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13 buy six pack of 1972 Grange ( I wish)
6) Go with Coxie to Casltereagh St and buy antique IWC Portuguese Chronograph. 7) Join PoP and Ollie at John Cutler in ordering SF approved bespoke Vicuña Blue Blazer.
Insurance assessors top of that steaming pile.
I don't have an expensive watch.I do sponsor a child in a village in Africa.I do make regular use of libraries, art galleries but I don't pay. No wait I do with Taxes.I do pay for musical concerts.I do have house insurance but do you think these want to come out and assess the recent storm damage to my roof.
This is a highly entertaining and dramatic film. George Clooney and Julia Roberts work fantastically together as the besieged TV host and producer. Jack O'Connell delivers a great performance as the angry young man who has been done over by a stock market share collapse. [[SPOILER]] The direction from Jodi Foster its dramatically tense and polished and gets whats required out of the cast to successfully bring the narrative to life definitely recommend it.
Sat down with friend and listened to Skeleton Tree the new Nick Cave album. Words fail to describe the anguish and pain that is in that music. Musically beautiful but not my cup of tea.
If you search Youtube there is the documentary available of The Guns of August, first saw it years ago on cable. Quite remarkable footage matched to a great narration.
44 LABYRINTHS: Emma Jung, Her Marriage to Carl and the Early Years of Psychoanalysis by Catrine Clay Picked this up last night so far so good. Although I find it a misnomer to use the term psychoanalysis when it should it Analytical Psychology. Ok put the pedant back in the box.
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