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58 I Don't Like Where This Is Going by John Dufresne American Noir with a twist Wylie Melville is a therapist and a forensic consultant. Who along with his friend the illusionist friend Bay Lettique have to leave Florida in a hurry and head for the glitz, excess and cesspit of Vegas. Upon their arrival they witness a suicide at the Luxor or is it a murder? This propels them into the underbelly of the Vegas crime scene populated by various miscreants. Along the way they...
Shallow fried fresh Zucchini flowers stuffed with goats chèvre, cheddar, Tilba Tilba blue and parmesan. With char grilled Asparagus on the side and a bitter green salad.
I've found it consistent all day when I've worn it. However it's been retired for the moment as I find it's a solid winter fragrance.
Mensbiz December discount code PM6B28
Saag Panner with basmati rice, lime pickles, cucumber and garlic raita and papadums. Followed by Maggie Beer's burnt fig, honeycomb and caramel ice cream.
Friends came by for Christmas drinks bearing the makings for too many Americano's. Enjoyed while twilights last gleaming spread shades of vibrant red and magenta across the sky. Today is going to be hot. Surprisingly no hangover this morning.
Dante in the Divine Comedy failed to describe the fourth a half circle of Hell where Men are condemned to take their wives Xmas shopping and allow them to liberaly bash your plastic. However ; as she said "It looked alright online....but." And yes "but"is the operative word here. It's not what SWMBO thought it would be or I don't like the fabric or the length. So like Dante your trudging through Tartarus as Bings White Christmas flays your skin while SWMBO engages in...
Where to start, the hair? The ties that could easily double up as drapes? The sports coats? Such a great story and considering the Phillipines and various Latin American nations its not as far fetched as narrative premise is. Outstanding and a fantastic jazz funk fusion soundtrack by Lalo Schifrin.
Gee thanks Junior.
After a couple of plain white cotton T-shrits. Bought a CR one last year which has now been discontinued will be wearing it casually with Bill's chinos. Would prefer to buy locally at this time of year due to the competency of Australia Post. Any recommendations? UNIQLO is not an option.
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