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51 A SPY AMONG FRIENDS Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal by Ben Macintyre Listened to a couple of interesting interviews with the author still a facinating story after all these years.
Rolf who?
What we need is someone who speaks Italian mens wear dialect and knows their fashion trends to explain it to the Methuselah brigade.
We studied The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence in a film theory unit for my bachelors degree. Best Western ever filmed aside from the Seven Samurai.
Canberra is prone to moths they destroyed a 1950's box cut suit in grey worsted wool. However learnt lesson now after washing pack away jumpers in zip lock bags. Dry clean suits, SC winter trousers and place in suit bags.
Thanks CDAlso congrats to klewless for hitting the 50.
1 The Abominable Man Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo
I have one of those at home Mrs GF was a wardrobe mistress for theatre and film in a former life. She does an excellent job on my shirts. Don't think I would let her press my ties to be honest.
Lavender/ Rosemary is a good combo and wardrobe smells nice to too.
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