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Went down to the lake mid morning for a jog, sunny 23c and lots of lycra goddess going past. The CSO was rehearsing for a free concert tonight so for an hour Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March No1 and excerpts from Tchaikovsky 1812 and a medley of popular music from the Great and Second World Wars drifted over the lake. Interestingly the Elgar in was played a few times and you could hear difference as the conductor was aiming to get the pomp of the concluding...
RM Yard boots are good for work ware solid rubber sole handle wet conditions very well. Not sure of price but good value for money. FT Brumbies 27-Force15! Thank you a have a good (long in Canberra) weekend.
What need have I for this, what need have I for that, Friday night Rugby, Pizza and Pinot. And the Brumbies lead the Force 19-8 at half time. All is bliss, all is bliss. Re work boots Mongrels and Rossi are good value.
YES Tales From Topographic Oceans all of it
Vegetable roast red capsicums hard goat and ricotta, mix mushroom and aged cheddar, potato and blue cheese.Meat shredded duck with Chinese five spice, lamb mince spec garlic black pepper rosemary.I go for large ravioli i had a ravioli attachment for my pasta machine but ended up giving it away.Sauces vary according to the season had home made goat chèvre, basil and ricotta recently with a roast red capsicum basil and tomato sauce. Winter will go for either burnt butter...
I imagine as a Victorian you would have had a problem with "scrums"
Mate has LE not what I'm after.
I made a lemon tiramisu which was wild and a strawberry one this summer. I have a great recipe for the mascarpone its fail safe. PM me if interested.
Winter is coming.
Need to get some casual weekend trousers for a Canberra winter thinking wool blend of some description? Have plenty of corduroy at present. And is it possible to get machine washable wool trousers these days?
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