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Late 80's cold war conspiracy filk about the balance of nuclear terror between the USA and USSR. And how certain sections of both militaries don't want their nukes taken away so what are to do to keep the balance of terror? Send in a black opps agent with an assassination agenda. Not a bad thriller in terms of the story but the soundtrack sucked. Solid performances from Gene Hackman, Tommy Lee Jones, Joanna Cassidy and Denis Franz. Britebark is now critiquing movies?
Sounds interesting. Friday is St Patrick's day and for the extended(Irish) family doing a couple of slow cooked legs 5 hrs on beds of rosemary with pockets of garlic wrapped in prosciutto. And potatoes, lots of potatoes.
Australia Day 1988 12-4pm carved legs of lamb, lamb and more lamb. And that was after spending 7-11 perping and cooking them.Or are you using back straps?
You have my condolences.
New Zealand is just across the ditch.
So? Your not a member Epicureans Without Borders?
The 'fake news media' reports the White House chefs are going mad because the Donald has no gastronomic style and all their cooking are hamburgers.
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