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I hear a lot of that around here.
Let me know when you get to Bondi.
Spelt spaghetti with finely chopped fresh oregano,rosemary and lemon thyme,garlic and S&P with crumbled goat feta, chopped sun dried toms and kalamata olives dusted with parmesan. And served with a rocket and cos salad. Great to have a herb garden again.
God no! Who was that he served at the BBQ last weekend!
One of the big chains here had a staff member who was shelf pricing very expensive wine at around $25 less than marked price. When I went to the checkout it would come up normal price and I'd complain so they checked the shelf price.Yes I was right and the manager insisted that staff honour the shelf price at the register.Sadly he didn't stay in the job long.
Poet ? Only in a past life thank you. And I know where you live.
I'm in Sydney working on a tan and eye strain from the 2 to 7 January. If anyone wants to catch up for a drink.
I bought one on sale when we moved abodes in July 15. Best investment and a tax write off at the time.
Interesting I normally use Bells in Fyshwick did use Top Cat last year and they did a good job. Except they were insanely overpriced.On the way to the gym this morning I noticed this iGent wearing ultra loud bright orange and black sneakers. "Excuse me are they Converse?" "Yes"Indeed we do live in interesting times.
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