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Thank you that's very generous of you.Sadly I have to do face to face interviews from 8am then two more days writing. FUBAR!
Happy happy happy joy joy joy! Finally finished two days writng HR recruitment reports time for a large Bundy and Black Death. Oh and Auatralia has won the cricket.
Interesting I noticed that amongst myriad twenty something last week.
Tell me about it I been living with that bad joke choke for years.
Thank you.Baa 183 all out. Now I just hope Oz don't stuff it up.Mind you none of this is important what really matters is the return of the Bledisloe Cup.No it does matter, one nation will be in mourning Monday morning.
Don't get me wrong I can't stand cricket i just want Oz to bleat beat the Kiwis.
3/41 is this the onset of the long dark cloud? The sllence of the lambs perhaps?
FoxySydney CBD back in the day used to be quite safe, Kings Cross when down the drain in the 80's due to crazed junkies and drunken wastes. Sydney has had episodes of roaming gang violence with Sharpies in the 70's Skins in the 80's I can only speak about the inner city areas where I lived. As for Western Sydney my nephews weren't allowed to wear their good Nikes on the trains in from Liverpool due to the rage to bash people and steal their shoes back in the mid 90's. I...
First why smoke? Who wants to be an addict for a multinational pusher. Wait isn't Sartorialism an addiction?Back in the late 70' and early 80's street violence was par for the course in certain inner Sydney suburbs.There were some suburbs where you wouldn't venture out alone if walking after midnight because of stupid skin head and other idiots with issues.Last night my son came home at 4am after being bashed by four dick heads in Civic after leaving a nigh club on Bunda...
Moroccan aubergine, pumpkin and fresh vine ripened tomatoes baked with Ras El Hanout. Then fresh coriander and minced garlic and caramelised onions added just before serving on cous cous with yoghurt and the last of my cucumbers for the summer.
New Posts  All Forums: