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You mean you've never seen fxh and PoP do their shtick at the Vic Markets selling Prada bags?
Richard Fidler was talking with Robert Foster about Grant &I I Inside and Outside the Go Betweens well worth a listen and probably worth reading the book. Podcast available on the ABC site.
42 The Countenance Divine by Michael Hughes A metaphysical mystery thriller about the end of the world and the second coming of JC? Or is it? Featuring John Milton, William Blake, Jack the Ripper and computer programer with a Christ complex who is working to prevent Y2K. It crosses four centuries and while laborious at times its an interesting read. The JTR sequences are not for the faint hearted and it also features an evil Homunculus with his own agenda. Not your...
Speaking of bags a friend was going on about this http://frankcleggleatherworks.com/the-port-brief.html Aside from BT is there another option for MTM in Canberra? Decided on a Tobacco linen jacket just depends on the fabric colour.
Mensbiz are now using Australia Post for deliveries Discount code for September ER8B95 and works on the fragrances.
Fathers Day in Oz so Mrs GF cooked a goats chevre and blue cheese tart with a bitter green salad which was washed down with a Morning Peninsula Kooyong Estate 2011 Pinot Noir. Followed by a Apple and berry crumble with whipped cream. Extra time on the stationary bike this morning I think.
Happy Fathers Day Would have been nice if I wasnt woken up by son at 6.30 am on his way to Leichhardt Oval for the footy, but there you go. A MTM Linen jacket is on the agenda for summer. With a wardrobe of predoninately navy, grey and khaki wondering what would be the best colour to go with.
Saturday night Leek and Dutch Cream Potato soup with sourdough bread. Added a couple of table spoons of thickened cream after I took it off the heat.
Thats a great shot of you and fxh PoPAnd the IT gnomes of the ATO. Just did mine and Mrs GF tax returns. What you can't just do it all online? So now you can do some via myGov and then you have to download a phone app to workout and upload your deductions.
New Posts  All Forums: