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Back to polo shirts draged one out today a Reserve a GB then Myer house brand would have to be at least twelve years old the fabric is the same quality and thickness as some older five years plus PRL.
Mr John and Merivale, Kream or was it Cream surf wear. Excuse must go put on Aztecs Live at Sunbury to annoy the teenagers, then maybe Slade Alive.
I forgot organic food, Vinyl, flannelette shirts, bicycles most of it from what i have observed is culturally recycled and not original, anyway according to the NYT its passe, but if thats what floats your boat so be it.
Urbane tattooed bearded barista who lives in the People's Republic of Fitzroy speaks knowingly of Indy music, obscure French film. A post post modern iteration of cool.
Cable tonight Leathal Weapon the original and best. Friday In The Name Of The Father.
Same but then instead of seeing other NASA engineers all I saw were effing hipsters.
Date a waitress if you enjoy black tie.
Yes that section on women who wear sensible shoes was very entertaining.
On cable last night The Hunger an erotic vampire story from 1983. Saw it then was impressed with it maybe because of David Bowie, Susan Sarandon and a cameo by Willem Dafoe. 30 years since I saw it but still entertaining take on vampire lore.
25c so tonight inspired by Plenty More; roast red caps julienne, eggplant prepared for eggplant cheese cake, red onions, cucumbers with char grilled haloumi and radicchio, rocket and oak leaf lettuce with a dressing of pomegranate molasses EV olive oil lemon juice and pink Murray River salt and fresh black pepper washed down with a bottle of cleanskin NZ Sav Blanc.
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