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The Deer Hunter Controversial. Disturbing. Brilliant. Great cast superb acting. Great lie, however portrayal of Russian roulette still manic after all these years.
1953 adaptation of the H.G.Wells classic novel transposed into small town Cold War USA. Been years since I have seen this, it won an oscar for Best Visual Effects. Interesting period piece holds up well along with some other classic 1950 Sci Fi films.
9 The Last Days of New Paris by China Mievile In 1941 in a cafe in Paris a Surrealist bomb explodes. This was not the bombs intent it was to be used against the Nazis to secure the agency of the Golem of Prague. However Nazi black magic and occultism trigger the S Bomb and some very strange occurs. It is now 1950 the resistance hears of a new plan by the Nazis to obliterate New Paris and its alternative reality. Can it will it? But wait this is not all to this story its...
It's on another continent and while there is still some heat around the world has turned, winter is coming.
A summer of cricket is over. Praise the gods the Rugby is back. Sneakers, canvas or leather. Brands, suggestions? After navy.
Jealous seen RTF without Al sigh.Mind you seen the Mahavishnu play a few times.
David Stratton is an Australian cinematic legand. Ran the Sydney Film Festival for 18 years. Cohosted a weekly movie program for over twenty years and a regular contributor to Variety and conducts a course in World Movies at Sydney University. Has watched at last count over twenty five thousand films and possesses the encyclopaedic knowledge of film. This is a fantastic documentary well more of a visual long song to the Australian film industry. Highly engaging,...
8 Aspects Of The Novel by E.M.Forster A series of lectures delivered in 1927 at Trinity College Cambridge. Interesting in terms of insight into the creative process.
A visually arresting epic that draws you in and unfolds at a perfectly measured pace that deals with the big issues of belief,faith and purpose with cinematic elegance. A lot more subtle in its dynamics than The Last Temptation. The cast is first rate with some dynamic performances. Highly recommend.
Bent Spoke a Belgium style hand pumped Rasberry wheat beer. Have moved from pints to half pints with Mrs GF then pizza at the multicultural festival.
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