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CELEBRATION DAY ( loud) DVD Led Zeppelin
Pay no attention to CD being a Mexican and a heretic he follows a weird form of Cross Country Basketball. I met Mrs GF at a Grand Final BBQ she told me that half her family supported Wests the other half Balmain, so its fine for us mind you the West Tigers 2005 GF win seams very far away at present. And she also enjoys the Rugby Union as well.I will admit he is right about showing interest and listening to her. As for what to wear something smart, understated and confident.
56 The Fallen Angel A Gabriel Allon Thriller by Daniel Silva 57 The English Girl A Gabriel Allon Thriller by Daniel Silva
So much for the inspiration of Master Chef
Brad Mehldau Live in Marciac DVD Things Behind the Sun/Lithium standouts in a great gig.
Have any good recipes?
Interesting JM this what my mate had to say about LE"I've had some LE polos, both pique and jersey knit. The pique are pretty thin, so OK for summer , but the collars are floppy and the shirt itself stretches quite a bit.I won't buy them again.The jersey knit ones were crush resistant, so most likely treated with formaldehyde. I wore one up to the Darlo on my 50th birthday which fell on a very hot January day. I was absolutely running with sweat and yet the polo absorbed...
Thanks Al! Today is a beautiful prelude to spring in Canberra so thinking polo shirts anyone know about a US label Jack Spade? A friend had nothing but contempt for LE polos. Probably end up with Ralph.
And wet?Yes I remember that Sydney used to have a real winter for some reason that changed around 2004.
Congratulations on the 50 LM
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