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32 The Girl Who Wasn't There by Ferdinand von Schirach At first i thought this was another post modern murder mystery with existentialist overtones, but to my surprise its much more than that. I really enjoyed this dark and mysterious work. Highly recommended.
From the horologically inclined NYT mobile.nytimes.com/2015/05/01/fashion/mens-style/john-mayer-watches.html?referrer= HC that grey watch cap is very tempting
Monday night Deliver Us From Evil very bent the exorcism could have been longer some seriously fucked up going's on. Tuesday Before I Go To Sleep very entertaining and highly enjoyable with a enough twists in the tale to keep you wondering about the story line. Wednesday White Tiger a Metaphysical Great Patriotic War from Russia odd to say the least.
I have a iphone5 leather slip case I bought two years ago which I am happy with. Was considering one of their Kangaroo wallets but they jacked the prices up to a point where it would be cheaper to buy something OS.
A mademoiselle I knew once had one of those. Nothing to write home about, now the Oz at 80c and rising is.
Spelt spaghetti with minced garlic dried chilli fresh parsley and grated parmesan.
Fox good to hear about your friends Mrs GF and I gave to World Vision last night.On that other matter its abominable that weak dysfunctional politicians can sacrifice a human life on the altar of power for their own electoral gain. What they did was wrong this is not justice but the exercise of political power at its worst.
Anyone on the Northside of Canberra? Vinnie's Dickson has a couple of Harris Tweed jackets cheap and in excellent condition too small for me. Sigh!
33 DOMINION by C.J.Sansom An alternative version of history where England sues for peace in 1940. The action takes place in 1952 the Germans are still fighting the Russians after Stalin was hung by Hitler in Red Square. The Resistance is not futile and populated by a cast of known historical figures. An interesting tale but is it just alternative history or another one of those multiverse stories? Either way far too long the editor could have cut it by a third IMHO.
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