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Decided to dink a couple of Bundy old vat special reserve instead save the gin for warmer weather. Not a shirt one of Mrs GF Remo stripey tops she is contemplating the next move. Anyone see tonight's Clark&Dawe best satire I've seen in years totally demolished the Medici Prince.
It's cotton below the elbow and its from a Uni-ball eye rollerball. The gin could be a good idea because if it doesn't work I'll just drink the gin.
What I just read was that it was the alcohol content in hairspray that removed the stain and that worked best on polyester. There are a number of gins in the cupboard so I'll try the Bombay Saphire.
I've tried to remove an ink stain. Tried Sard and scrubbing, Vanish even tried Eucalyptus oil all to no avail. Any suguestions?
This film is high octane comedy which provides some great laughs. it might have helped with sub titles every time Mickey (Brad Pitt) a 'Pikey' an Irish gypsy or 'Tinker' spoke . Pitt as a bare knuckle boxer, Jason Statham a wayward boxing promotor who is just trying to buy a caravan. Benicio Del Toro as obsessive compulsive gambler, Denis Farina all he wants is the diamond, , Vinne Jones as Bullet Tooth Tony and Alan Ford as a crazed criminal Tsar are standouts in a...
This is a seriously perverse creeped out film about child abduction and other nefarious behaviour. It moves on a nonlinear narrative which in its play is disconcerting and further heightened due to the fact that everything past and present occurs in winter. Good ensemble cast and strong intelligent direction by Atom Egoyan make a very watchable thriller.
I believe that it's been turned into a series and transplanted to the US.
45 Grant and I, Inside and outside of the Go Betweens by Robert Foster For any one who had a misspent, (well spent) youth of sex and drugs and rock n roll this is the book for you more so if your a man of certain age and Australian. And or anyone who lived through the 1980's independent music scene anywhere to be honest. This is an entertaining, intriguing memoir of life trials and tribulations in one of Australia's best, in terms of artistic talent, rock bands. Its...
Or Furphy for an improbable story or rumour. The term originated/adopted at Gallipoli where troops would gather at the Furphy and Sons water tankers to exchange gossip.
New Posts  All Forums: