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The Eagle has landed.
Initially in terms of fashion the dominant influence was English both in terms of dress and dress being an expression of class, social prestige and power. In terms of Australian style well it is a bricolage but one that tends to cherry pick the best of US/English/Italian style and then individually reformulate to suit our needs both in terms of climate and style.As for food well apart from Supermarkets I don't believe that the US has had a great influence on Australian...
What brand model are you getting?
I always have 2, currently 3 i wear one and spare plus sunnies and old pair I wear to the gym.For anyone with spares that they no longer wear OPSM and also Rotary collect old prescription glasses and send them off to Africa to be recycled. They roll up at places and then people just go through whats there till they find a pair that works.
Actually Foxy I think its very tasteful to be honest reminds of the post punk look from 79 early 80's.
By Design on RN had a segment with Daniel Jones from Zink & Sons discussing suiting worth a listen.
#fu@k Melbourne # why am i a sports fan #bang head on wall
WTF what was it hand reared biodynamic and hand fed an organic diet. Christ I whinged last week when I paid $30 for a leg of lamb, even so at the local farmers market organic lamb,beef is reasonably priced large free range chickens only cost about $10 each.
Tonight on Fox8 season 2 of Hannibal begins, so I thought what do I get? Top 20 funniest home videos. WTF? For this I pay money for cable? Fuck Rupert Murdoch!
Having met him mine would be too large. I recently gave some shirts to Vinnies and a son's mate.
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