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Not really I moved out of home quite young so I had to learn to cook or else. I found out before I became a chef that food is a very useful tool in the art of seduction.Now can we move back to sartorial matters.
Fuck it I'm too old and married to comment further.
Swiss browns and truffle risotto with a mixed green salad and a bottle of Lerida Estate Lake George Pinot Noir 2012.
Ignore fox fish is the simplest and easiest meal to cook just make sure it fresh PM me if you want more details
LM Have you read anything by Pat Cadigan or Wilhelmina Baird excellent hard core first wave cyberpunk.
Not a book but an interesting true crime read https://stories.californiasunday.com/2015-06-07/somerton-man/?utm_source=The+Shortlist+Daily&utm_campaign=e2c567e9cf-The_Shortlist_Daily_11_June_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7870ce0889-e2c567e9cf-249182041
No it was Australian and pure cotton and good quality. Well at the least the ones I bought were.It was just the St Marks name in a gold cursive script.
Baked Mac and Cheese; used goats blue and cheddar in the sauce with Panko crumbs mixed with parmesan on the top. Served with a bitter green salad then an apple and raspberry crumble with whipped cream.
OTP in terms of entertainment and CGI value. Interesting sub plot about the military and animals. Pleasant way to pass a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.
Half your luck it looks like a good show.By the way CD do you ever come across a brand of white cotton shirts called St Marks?They were an Australian brand and I scored a pile of them out of Op Shops in both Sydney and Melbourne in the early 80's.
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