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44 INSIDE THE DREAM PALACE The Life and Times of New York's Legendary Chelsea Hotel by Sherill Tippins Started it last night got hooked in the first ten pages fascinating read, it got good review last year in the Guardian and the NYT
DB I never knew you played banjo.
Come on CD surely you remember the most important thing when you were a young lad of 20 something was non committal pussy.
Going outside to pick from the vegetable garden Roma tomatoes, heritage courgettes and aubergies for an oven baked Ratatouille served on a bed of goat chèvre polenta with basil oil.
A bearded tattooed woman in a flannelette shirt is a different matter.
According to First Bite the ABC program on culture taste and distinction Mason jars have had their 15 minutes of fame and have gone the way of the dodo!Mind you I have never had the misfortune of going into a bar or cafe which engages with such hipster bullshit to be honest. IMHO the only good thing about Mason jars is the line in Honky Tonk Women by the Rolling Stones.
Forbidden Plant 'monsters from the Id' one of my all time favourite Sci Fi films replete with a great theramin sound track.
Kenny Wheeler Songs for Quintet beautiful lyrical music from a master Jack DeJohnette Made in Chicago Live and completely over the top
Got a couple of free tickets to see that last night I sat their shocked at some of the revelations as I did not follow the Snowden business when it happened. Very Very Disturbing from the POV of non US citizen in terms of its data collection.Found it fascinating the connection between the debit card the transit card as a way of positioning and then tracing people via their electronic footprint and mobiles.
45 Fourth of July Creek by Smith Henderson 100 pages in and I am hooked its a brutal ugly, no a very ugly book peopled by characters who make the local bogans pale in comparison.
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