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Brownlow = Mexican Religious Festival were sportsmen WAGS and other social nobodies compete to make the most horrific sartorial statement.
Kenny Wheeler RIP a maestro/legend with a unique individual sound. Gnu High then Angel Song
I eat a lot of Indian red lentil and pumpkin dhal in the winter. Haven't cooked anything yet out of Plenty More spent Saturday afternoon reading and salivating over the recipes, going to cook something from it on Monday night. Tonight slow cooked chicken casserole served on polenta with dark chocolate and rum mousse topped with Tilba Tilba double whipped cream.
The Name of this band is Talking Heads Live 1977-1979.
Most of the time I have been in HB the customers have been older than me, for some people the idea of paying more for something is not just a question of disposable income its an issue of sociteal status and perceptions of cultural and ecconomic power. HB is one of the few menswear stores that survive due to the remaining Mastodons roaming the sartorial hinterlands.
Plenty More arrived wahoo looking forward to dinner Saturday & Sunday nights.
Stefano Bollani Joy In Spite Of Everything another excellent ECM release.
Really I first bought some 8 years ago and the couple of business shirts I still have in rotation are fine, not see through at all. I have bought a couple of casual shirts a navy blue poplin and sky blue OCBD in the last year and they are fine. Good value for money as they are constantly on sale.Today Lux magazine has an interesting article on T Shirts worth a read and mentions a brand Buck Mason any one own any?
Will Self is something of a dynamic droll and dry chap outside of his books if you haven't seen Grumpy Old Men check out his appearances in those. Aside from the novels I read a lot of his short articles in the Guardian. if you thought Umbrella was fun wait till you start this its the textural equivellent of hell to read. Good story so far but fuck me, shudder.
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