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WTF was that all about? Talk about totally and utterly pointless endings. Total and utter waste of time of eyes and mind. FUBAR!
11 THE LADY FROM ZAGREB by Phillip Kerr Another Good German novel featuring Bernie Gunther, despotic and despicable SS and NAZI vermin, classic noir fuelled by schnapps sex and quality cigarettes. I've read about five in the series now and would recommend them.
YES YES there is a God!
$12 each but that was in 1978
For what its worth I have never had problems with CT collars or cuffs bubbling.
Shanghai, Sydney, Melbourne.One wife, two mistress and a lot of viagra.At your age it could be done.
Spelt Spaghetti with roasted aubergine and slow roasted tomatoes with thyme rosemary and oregano Murray River salt and chili flakes washed down with a Squealing Pig Central Otago Pinot Noir 2013.
Four Pillars Gin Rare Dry Gin and tonic with a slice of Spanish Navel. Very unusual not your average gin to be honest.
Fuck iinet
BB recently had some burgundy dress belts on sale.PapaRubberyFox is just proving that Naplan testing is a failure.
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