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Thats it, Oscar Hunt Sydney for me in the new year for a new sports coat.
It appears it wasn't the CIA in connection with Pine Gap but the House of Windsor.
What next the Silence of the Lambs?
Thanks PoP I was enjoying that brief moment in the sun. Which has now passed.
Over on AAAC chinos without cuffs is practically being naked. Like cuffs on pleated trousers and with a suit but never understood it with flat front trousers or chinos for that matter.
Wonderful result at the Gabba.
54 The Dismissal Dossier Everything You Were Never Meant To Know About November 1975 by Jenny Hocking. After reading this I am gobsmacked totally, glad I don't have high blood pressure as this would have blown it through the roof. the house of Windsor and as for Prince Charles
You must be too young to remember that New Wave look which was popular in numerous Sydney & Melbourne music dives in the early to mid 80's and David Tennant rocked it during his sojourn as the Doctor.
53 The Cairo Affair by Olen Steinhauer An interesting take on the spy genre set amongst the opening chaos of the Libyan uprising.
Reading history is one of my non sartorial pastimes but I have to wonder when English sensibility and intellectualism provides this analysis. "The sartorially impeccable Wehrmacht rocks 'innovative submachine guns' with an old school mash up of 'baggy thigh breaches' and 'high collared' tunics." WTF is going on here and anyway everybody knows that the SS were better dressed as their uniforms were made by Hugo Boss.
New Posts  All Forums: