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UP The Stanley Clark Band
I read most of Mann when I was 21 The Magic Mountain and Dr Faustus are my favourite works of his. Thinking of reading Dr Faustus over January holidays next year.
Ever read Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann that is an excellent novel of the life and decline of a German Bourgeois family over four generations.The book won him the Nobel Prize.
Foxy Yesterday I was wearing my Bills British Khaki chions and my blue sude shoes work fine with them. As for chukkas I think(too lazy to search thread at this time of day) fxh posted some photos of British soldiers wearing DB with shorts and the look was fine. However the shorts they wore came at least to the knees.
Thanks Foxy just what the Doctor ordered.And today I'm wearing a pair of blue suede oxfords and due to weight loss they are now slightly loose in terms of width and i swear the left shoe one feels as if its a quarter size too long as my heel is slipping around in it.
How then do you create a tiny url? Geek is not my second language
It is indeed JM its quite a pleasant browse and they have a very good selection of recently remaindered books out front very cheaply priced.I read the other day that Macleay St Bookshoop in Kings Cross has closed its doors, very sad day as its been there for over 50 years. Still have a few tomes I bought there back in the 80's and 90's when I lived in Elizabeth Bay.
Pussies try Shostakovich Symphony No 8 put hair on your chest.Anybody here on Twitter need to get some info about reducing the size of links.
Tonight asparagus, green olives and leeks in a chèvre and reduced cream sauce on spelt spaghetti with a simple mixed green salad.
66 The Disciple The Sebastian Bergman Chronicles Book 2 by Hjorth and Rosenfeldt Arrived home last night and found it waiting on the doorstep Sebastian Bergman would have to be the most conceited self centred prick I have encountered in literary works for years. That said I find this series to be very well written and an engaging read. Went to Canberras only decent independent bookstore on Saturday where they were having a sale ended up coming away with my plastic...
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