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Just scored a Ternary linen cotton suit for $145 down from $548 in stone. Italian fabric and Mrs GF approved, "it fits buy it". Better still the size 48 jacket only needs a slight alteration to the sleeves.
This was one film I really anticipated seeing last year and it did not disappoint. The real life story that was the basis of the fils narrative is weirdly fascinating but the corruption is 100% Russian. Dowloaded this from our cable provider and plan on watching it tonight. Your right about the visual esthetic of the film visually stunning.
Saw them play live in Melbourne in 1980 I was in a state of shock afterwards. One of the best gigs I've ever witnessed.
I shudder to think of the dry cleaning bill for that jacket.Re RM try this https://portphillipshop.com.au/c/rmwilliams-boots-mens-base-styles
Shabby? What planet are you from I thinks it's a great space, with minimal furniture. Also don't think the guys there are qualified tailors.
I've bought a few pairs over the years from Nungar. However I have had mixed reviews from friends who have dealt with him. Go for Roo in the comfort craftsman.
Entree Ottolenghi Courgette and Manchego fritters with lime and cardamon dipping sauce. Main Grilled marinated Chicken breast and thigh skewers. Ottolenghi Aubergine Croquetes with a bitter green salad Desert Pavlova with mango, raspberries and macerated strawberries, whipped Gippsland thickened cream and Frugii passionfruit sorbet and vanilla gelato with a.cleanskin Riverina botrytis semillon . Washed down with a couple of bottles of Victorian Pinot Noir . This...
Sigh haven't you worked it out: he has big brass cohonies which make him impervious to the cold.
Ever consider NZ Semillon Sauvignon Blanc goes down very well with seafood. Cheap as well as they have had abundant harvests for the past few vintages.Tonight presently airing Farr Rising Geelong Pinot Noir 2011 and a Tasmanian Bay of Fires Pinot Noir 2013 for a birthday dinner with Archie Rose Negroni's to begin with.
I thought the unicorn dream gave that fact away. Always been a debate if he was human or not.
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