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Bills Khakis have been my preferred brand of chinos for a number of years STP have these on sale the M2 sadly not pleated but good comfortable chinos and they last for years. http://www.sierratradingpost.com/bills-khakis-m2-original-twill-standard-fit-pants-for-men~p~9559v/?filterString=s~bills-m2%2F
My copy of Australian Cultural Studies A Reader was eaten by the dog.
If the Chabon article was an academic piece it would have had a much narrower and stronger intellectual focus. Actually it would never have been published in GQ it would have been have been in some obscure men's, fashion, cultural studies journal. And it would not have got the coverage outside of GQ that is receiving. It was attached to The Shortlist Daily which is sent out by The Monthly. So it's pushing people's buttons somewhere and it's also posted on PTO. I only...
47 The Hanging by Lotte and Soren Hammer A brother & sister writing team and the first book in the series. The translation is efficient as it captures the main police protagonists in depth, mind you I'm starting to believe that their are particular archetypes working in this genre which a lot of writers are adhering too, albeit with some variations on the theme and crimes committed. The criminals in this have a weird sense of topical social justice operating and it...
I found it interesting on two fronts the father son dynamic and that fact that the boy is alining his identity with his clothing and has been doing so from an early age, the comments about finding his tribe made me laugh. I could go into the visual pop/culture and anthropology aspects by deconstructing it but its not the point. I don't read GQ and I didn't think it was ground breaking in anyway just an observational story told by a father about his son with an interesting...
From the Shortlist Daily http://www.gq.com/story/my-son-the-prince-of-fashion
So much for time off for good behaviour.
Another option is the Baxter factory in Goulburn friend picked up two pairs of seconds boots on the weekend for $100 each.Can't comment as i have never worn Baxter boots.
46 DARK MATTER by Blake Crouch. This is a seriously weird book to call it simply SciFi is an injustice. Read a third of and its well written, moves at pace and has some facinating ideas on the Multiverse and Identity amongst other things.. Seriously weird and entertaining.
In my experience and I guess depending on his career it would be better to give it to him when he is 25. Personally I believe 21 year old males lack maturity and common sense and as a father its a view shared by a few of my friends with sons that age.Been in Bowral this Canberra long weekend. Found a couple of interesting op shops, one had BB LE Gant chinos. Some interesting bands for shirts and if your about a 46 a great Italian Silk/Wool jacket sadly it was too small...
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