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Arch3r Try Roger's shoe repairs in Redfern. He put a new zip into a 3/4 length leather jacket for me 20 years ago still going strong. Sadly the jacket doesn't fit but at the rate I'm losing weight who knows.
After living with stove top pots for over 25 years we got a Sunbeam Expresso machine, it was on sale at $200 ATT which produced a surprisingly good cup of coffee lasted about 8 years then went West.Currently we have a Breville 800 something or other which is 5 years old and does a great job there is always the expert baristas at http://coffeesnobs.com.au for advice.
last night my gmail account was hacked via my iPhone WTF! I've had to reset the password and this morning i have had to send out emails advising people of this fact. 'since when have you become a Viagra salesman?" Yeah Right
Now High Life Eno & Hyde Last night Fragile & Close to the Edge by YES
9 The Game Changer How to use the science of motivation with the power of game design to shift behaviour, shape culture and make clever happen. by Dr Jason Fox. Read a review of this in the AFR Boss Magazine so far read the first chapter and found it insightful hoping to draw a few things out of this and combine it with the Pomodoro Technique to focus and increase my own literary output.
She said that I was the only oneShe said "My favourite boy"She said it to me in a nice wayOver and outSigh oh misspent youth and the pussy that went with it.
Two Cabs to the Toucan?
All now made in Thailand if you want a knock about boot RM Yard boots are good value.As for the Cure I walked into their concert at the Palais Theatre in 1980 actually a mata and I crashed quite a few shows that year, Boomtown Rats, Garry Numan and John McLaughlin & Shakti.Mrs GF and I went to see the Cure at the SOH in 2011 as part of Vivid they were on stage for 4 hours quite show and I see Jethro Tull and YES are playing here at the end of the year.
JM The phrase for better or for worse spring too mind.
Went into DJ's today to watch the Running of the Bulls Sales. Was amused by this woman in her 30's telling hubby who trying on a navy blue GANT jumper "don't buy that it's an old mans colour" WTF? Hubby obidently complied and put it back.
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