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6 The Circle by Dave Eggers This is a very edgy book straight way from the opening pages you realise that their is trouble in this weird coroprate paradise so to speak. I don't know what he has taken from Scientology but imagine a mutant Facebook, Google, Apple monster cult that has perfected the art of total immersion and supply for the internet with one portal that synchs all your devices, sites and cloud based services to deliver you the optimum web experince. I...
Foxy read Zen and the Art Archery a much more rewarding book IMHO
Home made desiree potato gnocchi with two blue and goats cheese in a reduced cream sauce with garlic and black pepper. Mixed green salad lemon and EV olive oil dressing. Washed down with The Laughing Magpie, Shiaz Viognier from McLarne Vale a favourite of Mrs GF and mine. Then Mrs GF Granny Smith and Rasberry crumble. Perfect winter fare and all of this with 4 hours of rugby. All is bliss all is bliss I am dancing at the feet of my lord.
Vale Charlie Haden one of the truly great American exponents of the double bass. A giant of a musician. Been listening to Last Dance the duo CD with Keith Jarrett a lot this past week.
Freud is a fraud.
LM HC is correct get some Yoga Man pants PRL at least. Me I yearn for the days of army surplus Bombay Bloomers all Sumer long.
Today in Sydney 1 LL Bean field coat 2 Blue lambs wool jumper CR 3 CT sky blue OCBD 4 LL Bean British khaki corduroy 5 Pantheralla royal red Argyles 6 Alfred Sargent brown brouges Didn't feel over dressed coat was good in wind at 16c a very mild day
Really? And what are your academic qualifications?The point is Moleskine make a 'nice' notebook, its practical and the Chinese ones I used in the 90's disappeared.
"Sport is the opiate of the masses" Karl Marx
The post modernist in me was more impressed by the fact that Bruce Chatwin used them the original product.Two sized journals I use are practical for my specific needs.
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