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Wow Gerry your photo realist technique is quite amazing.To all and sundry Happy New Year and all the best for a Sartorially inspired 2015.
Saw Phillip Glass perform most of that CD/Record at the Sydney Opera House back in 1998 great concert and as for the Steve Reich I think I should put that on now.
Listening to the radio and they commented on the fact that last year British Males spent more on shoes than females. Well I guess it shows that the British are a Civilised race after all.
A long cold Hendricks and Tonic with cucumber.
My BB Polos arrived this morning goof fit, happy happy happy, joy joy joy. Two more on the way.
An ice cold Corona is going to go down fine in the next few minutes.
Went to see The Water Diviner this afternoon "good one Russ" recomend it.
79 Intermission by Owen Martell an examination of the death of bassist Scott LeFaro through the eyes of the family of pianist Bill Evans. Had this on the shelves for some time and they way it stared at me was making me feel guilty so seeing at there is only a few days of the year left I have decided to give it my undivided attention.
Sorry Fox but all those jeans need is a Wolfmother t-shirt and they would be ready for court on Monday
So Bogan!
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