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Ha I must have been to that Op shop picked up a 3/4 length 1950 biker jacket and paid $20 for it. Got it home and when I told the then Ms GF which store it was she called me an idiot and said I could have gotten it for $5.
I'm not an eBook person I read PDF's, other work/ learning material on an iPad.I enjoy the tactile experience of books.
Wrong colour boots go back to square one do not pass go.
61 The Laughing Policeman A Martin Beck Thriller by Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo A great series and highly recomended I'm reliant on the library for these as none of Canberra's (diminishing) second hand book stores have any in stock. Tried one of the chains the other day and no luck, my bookshelves are overflowing as it is.
did't know thathad to close a couple of accounts yahoo,hotmail after I became a viagra salesmanOutlook has locked me out for a month because I changed the security settings .Bill Gates.
oDon't want to use existing accounts as it will be published and the prospect of dying in a tsunami of junk mail does not turn me on.
Any recommendations for a free email service Outlook and have gmail account. Need to set another account up.
I've written some in my time which were published verbatim others selective quotes. Worth it if you want to ensure key messages are pitched to your auidence.
Think your wrong here I know a few journalists and they use PR for the bare bones for a lot of their stories..
New Posts  All Forums: