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Been years since I havve seen this, great movie great narrative great cast. What's not to like. Excelent entertainment.
Three leisurely pints of Young Henry's Old Masters Scottish Ale inspired by the current exhibition at the AGNSW. From their website "The resulting brew has a smooth, balanced sweet maltiness with a touch of oak while the earthy, spicy hops play second fiddle. In the glass its a the warm red colour." Find this kind of craft beer immensely enjoyable but its like sitting down to a three course meal and pub burgers Mrs GF and I had hit the spot. Now have to ensure that I...
Akubra Panamar hats? Views thoughts opinions?
I actually bought a very good quality PRL Big Shirt in an Op shop in Sydney. And went to Double Monk, DJ's and Mensbiz. I feel like a tourist.
The sun is out in Sydney.(almost)
DB You want a slick sic flick try Point Break.Sydney rain rain and more rain great for the garden but why does the sky open every time Mrs GF park and try and go about our tourist schtick?
Tis better to give than receive.
And you should wear your wedding ring on the right hand which is the hand of giving. The left is regarded as the hand of the devil due to Judas accepting the 30 pieces of sliver with his left hand. JM got any more obscure pieces of information than that?
1 LUNA:NEW MOON by Ian McDonald Time I find tends to come to a halt in the first week of the year, spent half the day in bed reading this yesterday. The Moon has become the fiefdom of the Five Dragons five dynastic families of diverse ethic and cultural origins. Each obsessed with power position prestige and privilege. The machinations are unfolding at pace and the character and narrative flows not in predictable manner but at an entertaining pace. Its richly populated...
New Years Day SMOG the stunt sequences are completely over the top. That said its a completely different film to the original which I liked. Thought the original better in terms of its narrative exposition and character development. Found the ending to this version a bit limp. But one hell of a film visually.
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