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Tim and Paul certainly push the boundaries of common decency with the show. Actually their are no boundaries. I never stopped laughing for two hours.Tim was on Richard Fidler recently think the podcast is still available. Highly recommend the book.
I had lunch in Newtown the other day and these three D's walk in. One gent was a Sartorial Peacock impeccably dressed in a RAF blue suit, nice tie,shirt and shoes. I was curious if the suit was MTM. The other male D was definitely in a OTR from Lowe's and as for the policewoman there are things I could have done with the handcuffs.
Kaftan?Sarong?Kilt?I packed linen trousers and shirts for Sydney. Should hold it shape for an hour depending on the humidity.
'Tim, MS, get on it'."I have little idea of what the inside of Tim Ferguson feels like" p224Brother in law went West due to it.
Damm you Machiavelli.
Same day DryCleaner required in either CBD or Potts Point Eastern Suburbs. Any suggestions?
65 not bad need to branch out in some new literary directions this year. 1 DASS Their Part In My Downfall:On the road with the Doug Anthony Allstars by Paul Livingston Funny......Very Funny. At times certifiable, tragic they left out the more salacious tidbits. An anecdote on the pie crust of history. Lite entertainment of the highest caliber.
Consider this, a friend and I we're discussing OCBD the other day.QHere is the O’Connell’s shirt I was talking about.According to someone on AAAC the fit is pretty much the same as BB “Regular”.The shirts are rumoured to be made by Gitman for O’Connell’s. interesting option for an unlined OCBD at full price is http://michaelspencer.usI much prefer the look of the longer...
Take it back, get something practical like socks.
Hell is other people.Spent the night in Victoria St Potts Point at a party at a 14 floor penthouse on the ridge line. Marvellous view of both 9pm and midnight fireworks.Walked out at 1am and picked up a cab home without delay.Campanologist at the RC church across from where I'm staying went to work at 10an then off to cleanse the body at Bondi beach.
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