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Back from Apocalypse Kong interesting take and interpretation of the King Kong story. Throughly enjoyed it for what it was,Samuel L Jackson superbly channels Colonel Kurtz. Tom Hiddleston as Charlie Sheen or Conrad and Brie Larson as Fay Wray. John C Rilley character is quite cool as an interesting take on the lost Japanese solider in the Pacific archetype. John Goodman's character brings all down as the slightly mad scientist who no one believes. It was fun on a...
Did you shoot it before you cooked it?
Recommend Cookin On Three Burners great mix of jazz and funk and never heard Cars sound like that. As for the minx singing great voice and dat body. Dont know why Heisenberg was in the audience, strange.
Long weekend in Canberra. A few real beers at Bent Spoke, pints of Frenzy then off to Enlighten. They hacked Tchaikovsky 5th? Can't remember which movement for Hoges Winfield ad back in the 70's
11A LIFE IN PARTS by Brian Cranston A fascinating insight into an actors life which was dramatically changed by his portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad. It's in equal parts tragic, humorous and an adventurous comentary on a individuality lived life. Cranston has had a varying acting career and displays insight into the process of his craft. A very entertaining read.
How did you find cooking it that way any advantage to be had in terms of infusing flavour into the penne. Saw Jamie Oliver talk about this process but no practical example.
Bombay Saphire lemon and tonic. Summers last gleaming mind you Friday a high of 29c is predicted.
Lucky you.
I did. Brilliant character driven movie, intense and ultra violent. Really showed Wolverine's violent heart let loose and its consequences. One of the best Marvel films I've seen.
Involuntary retired?
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