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I think its great he won it and agree with Peter Carey that it should be a Commonwealth only affair. However as I had an Uncle who was a guest of the Emperor at Hellfire Pass its a little bit too close to home for comfort I think i'll pass on it. The ABC has a very good interview with Richard Flanagan on the Late Night Live site.
I thought you of all people would have known better than to put woollens away until at least November in this region. Back to corduroy trousers, argyle socks and 4ply cashmere. FMF!Snow at the Blue Mountains at this time of year WTF!
Went with the Mrs GF to see Gone Girl [[SPOILER]]
Is that all you picked up in Cabramatta Dr Benway?
67 The Absent One A Department Q Novel Jussi Adler-Olsen Second book in the series good procedural cold case Scandi Noir
LOL Mrs GF in her role as Production Designer used to raid my wardrobe when working in film. I had to chase The Goose aka Steve Bisley down one night to retrieve one of my favourite shirts which he walked off set in.
Article in this weekend Australian Reivew section on The Modfather Paul Weller who has launched his own menswear label https://realstarsarerare.com
Thank you I think she knows this. Food, service & ambience excellent highly recommend if your in Canberra. Went 7 courses plus wine totally stuffed. Gym tomorrow morning too burn it off.
For a Catholic your such a Protestant
Pink Bias?Your right about the Chukkas makes it casual but sharp enough.
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