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WTF? Stupid Turnbull NBN
So the great Sneaker debate of 2016 continues.I remember as a child my father had a couple of specific pairs of walking shoes. I think they were Florsheim which dated from the 60's the type of shoe he would put on Saturday or Sunday and walk for miles all day.The closest I have is a pair of DM Derbies and (opens one up to ridicule) Ecco lace up's which I can walk miles in which for me is good when visiting Sydney for the day.Mind you i have numerous boots but its good to...
They look good JM but we both know your too old for them and I doubt your children will approve.
A pair of suede sneakers are fine or (pushing the limits) Dunlop volley.
His mother gave him permission.
Well there is always these if I want to go retro.
First day of Spring time to break out that sample of Tauer Orange Star EDP
Are they comfortable for s a casual weekend beater? How do they hold up if your walking around all day?
from a Rolling Stone list of 20 songs which defined the early 70's http://www.rollingstone.com/music/pictures/20-songs-that-defined-the-early-seventies-w436373/elton-john-rocket-man-1972-w436398
I have three, Sartorial EDT and Opus 1870 EDT which are both warm winter fragrances. Blenheim Bouquet EDT is definitely a spring and summer wear. I've found them excellent for longevity and none of them are particularly loud. Quintessential English masculine fragrances at heart.
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