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Merde will try posting this again.
Interesting comments on gin and blue pills throughout his monologue. WTF? Then realised it was mothers little helper he was popping with the gin. Great read spent several weeks with a number of his 80's albums in high rotation. Insightful and entertaining, enjoyed it immensely.Doing the Archie Rose distillery tour Saturday arvo.Gave up on linen trousers and haven't bothered with the major sales, might drop into DJ's tomorrow to shift through the detritus.
St Patrick Day shenanigans?
69,68,67 any bets or takers for 66?
3. Into The Labyrinth by Sigge Eklund Scandi Nori told in the manner of Rashomon by four individuals who are also two couples. The parents of the child who has gone missing and the protege of the lead male protagonist and his girlfriend. The female lead is psychologist WIMHO is batshit crazy even prior to the abduction. At times I found this interesting others the characters all struck me as vapid, self centered and neurotic. Would I recommend this? Well I plan to...
Believe it's been mentioned before hang them in the bathroom when showering. Or steam press using a clean cotton handkerchief. Works for me thanks to Mrs GF.Otherwise I dry clean suits/sports coats once a year.
PoP thanks for the Missy French tip. Exceptional food/wine and ambiance couldn't get a table till tonight worth the wait.
JM You forgot Oscar Hunt I will provide more details and photos when I pick my Sports coat up. I was at a dinner around Christmas with a couple of hipster/groovy small business people in Canberra and the general consensus was that everybody in the retail trade is 'shit scared and ultra pessimistic' of the current economic situation and its immediate future. And why with Oil at $30 US a barrel are we still paying $1.15 a liter for petrol for that matter?
One thing that has struck me this time in Sydney is the constant building of (units) apartments that is going on all over Sydney. High density living where you don't have enough room to swing a cat. Next to the Anzac bridge is a large sign proclaiming "building the Australian dream. Apartment living" FTFAJ Give me a home among the gum trees or in my case the Japanese maples.
New Posts  All Forums: