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I know, Wallabies lost to the Poms.
Wayne Shorter live at the SHO 83 and still a marvel.
Matt Have you read Simulacra and Simulation by Baudrillard? Highly recommend.
Carriageworks has Bjork Digital till the 18th June. Mind blowing the last VR exhibit reminds me of something I may or may not have ingested in the 70's. Free just book online.
[quote name="Journeyman" url="/t/518027/australian-members-part-ii-if-you-read-the-first-post-youll-get-what-this-is-all-about/1770#post_8470213" Unfortunately, GF, pre-faded and pre-distressed jeans are back in a big way, and stupid people are willing to pay large sums of money for them: http://www.gq.com/story/fear-of-god-jeans-celebs [Please exercise caution when reading the above article, as you brain may be bleeding by the time you finish.]  [/quote] As the Ancient...
Re Spice I am got there at 6.10 packed and 70 minute wait FTFAJ found a good Italian on Crown St. And WTF is this thing about chicks of all ages wearing jeans ripped at the knees? Reached plague proportions last time I saw it was in the early 90's. Thanks all for the Thai recommendations have listed them for next time. Sadly Canberra does not do Thai IMHO.
Any recommendations for Thai in Surry Hills on a Sunday night?
Götterdämmerung within the Fuhrer bunker as Berlin falls. The madness, ego mania and sheer evil stupidity are displayed by a great cast and with Corinna Harfouch and Ulrich Matthes as Magda and Joseph Goebbles exemplifying the embodiment of NAZI fanaticism and human evil. (Its worth seeing The Ninth Day with Ulrich Matthes where he plays a Catholic Priest on release from Dachau doing the Nazi's bidding.) Bruno Ganz's portrayal of Adolf enacts moments of madness and...
Saw him and saxophonist Mirko Guerrini in Canberra Friday night play a mix of self penned suites then this Bjork, Sardinian folk music and the most inspired interpretation of Biko by Peter Gabriel I ever heard. Ever better as I was given freebies.
It cost $75 million to make and as of June 2013 took $351 at the box office. Machines for making money.
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