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Go ahead make my day Wallabies 25 v France 23. Worthwhile getting up early Sunday.
Finally the thermometer gets past 30C time for a Tanq 10 with Capi tonic lots of ice and a slice of lime.
Reminded me I have this sitting on the shelves. Great film.War isn't what it used to be!
He complained about the trousers being too tight and he had to have them let out. While that may suit (pun intended) some builds a number of people I know have complained about this in the past couple of years. I know the house style has changed over the past couple of years. Maybe other PJ Tailor wearers would like to comment?
Friday afternoon Young & Frisky Gunners ( a sartorial wasteland) a pint of Dopplebock dark bitter in front of me. I notice this fellow at the next table's suit. Surely not? Excuse me where did you have that suit made. "Sydney" Patrick Johnson? "How did you know that" Taps nose: I know many things. And then ensured a brief discussion about P.Johnson trousers and their shortcomings. After that back to the serious business of drinking.
Meditations is a constant source of inspiration. The Republic I still question its politics. Was it a blueprint for Stalinism? Or any form of ultra authoritarian regime?
54 Quarterly Essay 63 Enemy Within American Politics in the Time of Trump by Don Watson
Penne pasta with a slow, gave it four hours on low heat, roasted tomato sauce with S&P and EVO then put through the mouli. Served served with shaved parmesan, simplicity on a plate. Washed down with a Squealing Pig Central Otago Pinot Noir 2014.
You'll be the best dressed iGent there. Best of luck on the night.
Concert for Bangladesh was another standout. The reissue of MDAE is always popular in our abode.
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