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2 The Thing Itself by Adam Roberts Complex SciFi which blends Kantian philosophical concepts, why AI/is and will be essentially different to human consciousness. Throw in time travell and a touch of manic mayhem to create an unpredictable narrative. And to top if off a government conspiracy at the highest level and a demented killer. It made for an interesting and highly recommend read. One of the best SciFi stories I've read in a long time.
A very cold schooner of Four Pines summer ale.
The past two weeks,sun,surf & sand.Eyestrain. Cold beer, interesting gin, some great food & art including Shakespeare and still a week left on the coast.
To Oxford , or not to. Oxfords , that is the question:Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to sufferThe Slings and Arrows of outrageous FashionOr wear suede against a rain of troubles?Sadly thus practically and the weather does make Cowards of us all.Bravo Serria staying in the wilds and have yet to treat lofas. Hour and a half drive to Bill.
Matinee performance of Measure for Measure with Mrs GF then probably dinner drinks. Sydney currently 34C max 39C. Lavender linen gingham S/S shirt and Navy linen trousers. Here's the rub. Rain is predicted for this afternoon. So should I suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and wear suede shoes? Or in fortitude wear a comfortable pair of brown leather Oxfords. Truly the plays the thing.
Tim and Paul certainly push the boundaries of common decency with the show. Actually their are no boundaries. I never stopped laughing for two hours.Tim was on Richard Fidler recently think the podcast is still available. Highly recommend the book.
I had lunch in Newtown the other day and these three D's walk in. One gent was a Sartorial Peacock impeccably dressed in a RAF blue suit, nice tie,shirt and shoes. I was curious if the suit was MTM. The other male D was definitely in a OTR from Lowe's and as for the policewoman there are things I could have done with the handcuffs.
Kaftan?Sarong?Kilt?I packed linen trousers and shirts for Sydney. Should hold it shape for an hour depending on the humidity.
'Tim, MS, get on it'."I have little idea of what the inside of Tim Ferguson feels like" p224Brother in law went West due to it.
Damm you Machiavelli.
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