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I can hear the brass monkeys singing "welder"
Dark & Stormy then with dinner a bottle of clean skin Marlborough Pinot Noir.
Couple of tracks from the King Kong album
I bought new ugg boots and with the mornings at -3c I am happy.🎉
Cool I've the Yo Yo Ma recording Nunero 1 is my personal favourite. Never seen them preformed live. Would be interested if you do.
Who else would they have been referring too? Particularly in the light of the abandonment of trial by combat?
Yes but it looks like the little birds are about to piss in the high sparrows feeder.
I know, Wallabies lost to the Poms.
Wayne Shorter live at the SHO 83 and still a marvel.
Matt Have you read Simulacra and Simulation by Baudrillard? Highly recommend.
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