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My ISP had a system outage issue on Wedneday night great no Wifi no internet. Then i find the Air Port has up and died as well $300 for a new Air Port fuck Apple. And the system is still not working FUBAR. Of course this happens in the middle of bluk recruitment round I am workinng on for the AG department and all the documentation I need is on my computer which I can't transfer to my iPad and I can't get on to the ISP technical support becaue I am in and out of phone...
Napisan is good Vanish spray is very effective for stubborn stains and it's in a hot pink bottle.
Junior do not go aluminium frames it will look cheap and nasty.
Junior stop being a skinflint and get it done professionally.
Bastarda! Mind their AFR offer of $39 a shirt plus free delivery made me happy now I'm not so sure.
I remember on AAAC some people in the Us were very annoyed that CT weren't removing the VAT. H&H WH Taylor and H&K all remove VAT for outside UK and Euro zone purchases. BB used to void sale tax but the $50 shipping cost was a pain. Xmas sales were good value although the selection is very limited as foe TM Lewin if you want to complain try ACC or even state consumer affairs. But I'm sure Fat Joe would want to know he's being ripped off and the UK HMRC would like their...
40 The Whites by Richard Price writing as Harry Brandat I read a couple of reviews of this recently one in the NYT that did not explain why Richard Price adopted a pseudonym more so when it mentions his real name on the cover. Probably explains why i am not in marketing. As stories go its the story of midnight to dawn detective sergeant on shift in NY working with a motley crew of rejects who while investigating a murder realises that other older murderers from his...
Christ on bike i read that twenty one years ago looking at my copy of it on the library shelves as I write.
Grilled Moroccan Lamb meatballs, Greek yoghurt cucumber mint and garlic dip, tomato parsley coriander red onion and EV olive oil salad, grilled aubergine and cous cous. Washed down with Tasmanian clean skin Pinot Noir and cream caramel with whipped cream for desert.
Went down to the lake mid morning for a jog, sunny 23c and lots of lycra goddess going past. The CSO was rehearsing for a free concert tonight so for an hour Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March No1 and excerpts from Tchaikovsky 1812 and a medley of popular music from the Great and Second World Wars drifted over the lake. Interestingly the Elgar in was played a few times and you could hear difference as the conductor was aiming to get the pomp of the concluding...
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