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I'm in Canberra so I get mine from Epic. The ones I get are grown in Braidwood and a couple of places growing them in Camberra. I've seen them in specialty shops like Simon Johnson in Sydney.My long lunch was turned into dinner with Truffle Mac and Cheese with a green salad and a Lemon Delicious with whipped cream.
Brexit a Sartorial perspective from Die, Workwear http://dieworkwear.com/post/146414573094/brexit-and-menswear
First you live in Sydney so how much wear would you get out of a Peacoat?I get a lot of use out of my Peacoat but then I live where we have a real winter.
Sadly that 1930's mantra is back with a vengeance globally this time fuelled by an exaggerated fear of the Big Other ergo Islamic paranoia fuelling ultranationalist movements of all descriptions both on the continent and the Donald is making mileage of it at present in the US.
I see you've never seriously read history. The 20th century was a classic example along with the dark ages and numerous other epochs. And look at todays indifference by the ruling elite over climate change which we know is just BS.
Re Brexit I think its a great example for compulsory voting. Scotland declare ind├ępendance and the North will vote to join the South for a united Eire. Well the dust will have to settle but a many legal firms will be salivating at the billable hours involved in negotiating the required legal changes for this divorce. I think xenophobia and the Syrian exodus has played a large part of in the blue collar vote turning out for No. I had to laugh at a photo of leave...
In more important news Mr Page and Mr Plant have been cleared of plagiarism.
Holy mother does this mean my favourite English Gins will be cheaper and what about shoes? Will we see waves of Poms seeking refugee status?
Last Saturday I was walking through the market and suddenly I was asailed by the aroma of the first truffles of the season. Bliss! This Sunday its going to be a mushroom and truffle risotto for a long lunch.
30 The Butchers of Berlin by Chris Petit A new entry into the Berlin Noir genre. 1943 the last round up of the Jews is underway and a hungover desk bound detective is thrust into the heart of darkness that is the Nazi capital. Dragooned into the investigation of a murder suicide and encountering the Nazi hierarchies favourite chiromancer, things then get worse with the discovery of a flayed headless body found in abattoir. And in the best detective fashion his hangover...
New Posts  All Forums: