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What's Halloween?
Warning CD if you haven't started or finished The Blue Guitar do not read this. [[SPOILER]]
I was recently here Lawrence Sanders Custom Jewellery Design Suite 1a Level 4 Dymock's Building 428 George St City.
I know people enjoy Executive Style for its insight and sartorial knowledge but was just reading this http://www.countrylife.co.uk/features/the-39-steps-to-being-a-gentleman-78780 But this was a stand out No 8 Avoids lilac socks and polishes his shoes Guess i fail with No 21 Is not vegetarian
The Botanist and tonic, lemon, lime or cucumber?
You got that right. Sartorial crimes against humanity for the hat alone!
ABC announced tht the Stocco boys have been arested in Dunedoo NSW. No glamourous end and 21st Century Glenrowan sieg just 'your nicked'.
CR and Trenery aren't bad with them they tend to change fabric and cut every year. I've found CT to have a low rise and due to small English sizing I went up a size.The other option is Bills chamois cloth from STP that is always a hit and miss in terms of colour and size.I'm trying to find locally some linen/ cotton bled pants for summer. Can I? No, I don't want shorts thank you.
Cancelled, stupid computer.
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