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Thats not a beer its chemical soup.
And here I was enjoying the cricket, puts it all in perspective.
Agree with your sentiments first I ever saw was Thunderball at the State in Sydney. They need to be seen on the big screen.
Any DE shavers here? I have 75 Red Pack Persona blade all in 5 packs unopened to get rid of. And in keeping with today Bond theme I have gone to Russia with Love via Gillette Blue. The Persona are great in a Edwin Jagger DE89 but not suitable for my Feather D2S. PM if interested.
16th Century fashion blog Schwarz only ever portrayed himself – here in two different outfits he commissioned for the return of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V to Germany in 1530. This was power dressing in Renaissance style, as he sported the cheerful yellow made fashionable by Ferdinand of Habsburg. Schwarz closely collaborated with the same artist during these years and controlled his portrayal. The rest of the article is here...
while on the subject of Bond this is from WH Taylor What kind of shirt does James Bond wear? With the recent release of Spectre, all eyes have been on everything James Bond - from the cars to the cocktails, right down to what shirt Bond might wear. Suitable Bond attire is often Black Tie, be the suit black, blue, or as the ivory dinner suit worn by Daniel Craig in Spectre. Goldfinger was the film that Bond first started wearing an ivory dinner jacket in, an outfit often...
Miami Vice audition?Either way its sartorially suitable (pun intended) and works for casual summer wear IMHO.And CR for some unknown reason decided not to stock their linen trousers in Canberra. WTF?
Watched this last night a socio-political comedy with heart, reminded me of The Full Monty. Great story, and memorable lines. Solid performances by Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton and Dominic West whose choreographed routine could clearly out dance Tony Manero is a great laugh. Ben Schnetzer gives an admirable performance in the lead role. 4/5 2/5 for a Bond film?
Sorry corporate donations are not a tax write off for the liquidators.
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