrid is in post production. I enjoyed the books and personally think it would have made a better TV series than films IMHO. If you enjoy Scandi Noir films and haven't read the books then you'll enjoy it, overall I found it a bit too loose for my taste 2.5/5
Same here to me its grey, either way nice combo. Was in Civic earlier today hardly saw any flannel just standard all season suiting. This ancient codger I saw had a camel hair overcoat on with a very, very nice Paisley scarf.Myself field coat cashmere and corduroy with gloves. Should have worn a hat.
No haven't come across them will investige this further.
WTF the Sydney BB store didn't have any Peal & Co shoes and aren't they made by C&J?
16 Prague Fatale A Bernie Gunther Thriller by Phillip Kerr Bernie is a good German and detective who strives to believe in the due process of the law, or what masquerades for it Nazi Germany. Entertaining from a both historical and criminal perspective.
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