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Does anyone have any items of clothing with stories attached to them? Family heirlooms that belonged to a Father, Grandfather, Uncle? At a dinner last night I was talking with a mate and the subject came up. I had a tie that has an interesting provenance. It was bought in Chicago in 1950 and arrived in Sydney in 1951. It was a definitive hard bop tie red silk with a flamboyant pattern like a triple bird wing spiralling out for the centre in blue yellow and green it was...
Tonight home made pizzas with Beechworth Wood Park Pinot Noir 2011 Chargrilled Asparagus Green Olives strips of Le Maitres Comtois Intense and Italian Mozzarella Chargrilled Aubergines Sun Dried Tomatoes Caramelised Red Onions Swiss Brown Mushrooms aged Meredith Goats Chevre and Italian Mozzarella All served on Spelt bases with Tomato passata
Any Mambo Loud shirts lurking in the wardrobe?
Read it when it came out throughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended.
75 TIGERMAN by Nick Harkaway an entertaining and enjoyable read combing elements of environmental politics, evil opportunist politics, platonic love and play in the superhero genre. As far as consigning it to a specific genre i wonder about it. Its not realist or even SiFi so Fabulism with out the magic realist elements i guess.
Try Toms Hair Salon in Victoria St at KC 93586836 make he uses scisors rather than clippers.Grand Royal Barbers city 92218886
Somehow I don't think that is humanly possible.
Agree with you that we should be spending more education wise on what matters in terms of social advancement. But sport like it or loathe it not only provides intangible personal and cultural benifits to society but also solid economic ones.Sadly so much of 21 century Australia is defined by myths from the 19 Century. Bean's formulation of ANZAC being the most dominant.
I agree with you that far too much newsprint, radio and TV time was given over to it. I think also the very nature of the accident that it was a such a freakish occurrence and that no one could ever have predicted its occurrence totally enthralled Joe Public, the press to be honest are not the better angles of our nature.
JMThere is no such thing in this country as just a cricketer. Sport is part of the national psyche,cricket was even played at Gallipoli one of Bean's great regrets in life is that he was not a great cricketer. As such sportsmen who play for the national teams are elevated to a status beyond us mere mortals.Yes it was a tragedy and such a waste of a young life and your right about the media's approach to this the SMH today referred to his death and funeral as Australia's...
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