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What ever you do Foxy don't use Monica's dry cleaners.I'm taking Mrs GF to dinner tomorrow night, and if the weather continues like it is its Braddon Tailors sports coat, white O&J OCBD, BB grey flannels and chocolate suede chukka's. No dry cleaner required.
38 The Child by Sebastian Fitzek The cover blurb says The Master of Mind Games "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Inception" The Guardian Hmmmm? So far its sending me to sleep at night.
Been there done that read Buddenbrooks, Dr Faustus, The Holy Sinner, The Magic Mountain, Joseph and hIs Brothers, Confessions of Felix Krull all when I was 21.
I've never been partial towards retsina.
You never struck me as Jungian CD.
Pink stilettos!
Why are there so many men of various ages wearing boxed toes shoes which look like something out of the Arabian nights in Tuggeranong? And can some explain why male members on recruitment panels must wear suit and tie and both female HR practioners are in loud high heels and Capri pants?
Mushroom risotto, I always do a double reduction on any stock I make. With King Browns, Portobello and Swiss Brown Mushrooms added at the end along with generous dollop of goats chèvre and a bitter green salad on the side. Washed down by a Phillip Shaw 2012 Orange region Pinot Noir.
Last night Aubergine Lasagna with Bulgarian goats feta and a slow cooked tomato sauce, picked and balanced the tomatoes skined them pushed them through a mollie, with black olives, mushrooms, fresh basil oregano rosemary and garlic with a bitter green salad and a clean skin NZ Pinot Noir
New Posts  All Forums: