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FUBAR excuse me it's time for the medicinal run. TARFU!
Bledisloe Cup game one. Currently drinking cleanskin NZ PN from Potts Point. Will the Wallabies deliver or is it another night of sack cloth and ashes!
Bobby Hutcherson has gone West. Remarkable talent.
I used to push film from 100 to 400 iso in years past. I found using Rodinal bought out the grain of the image and gave B&W photographs a stronger presence. A quick introduction http://www.danimalweb.co.uk/blog/2010/01/22/an-introduction-to-rodinal-bw-film-developer/
40 I Shot The Buddha by Colin Cotterill This is the tenth book in the series about Dr Siri Paiboun a retired national coroner. This series is in Laos in the late 1970's I read a review of it in the NYT which piqued my curiosity. And lo and behold it was in the public library and no three month waiting list. This tale weaves the disappearance of a mendicant monk, the murder most foul of teenage girls by a satanic cults, a village populated by outcast sharman and various...
Monday night;Truffle and mixed mushroom risotto with a bitter green salad. Washed down with a Tumbarumba 2015 Coppabella single vineyard pinot noir. Better still is there some left for lunch tomorrow.
Flares are the epitome of all that was wrong with the early to mid 70's. I have noticed they have tried numerous times to mount a comeback but thankfully society has moved past such absurdities.
One on the corner of Crown and Foveaux St is good.Cyril's was the name of it, best and cheapest place in Sudney for past used by date products back in the 80/90's
Mrs GF has corrected me the Station you want is Marion, it the stop past Tavener's Hill, then a short walk to Leichhardt Market Town Plaza.
Lite rail? Does stop in Taveners Hill.Potts Point down the Reno Drive end of Macleay St has a couple of good Delis.Also Edgecliff did/does have a proper Deli.
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