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With tastes like his I'm surprised the ALP even let him join.
You still peddling contracts for Beelzebub?
I know the name of a good therapist.
So everyone making their annual donation to TAB Corp today?
51 The Vienna Assignment by Olen Steinhauer This has to be one of the most tedious spy novels I have ever read and the lead character a stereotypical Eastern block ideologue. Oxygen thief of the first order However it did reinforce one aspect of Bridge of Spies and that was the antagonism which existed between the KGB and the satellite nations security services. It appears that there was a real sense of rivalry and nationalism at work in their cold war games. Not...
ROFL made my day.
DJ's used to have great service in the Sydney stores, now you have to wander around for ages to find someone willing to assist and then most of the time, in menswear they don't know what your talking about. Pleated trousers? No idea.
While on the skills of sales staff this was in the SMH recently http://www.smh.com.au/business/retail/david-jones-store--invests-in-more-staff-for-oldstyle-service-20151029-gklsq4.html
Last couple of days Good story and a very well dressed film, great collection of Rep ties and just love the 50's and 60's suits. Good story highly recommended. Haven't seen this in years an interesting take on the superhero genre solid cast and performances, at one stage was seeing every film of Shyamalan as it came out. Cable also showing the 6th Sense so will revisit that. This was a blast if only for Robert Redford's side burns and that camel coloured...
I'll say no fires offered with the order.To lift the gloom went with Mrs GF to see Bridge of Spies best dressed film i've seen all year. Great collection of Rep ties and suits.
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