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He told him to join the ALP.
Sorry to disagree on such an aesthetic subject but I found Protestant Private school girls were/are basically lazy in bed Catholic girls on the other hand they knew the meaning of Sin. But then that is all in the past....SIGH.
PoPGutting the ABC was a stitch up inflicted on the Prince by neo con elements of the Libs i believe.However the average punter holds the Prince responsible for the action. The Prince should have taken Nifty Wran's advice and he would probably be PM.Your right though he doesn't have the DNA to play Machiavelli.
I have never been a fan of the Medici Prince and after the hatchet job he has done on the ABC I think there a lot of punters out there who have the same POV. The Mad Monk is giving a speech tomorrow at the National Press Club would love a ticket wonder if it will be on his ABC.
YES after 120 minutes the Soceroos have beat South Korea 2-1 to win the Asian Cup
Holy Mother of God what a game. 2 minutes to go. YES!
Tonight fresh stuffed Zucchini flowers with Goats Chèvre, Gorgonzola and Parmesan. Saw a recipe the other day which cited King Edward potatoes passed through a moulie as a base for the cheese and egg mix. Going to coat them in panko crumbs and shallow fry as a opposed to a tempura batter. Served with a bitter green salad and wash it down with a 2013 Dalrymple Tasmanian Pinot Noir.
47 The Lost Boy by Camilla Lackberg Why in God's name did I bother, there has to be a better cure for insomnia than this. 10:04 by Ben Lerner arrived to day in the post prior to ordering it I read a number of good reviews.
Actually JM I think the photo is of fxh and PoP after their recent face lifts. As for Pynchon never read any of his books.Half time 2-0 go the Soceroos great alternative to a Sumer of cricket. And Super Rugby back 13 February.
YES 1 Zip
New Posts  All Forums: