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13 1956 The World In Revolt by Simon Hall Interesting premise behind his assertion that 1956 was a pivotal year in World history because of the conflagration which engulfed both East and West. And precipitated the fall of both the remnants of the French and British empires in Africa, along with the Suez fiasco. The trouble in the Eastern Block with Poland and Hungary expressing discontent against their Soviet masters, the Poles got off lite compared to the Hungarians....
Interesting bootleg has its moments
Vale Bob Ellis a great Australian wordsmith and raconteur.
Klaatu barada nikto 2008 remake of the 1951 Cold War original which portrays humanity as the enemy of the earth and saved eventually by a magnanimously aware alien in the form of Keanu Reeves. Prefer the original to be honest.
Can't understand why you didn't get Under The Volcano, but them I'm biased. As for Kant read it when I was 21. Gave up on Being and Time when I realised his hypothesis was wrong. Anyway Heidegger turned into an unrepentant Nazi.Never found Homer difficult.
Mary had a leg of lamb slow cooked for five hours on a bed of rosemary. Also cut into the lamb to put in garlic wrapped in prosciutto on a sprig of rosemary. With brussel sprouts green beans roast kipflers and butternut pumpkin. Served with a couple of bottles of John's Blend 2006 Langhorne Creek Cab Sav and a clean skin Riverina botrytis and Elizabbeth Davids flourless chocolate cake with whipped cream. And all accompanied by a couple of good games of rugby.
Peoples Republic of Fitsroy flag?Dark blue with a white field of stars of the Southern Cross.No Commbank iteration and no Souther Cross, been hijaked by Nazi's over the years.
Well I only have "a white wog" name but as as an Irish/French mick I would like to see the flag changed. Can understand NZ reaction the design was crap.
Jeremy Irons Alfred was good. As for the rest what a crock of shite.
Agree it never ceases to amuse and amaze me the advice peddled by 'Sartorial Experts'😂 As for a signature scent I would say Eau Sauvage would be mine seeing I've used it for over 30 years. But not every day of the week or all year round for that matter. My boss at The Treasury used to wear Fahrenheit every day without fail, sorry but it reminds me of mosquito repellent.Today P Frapin & Cie 1270 not sure whether to wear it or drink it.
New Posts  All Forums: