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Out scouring for Keef!
So thats where God fucked up humanity I always though it was lack of a decent script editor.
Congratulations on reaching a 100
Try working in recruitment oh the stories I could tell.
Went to see Interstellar with the Mrs the other night. [[SPOILER]] Last night Infamous which I find it a better film than PSH Capote.However that said the 1967 film of In Cold Blood is excellent and has a superb score by Quincy Jones. I went and got my copy of In Cold Blood and Music for Chameleons which has Handcrafted Coffins another true life murder story which i'll find time to read.
You'd be surprised to know that 'suit envy' exists in the work place and i've been in situations watching the old bulls get their noses very out of joint when a twenty something starts rocking a wardrobe that puts theirs to shame, image =status= power in some peoples minds.
Fresh basil pesto with spelt pasta and a mixed green salad.
I have read a number of books on Picasso and eagerly await John Richardson's final volume of the biography, that said I have only read volume 3. Currently I am in the Blue period of Picasso in the Roe book, which for me is good as its not a period I know much about. Historically Roe paints an immersive picture of the lives of the artists and citizens of Montmartre.I find with Impressionist work its all about the hang, if the picture is hung correctly and not...
Adidas are good for the gym mine last about 12 months then the crutch goes. I favour RL shorts for summer. Have had linen shorts previously not keen on them these days.No love here for Tom Ford Extreme?
I read it earlier this year and found it very interesting had a lot of cyberpunk tropes, evil corporate types, fringe dwelling underground heros a good read.72 In Montmartre Picasso, Matisse and Modernism in Paris 1900-1910 by Sue Roe
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