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Yes the hot X buns are very nice
Sydney Easter Saturday I think I'm in the underworld . Went to BB POW suit half price just a fraction too small at 46 no 48. Now being the pack mule for Mrs GF while she is shopping in DJ's. I fear my plastic is in for a beating. Only positive the charming young woman at the TF counter gave me some interesting samples.
OMG I just realised OCBD is Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour Disorder
World War Z after ten days straight recruitment interviewing and HR reporting its just what I need that a bottle of NZ pinot noir.
Cant remember the name off hand Menwear store in Garema Place between $500-700 for a bag of fruit would be useful for me for work. Wonder is the fabric is still milled in NZ.
Sportscraft I think doesn't know who their market is anymore. Is it the mid thirty something who has fleshed out or the skinny 20 year old.Occasionly they have something of interest still have some shirts, Italian fabric and trousers that I still wear for work which I bought years ago. Its still better quality than CR IMHO and Mrs GF buys a lot of it forwork.Re Cambridge suits there from NZ and if I remember correctly it's connected with Rembrandt. Yes? No?
Cambridge suits? Views opinions in terms of quality value for money and fit?
Good shot of fxh in his natural environment.Done my time standing on sidelines watching junior rugby now the boy is playing colts they want to charge you admission fees and confine you to the grandstands.I really do not want to work today but I have to being a contractor is
This summer I went through a couple of bottles of Martin Miller, Hendricks and Bombay Sapphire mainly in GnT. Perfect summer spirt great at 28c to sit on the porch as with sun slowly setting in the west. Recently listened to a radio program about a Gin Bar in Melbourne, sounds like a must visit.
Of course it is that is why I am contemplating a new one with Braddon Tailors.
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