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What ever the price you pay the Feather leaves the Merkur in the dust.
Don't waste your money buy this http://www.mensbiz.com.au/feather-as-d2-all-stainless-steel-double-edge-razor.html best razor I've ever used and for soap Occams original shave soap also from Mensbiz
Christan Kimber Sale 25% off "PICKLES"
The Pentridge Years?
New Melbourne man a fraud https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/jul/08/melbourne-hipster-the-age-admits-being-duped-by-freelancer
Market bought goats cheese and pesto ravioli with a reduced cream with parsley and garlic sauce and a mixed green salad. With fresh strawberries and thick cream.
Trapped on SBS on demand. Bosch Only the first season of True Detective is worth watching.
In Carlton today and picked up some Dents cognac Coney fur lined gloves at a bargin price Mrs GF got a black pair of Coney lined gloves,so she is happy. Mind you she didn't smile when i said i would need a new pair of Cognac brogues to macth the gloves.
Transcended VR to IRL last night over an (sigh had to behave as a dinner was pending) ale with Gerry Nelson, CD, fxh and Coxsackie who demonstrated that men over 50 can look slick with a buzz cut. Prior picked a PRL purpke silk cable knit sweater on a massive mark down aside from the culture I can say if Melbourne "he came,he saw, he did a little shopping" Edit;and a little drinking at Naked for Satan great views from the roof bar.
32 The Black Echo by Michael Connelly The first Bosch novel, after I've read seven of them, about a hundred and thirty pages in and it has all the hallmarks of what makes this series so good, cold blooded crime, LA Noir and more. Harry is definitely a true detective. And their is a new novel coming out later this year.
New Posts  All Forums: