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Christmas lunch 31C in the shade First up Hendricks and fever tree tonic with cucumber, Cold roast chook Ham/beef pastrami S&P deep fried calamari Prawns with fish sauce/ lime juice/ coconut sugar dipping sauce Grilled eggplant/ parboiled asparagus/ tomato and bochinni with basil oil. Potato salad. An assortment of stuffed green and mammoth black olives. For the herbivores Spanakopita made with goat and sheep feta and rocket. Suzy Spoons Festive roast. Washed...
Ho Ho Ho Sartorial salutations and sanctifications to all.
Christmas Eve 4pm Bent Spoke just the one. Frenzy a raspberry wheat beer for Mrs GF and a Belgian style At Wits End flavoured with coriander and orange peal.
I hear a lot of that around here.
Let me know when you get to Bondi.
Spelt spaghetti with finely chopped fresh oregano,rosemary and lemon thyme,garlic and S&P with crumbled goat feta, chopped sun dried toms and kalamata olives dusted with parmesan. And served with a rocket and cos salad. Great to have a herb garden again.
God no! Who was that he served at the BBQ last weekend!
One of the big chains here had a staff member who was shelf pricing very expensive wine at around $25 less than marked price. When I went to the checkout it would come up normal price and I'd complain so they checked the shelf price.Yes I was right and the manager insisted that staff honour the shelf price at the register.Sadly he didn't stay in the job long.
Poet ? Only in a past life thank you. And I know where you live.
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