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Sat down with friend and listened to Skeleton Tree the new Nick Cave album. Words fail to describe the anguish and pain that is in that music. Musically beautiful but not my cup of tea.
If you search Youtube there is the documentary available of The Guns of August, first saw it years ago on cable. Quite remarkable footage matched to a great narration.
44 LABYRINTHS: Emma Jung, Her Marriage to Carl and the Early Years of Psychoanalysis by Catrine Clay Picked this up last night so far so good. Although I find it a misnomer to use the term psychoanalysis when it should it Analytical Psychology. Ok put the pedant back in the box.
Praise the Gods,victory at last.
The Boks. Now excuse my I must get back to drinking.
Pizza Pinot and Finals footy. A weekend when too much sport is not enough. Oh and I believe the Wanabies are playing.
Pino Pizza and Rugby. Potato, blue cheese,caramelised red onions. With rosemary, chilli and salt. Swiss browns, kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes caramelised red onions and Bulgarian goats feta. Washed down with a Mornington Peninsula Stonier Pinot Noir.
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