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This summer I went through a couple of bottles of Martin Miller, Hendricks and Bombay Sapphire mainly in GnT. Perfect summer spirt great at 28c to sit on the porch as with sun slowly setting in the west. Recently listened to a radio program about a Gin Bar in Melbourne, sounds like a must visit.
Of course it is that is why I am contemplating a new one with Braddon Tailors.
If you mean last winter that was an aberration most of the winters i have had here were Brass Monkey weather Maybe HC or Marbles would care to chime in.
In the middle of winter yes and it depends on where you work and what their air-conditioning is like, I froze my ass off yesterday at DHS in Tuggeranong. My two high heeled capri pants wearing colleagues were bitching about the cold all day.
Reasonable career move its just heading into Winter in the Antipodes and I have had a few Bundaberg Rum and Cokes the past few 'chilly' nights. Tried a very nice Gin the other night Junipero Gin very nice rank it along side Hendricks.
Thank you that's very generous of you.Sadly I have to do face to face interviews from 8am then two more days writing. FUBAR!
Happy happy happy joy joy joy! Finally finished two days writng HR recruitment reports time for a large Bundy and Black Death. Oh and Auatralia has won the cricket.
Interesting I noticed that amongst myriad twenty something last week.
Tell me about it I been living with that bad joke choke for years.
Thank you.Baa 183 all out. Now I just hope Oz don't stuff it up.Mind you none of this is important what really matters is the return of the Bledisloe Cup.No it does matter, one nation will be in mourning Monday morning.
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