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This is one of my favourite Sci Fi films of all time, always on the look out for it when it shows on cable. A great retelling of the Tempest. The Electronic Tonalities were generated using a theremin. Great film and one of the few 50's American Sci Fi films that didn't have cold war undertones.
Initially I found that annoying but after a few minutes I adjusted to it. The technique is so dated, but maybe they think its part of the visual signature of the film.
The opening sequence is chaotic (great camera work) and from their it just picks up and runs with it till the climatic car chase in Las Vegas. Interesting while the film was lite on dialogue the imagery conveyed it all you needed to know in terms of narrative exposition. Cast was able and competent for the type of film it is. Tommy Lee Jones perfect as the evil CIA chief. As for Matt Damon his actions did all the talking. For a Sunday afternoon it was fun.
Bent Spoke breweries Fugg 'N' Chino a hand pumped porter which has depth of flavour and a body more like a solid stout. Knocked back a few(too many) pints with friends.
What's wrong will killing a few trees for the tactical experience of drooling?
We do actually have four seasons in this town although the hot air coming off the hill does affect the weather at times.AFR magazine out today includes annual watch porn extra.
SOTD Incense Rose masculine, sensuous, evocative or is just the failed catholic in me thats responding to the frankincense. Either way an interesting exotically fragrant way to beat the winter cold.
Gott im Himmel ABC says its -5c this morning. Pea Coat weather even for walking the dog.
Didn't know there was a film will check it out at some stage.Australian writer Peter Corris has a series involving Cliff Hardy which is set in Sydney always interesting to see his descriptions of familiar environments. Been years since I read any.
Harold a Norwegian furniture maker whose life is turned to shit by IKEA. Embarks on a road trip with absurdly seeking revenge black comic results. Both Mrs GF and I found plenty to laugh at. Overall very funny and entertaining, Didn't know about Ingvar Kamprad the IKEA founders Nazi past. But then they did have furniture packed by East German slave labour in the 70's.
New Posts  All Forums: