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As for the Journey to the Western Lands its as Jim Morrison said " no one gets out of here alive." As a creative musician Bowie had as diverse a musical career as Miles is to jazz IMHO. Art is part of part of the creative expression of the human condition.So what if he didn't replicate the creative output of the 70's in the 80's beyond. As a body or rock & roll, glam, white (plastic) soul, the Berlin Trilogy, it clearly stands as testament to his creative ability which I...
Sigh I miss those Coopers Grenades, great for plaiying beer hunter in the early 80's.Picked up a bottle of Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin have had one and as the Alchemical maxium states "the one becomes two and the two becomes many" (maybe) I know of late there has been a preocupation with Japanes Whisky but this is a very fine spirit indeed.
Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin & Tonic with a lot of ice and fresh lime. A small boutique distillery in Sydney which is a complex yet clean tasting botanical gin using native blood limes and wild herbs. Going for a tour of the distillery next week. Reminds me of Martin Miller gin.
Hans Gruber has left the building. The Revenant has picked up 12 AA nominations. It must be doing something right. Surely this film isn't as bad as its being made out to be? When has Hollywood ever let history (not) stand in the way of a good story?
Congratulations CD seeing as Mrs GF and I bought a town house in July I can tell you penury is a lot (not) of fun. Except Mrs GF has now decided we now we have to start on the back court yard. Landscaping and Porters lime wash is on the agenda.
Restaurant suggestions required. Bummed out on Chiswick for Friday night. After something of that standard.
2 The Hunter Of The Dark by Donato Carraisi Murder corruption perversity and power coldie in an intriguing Italian Noir, and that's only a 150 pages in. In 1998, Bowie answered Vanity Fair’s famous Proust Questionnaire. In response to the question, ‘What is your idea of perfect happiness?’ Bowie answered ‘Reading’. And the quality he most liked in a man? ‘The ability to return books’.
Creative genius with a unique and individual musical talent.Stunned, words fail. Soo sad.
The Revenant must have done something right it just picked up 3 Golden Globes best film drama, best director and best actor.
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