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Sigh new house, new carpets, stove & dishwasher the list goes on. "What about me? It isn't fair" SFA for anything sartorial.😢😪
First is a bit predesterian for my tastes and not sure about the ticket pocket but the second screams "FU" and would be excellent for spring/summer if its linnen. Who made them by the way?
12 A MAN WITHOUT BREATH by Phillip Kerr Another of the good German Bernie Gunther Berlin Noir novel. I find that Kerr has the Noir idiom down pat. The language is great 'where I grew up a happy ending was called an alibi' and it follows the traditional dectective archertype but with enough historical observation and originality to make it interesting. Surprised that there hasn't been movies done from these books.
If you havent seen it Living is Easy With Eyes Closed is great Spanish comedy.
UNFORGIVEN Clint Eastwood's excellent 1992 western which he directed and stared in. Great cast Cllint, Morgan Freeman Gene Hackman and Richard Harris. Great story of the fall from grace of rehabilitated gunslinger and some visual nods back to his spaghetti western days, bruatal realist example of the western genre. First time I have seen it in 20 years, (the joy of cable) would have to rank it alongside The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence as my two favourite westerns. 5/5
Monday with the wind chill factor Pea Coat has been resurrected plus beanie, over night low of -6c predicted. I can hardly wait for my gas bill.😞
Watched a great doc on Bowie last night so Young Americans and Station to Station albums both works of genius after all these years.
You look ravishing in that leather kilt.
"I'm waiting for the man, credit card card in my hand,yeah I'm waiting for the man."PM me.
Friday afternoon and the clock is counting down the time till a couple of pints of Bent Spoke Brewery Grainy Forigen Extra Stout loom large, quite lethal at 7.5%
New Posts  All Forums: