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Eatern there before and had the degustation with wine good value going that way tonight. Any decent cocktail bars nearby?
Belated anniversary dinner tonight with Mrs GF Decisions decisions Midnight blue cotton/linen blazer Stone Chinos Pink bengal strip shirt Chocolate Brown Chukkas Tortoise shell Barton Perreira Or Grey cotton trousers Yellow blue windowpane shirt Brown Brogues Armani Retro Futurist glasses in gun metal titanium For those in Canberra we're going to Rubicon good food fairly casual environment Restricted as the blazer is the only SC that fits relatively well at...
Guitar in the Space Age Bill Frisell
Heisenberg Lives!
IL SONGO Elvis Costello conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas (whose Mahler cycle with the San Francisco Symphony is sublime) and the London Symphony Orchestra. Saw it preformed live some years back by the Sydney Symphony.
Agree with you i am half way through the second called The Disciple in Australia and loving it. I would like to see the TV series of this.
UP The Stanley Clark Band
I read most of Mann when I was 21 The Magic Mountain and Dr Faustus are my favourite works of his. Thinking of reading Dr Faustus over January holidays next year.
Ever read Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann that is an excellent novel of the life and decline of a German Bourgeois family over four generations.The book won him the Nobel Prize.
Foxy Yesterday I was wearing my Bills British Khaki chions and my blue sude shoes work fine with them. As for chukkas I think(too lazy to search thread at this time of day) fxh posted some photos of British soldiers wearing DB with shorts and the look was fine. However the shorts they wore came at least to the knees.
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