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After generously marinating my liver the past few weeks I am drying out this week. Mind you going to my favourite bottle shop to procure a mixed dozen today and will be pick up a Farr Rising Pinot Noir for Friday night pizza. Bought a Lake George 2013 Josephine Pinot Noir for Xmas lunch for the meats so need to find a white today for the seafood.
Try Manuka Cobbler in Fyshwick. Does excellent work.
Don't believe this shit my cable provider has dropped the Turner Classic Movie channel. FUBAR. Was a great source of B&W classics and 60's and 70's films. Merde!
I'm somewhat sceptical about this new iteration of Blade Runner. It was so of its time and captured the anarchic/pre appolyptic zeitgeist that was the early 80's. The film was so loaded with visual tropes and signifiers of the Noir genre. Definitely not on my to do list for 2017.
Any particular Beach?Have a week in Sydney;Bondi,Bronte, Clovelly then Avoca mon amour for two weeks.
61 62 63 64 Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Volumes by Stan Lee & Jack "King" Kirby Picked them up at the Library and binged on out. Haven't read them in over 40 years. A relaxing blast from the past Nuff Said!
Groovy Christmas tunes to wash down a few Hendricks and tonics last night.
Given up on a white TShirt so went and bought a long sleeve white French linen shirt. Thought about a short sleeve but No!
"Five hundred just to talk... that's what I call a big pervert." Berlin August 1945, the Yanks and the Ruskis are stripping the remains of the countries scientific brains, never mind a Nazi past which included thousands of dead forced labourers. Its all about advantage in the next war. Interesting noir, filmed in B&W which suits the narrative perfectly. Some interesting visual and narrative illusions to The Third Man and Chinatown amongst others. Clooney, Blanchett ...
New Posts  All Forums: