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I imagine as a Victorian you would have had a problem with "scrums"
Mate has LE not what I'm after.
I made a lemon tiramisu which was wild and a strawberry one this summer. I have a great recipe for the mascarpone its fail safe. PM me if interested.
Winter is coming.
Need to get some casual weekend trousers for a Canberra winter thinking wool blend of some description? Have plenty of corduroy at present. And is it possible to get machine washable wool trousers these days?
40 The Duchamp Dictionary a-z by Thomas Girst an interesting approach to biography and art analysis based on Duchamp's fascination with Dictionary's have been reading late at night while still ploughing through a tome of Irish revolutionary history.
Is this monthly? Around the time the Visa/ Master Card bill arrives? Sadly nothing can be done about these mood swings.
Mate of mine was at Blades picked up a HB sports coat for $500 which he is very happy with. Still have a couple of weeks wait on my jacket from BT. Second Osiris on the Uth and Anthony products very good for those with oily skin. Also found Kiwi Trimumph and Disaster good for me.
Old dog, new tricks?
This is Canberra Junior, this town is the centre of national power so it oozes street cred.
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