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I went to Babu Ji in St Kilda a couple of months ago and was impressed with the food.
Re Watches and other baubles. Its simply a matter of status or is it status anxiety. By your works ye shall know them and that is the bottom line. For some people its all about socially defining ones identity by the way one flaunts ones disposable income be it on art, watches, Grange, cars and I could go on. Or one could say status is all about Cultural Capital/Power. Eg I own a Picasso so therefore I am better that you because you own a Nolan. Or am I? Social cachet...
Seen this?
Many years ago a friend of mine a Jazz saxophonist went to Europe for a couple of years and bought Porsche 911 Turbo. He could never afford to buy one here but was able to buy one in Europe and ship it back. He was honest from the start about buying it to pick up women. It worked. Style is the cultivation of taste and experience over time which produces an evolving personal aesthetic. Money can't buy that.
There has been an explosion in the number of bespoke craftsmen over the previous years. From people who have bought back to productive life antique fabric mills, all variety of bespoke clothing and footwear and other hand made accessories and I think the correct term for them is artisan as defined by numerous dictionaries.A creative artist IMHO is someone who creates an original work of art in their chosen field of personal expression in what is or is not culturally...
13 buy six pack of 1972 Grange ( I wish)
6) Go with Coxie to Casltereagh St and buy antique IWC Portuguese Chronograph. 7) Join PoP and Ollie at John Cutler in ordering SF approved bespoke Vicuña Blue Blazer.
Insurance assessors top of that steaming pile.
I don't have an expensive watch.I do sponsor a child in a village in Africa.I do make regular use of libraries, art galleries but I don't pay. No wait I do with Taxes.I do pay for musical concerts.I do have house insurance but do you think these want to come out and assess the recent storm damage to my roof.
This is a highly entertaining and dramatic film. George Clooney and Julia Roberts work fantastically together as the besieged TV host and producer. Jack O'Connell delivers a great performance as the angry young man who has been done over by a stock market share collapse. [[SPOILER]] The direction from Jodi Foster its dramatically tense and polished and gets whats required out of the cast to successfully bring the narrative to life definitely recommend it.
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