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Cox I had one look at that and the first thought that came to mind was "Dont try this at home children" Moved tioday and I can not believe how F($%ing cold it was in Canberra today and while they were unloading it didnt rain it was sleet. Hooked the stero up turned the heater up full and workinng my way through a six pack of Bundy special vat and black death.
F sharp A sharp Infinity Godspeed Yiou Black Emperor
No never on the hip its too close to you wallet.
I've had one for the past 21 years.
There was a radio play version of Julius Ceaser called Who Killed Big Julie. First heard it in year ten combined two of my great loves Shakespeare and Noir cinema. Heard it a few times over the years on RN never been able to track a copy down of it.(sigh)
Well hate to say it but once you get the #dadbod it's all down hill from here on in😒
18 The Four Dimensional Human Ways of Being In the Digital Word by Laurence Scott The reviews for this book intrigued me as it delves into the phenomenology of how the immersion in digital life is changing our perception of ourselves in this Brave New World. Started reading it last night and so far my interest has been stimulated.
ROFL I saw Eraserhead off off my tits in 1979 and I had to get up and leave found it too disturbing also I couldn't work out if it was in black and white or colour. I think its the only film in any state that I have walked out on.
MJ Bale have some thick casual cotton trousers on sale , thinking of charcoal. Question are they lint magnets?
I've seen and enjoyed the previous films of Neill Blomkamp. Elysium i thought had that original nihilistic cyberpunk feel to it along with the bricolage approach to technology used by the feral urbanites. This is interesting for one thing alone in my view and that is his approach to AI as I thought it was interesting that the droid had to be evolve its consciousness and the motion capture of the droid was great in relation to its movement and display of emotion. The...
New Posts  All Forums: