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Its just my pedagogic nature at work.31 An Emergency in Slow Motion: The Inner Life of Diane Arbus by William Todd SchultzA psychobiographical study of Arbus that examines the process and production of her photographs and how her "Otherness" was subjectively produced by her experiences of a warped family and alienation from middle class society which in turn directed her working methods and selection of photographic subjects.
I always thought it was more of a Western ripoff.The Directors Cut while sitting at home while waiting for a tradie to arrive. First time in years still a fantastic dystopian vision of the future. Great cast, great script and great director. Sci Fi at its visual pre CGI best.
That's very generous of you but my shots are up to date and fxh is going to lend me his seniors card while I'm there.
My son gave Mrs GF and I two return tickets to Melbourne which we have to use by the 12/7. Wondering where to Airbnb CBD, St Kilda or Peoples Republic of Fitzroy. And while there would like to catch up for a drink Friday/Saturday arvo(either or) and see virtual people morph into actual real life people. PoP has advised me not to be seen in certain precincts with fxh as their are still restraining orders enforced against his public appearances. Any watering hole would...
Matt Read Foucault on madness and the medical industrial complex.
Bill Cunningham NYT http://www.nytimes.com/section/fashion?emc=edit_li_20160626&nl=nytliving&nlid=4650227 A number of articles and photo spreads. Wish they would have dated the images.
Sir Humphrey explains the Foreign Office positon on the EU
I'm in Canberra so I get mine from Epic. The ones I get are grown in Braidwood and a couple of places growing them in Camberra. I've seen them in specialty shops like Simon Johnson in Sydney.My long lunch was turned into dinner with Truffle Mac and Cheese with a green salad and a Lemon Delicious with whipped cream.
Brexit a Sartorial perspective from Die, Workwear http://dieworkwear.com/post/146414573094/brexit-and-menswear
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