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FTFYFailed Roman Catholicism.
Christ on a bike my mother said and behaved exactly the same. Sure your not from Irish stock?
Aubergine and potato casserole served with cous cous. Mixed the Ras el hanout with some Za'atar and garlic and chilli lifted it right up
Not really consider how the English leather industry is going from strength to strength. Typical Australian short sightedness I think.
Interesting piece in today AFR about Baxter boots, bootmaker to the Anzacs this stood out. "there are no tanneries left in Australia, no footwear technicians, no shoe machine companies, very few competent suppliers so when you need spare parts for machines you have to order from overseas and no school of footwear in TAFE" fxh nice boots what are they?
35 Carl Jung Wounded Healer of the Soul Claire Dunne An interesting biographical approach to Jung and his work through the use of quotes and reminiscences which breaks down the specific aspects of his work to present an insightful representation, more for the novice than those familiar with his work but discovered anew a few things in there.
Winter is coming so quattro formaggi sauce made with gorgonzola, stilton, goats chevre, parmesan with penne spelt pasta and bottle of Barossa Valley Head Red 2013 shiraz.
Are you referring to 'the mothers game?' Or real football like Rugby?
Hi-Viz steel capped brogues
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