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The Medici Prince was wearing a gold tie in Parliment today, must be consulting a Feng Shui Master.
Just wait till you start editing.
I'll see that and raise you one
I'm on 46 its not a question of motivation its more one of time at the moment. Work is somewhat full on present and watching movies is more relaxing than reading.
Enemy of the State. Tony Scotts security/conspiracy surveillance thriller with Will Smith Gene Hackman John Voigt as principals amongst a great ensemble cast. 4/5 There is a great scene which references Coppola's The Conversation from 1974. Kicking myself as this was on cable last week and I missed it, fantastic film.
Kazuna details? Will be in Sydney on 8/10 so curious to have a look in particular the shoes.
The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Rick Wakeman
No. How could they as their the centre of their own universe and we are but bit players in their ongoing drama.Mind you there is nothing wrong with having a healthy well balanced ego, inflation is a curse of the human condition.
Sorry I don't do house calls.Having not everyone enters politics for purely ego centric reasons there are some individuals who see politics as a means to achieve a specific agenda and have a honest desire to rollup their sleeves and do some good for the nation and the public.However in these days of the 24/4 media cycle they are few and far between. Some peoples motivation goes beyond mere ego gratification and they do what they do for altruistic reasons and this does...
You forgot the Rugby World Cup.
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