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36 The Reversal by Michael Connelly Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer join forces at the bequest of the powers that be to correct a miscarriage of justice. Or do they? Interesting narrative in that it switches from 1st to 2nd person in the telling of the tale. Nothing spectacular to be honest but better than Nine Dragons.
Retrenched public servent applying for Bunnings check out job.
35 Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly Another Bosch with some interesting twists and tragic turns in the narrative. Can see what they took form this for the second series and why they changed it to a local setting. Fox try The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch that is seriously the weirdest novel PKD wrote.
Don't think he would match Mrs GF overall colour scheme.
My son's pup has secured coal seam gas exploration rights for the back yard.Still looking for the right linoleum for the kitchen/dining room.Couple of VERY tasty stouts and a hand pumped porter at Bent Spoke at present.
Fox Have you read Time Out Of Joint by PKD?
I though they were outlawed for men over a certain age?Sorry to hear about your misfortune with the white shoe brigade.
Beam me up Scotty another great ensemble cast performance with classic one liners, a great narrative with thrills spills and the triumph of CGI.
Way I found around excessive oil and eggplant is to slice into thick rounds and apply oil with a brush then bake at at 180c for ten minutes. Alternatively toss in pan. Option I use for pasta sauce is to cut in half oil then salt, pepper bake at 200c for 20 min turn the heat off leave then scoop out the flesh Ottolenghi says 40 but I find 20 is plenty.Tonight roasted boned whole chook stuffed with dried prunes and flaked almonds macerated in orange juice and sauternes....
Yesterday used a sample of Amouage Myths bold and perfectly uplifting counterpoint to the bleak howling winds and sweeping rain of the day. Excellent longevity as well.
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