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Or Furphy for an improbable story or rumour. The term originated/adopted at Gallipoli where troops would gather at the Furphy and Sons water tankers to exchange gossip.
Preferred Real Estate Agents?
LM Fashion is a product with a commercial objective. Its not just about clothing it is applicable to language social trends, dogs and so forth. Fashion is all pervasive in its commercial application and is dependent upon individual lack and desire. Fashion in terms of clothing is based on trickle down ideas which originate in couture and the catwalks and are espoused by a interconnected network of commercial interests whose objective is to make as much money as they can...
Interesting series of posts that I feel deserves a well reasoned response. First off Art while it has been used as a propaganda tool is not essentially out to make you feel anything in particular. Both Stalin and Hitler sought to incubate a specific state sponsored art exemplifying the ideals of their dictatorship. Hitler failed, Stalin to a degree, through intimidation and threats to life succeeded in forcing artists to bend to his will and produce state specific art. As...
Indian one of the best I've tired in terms of vegetarian and Mrs GF was impressed with the lamb. Mind you have yet to find one that matches the highs of Oh Calcutta in the 90's.
I went to Babu Ji in St Kilda a couple of months ago and was impressed with the food.
Re Watches and other baubles. Its simply a matter of status or is it status anxiety. By your works ye shall know them and that is the bottom line. For some people its all about socially defining ones identity by the way one flaunts ones disposable income be it on art, watches, Grange, cars and I could go on. Or one could say status is all about Cultural Capital/Power. Eg I own a Picasso so therefore I am better that you because you own a Nolan. Or am I? Social cachet...
Seen this?
Many years ago a friend of mine a Jazz saxophonist went to Europe for a couple of years and bought Porsche 911 Turbo. He could never afford to buy one here but was able to buy one in Europe and ship it back. He was honest from the start about buying it to pick up women. It worked. Style is the cultivation of taste and experience over time which produces an evolving personal aesthetic. Money can't buy that.
There has been an explosion in the number of bespoke craftsmen over the previous years. From people who have bought back to productive life antique fabric mills, all variety of bespoke clothing and footwear and other hand made accessories and I think the correct term for them is artisan as defined by numerous dictionaries.A creative artist IMHO is someone who creates an original work of art in their chosen field of personal expression in what is or is not culturally...
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