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The post modernist in me was more impressed by the fact that Bruce Chatwin used them the original product.Two sized journals I use are practical for my specific needs.
Interesting they get most of their super fine merino from Australia already, expansionist plans or cut out the middle man? Good for the rural sector either way
Gott im Himmel what is going on in the soccer? Got up with boy to watch never mind its -5c don't think anyone predicted this. Christ on a bike Fritz scores again 7-0 Wonder if Brazil will retire their team colours after this.As for Moleskine I find for my needs their perfect i either use a fountain pen or a disposable fountain pen with then so no issues re writing.
7 The Man On The Balcony by Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo An interesting series upon reflection can see elements, character traits or maybe its more of a archetypal character in way of a Sam Spade PI built on Martian Beck in modern crime drama.Or maybe I've just been reading too much Nordic Noir. Either way I have The Circle by Dave Eggers next.
Sorry I am a traditionalist I prefer Moleskine, actually been using one excessively the past week so tomorrow I have to sit with and then type it all up into narrative form.
Failed Roman Catholics of Irish decent are better drinkers than any Protestant could ever be. It's the guilt ( what in particular it is I never worked out) factor.
Church? Thank God I was never an altar boy. I switched internet providers on Thursday fill in the paper work with Mrs GF and they say it will take two hours. 3 and half days later I am still fucking around trying to short this shit out. And I have had enough Montovani Muzak to last me a life time this morning.
Went to see The Faces of January stylised old school murder film had a great look and atmosphere along with a strong narrative, highly enjoyable film and sartorially inspiring.
8 The Man Who Went Up In Smoke by Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo Nordic Noir fine as the temperature dips below 0 in Canberra.
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