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Who wrote this shit Pauline Hanson? Don't think Vladimir would be impressed.
Watching the women's beach volleyball competition on cable.
Your just soo Butch!
I've never found unlined trousers a problem allways find it more comfortable in the role of keyboard monkey/desk jockey. Personally prefer unlined with linen trousers.
Today is Friday.🎉🎉And their is Rugby on the box tonight. Good bottle of Pinot to drink after a pint or two at Bent Spoke and takeaway Pizza.
My plastic doesn't need to be mauled.
Well as I said before he wasn't a drug addict.
WTF is this S..t? Go to two stores in Belconnen to find a pair of Superga sneakers and "we only stock women's sizes and styles"
Sounds interesting maybe good for Autumn and its has an Oz distributor. How was it in terms of sillage and longevity?Today Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet
Faaaantastic full album in the link. No one home so cranked it right up.
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