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Winter getting a bit jack of the cold here and on top of that a 15% price hike in natural gas prices.
Mushroom risotto with Shiitake and Swiss Browns made the stock today, with a mixed green salad and lemon delicious pudding with whipped cream for desert. Washing the risotto down with a Tasmanian Stoney Rise Pinot Noir and a bottle of Ninth Island in case the football gets interesting.
Makes sense looking forward to seeing it on the 24th. Where do they have the clothes made up?PS you going out to the Brumbies tonight?
HC Just curious, why quarter lined? Very nice I must admit.
Stick Up by Bobby Hutcherson 60'a Blue Note at its best. Also great to cook too.
5 The Keeper of Lost Causes A Department Q Novel by Jussi Adler-Olsen While going to see Calvary the other day I noticed a poster advertising this as part of the Scandinavian Film Festival it also noted that it was a NYT bestseller. So being a victim of lure of advertising i found it in the local public library. The film is due for mainstream release in Oz in the coming month.
Thank you for that scintillating opinion.Baxter still do the Army dress shoes.
LOL worse is the why do you need new (insert item of choice) question.
Too many bills and now Mrs GF wants a new lounge suite. She wants a King Furniture suite which is on sale.Also not much point in me buying anything still losing weightHCUggs are an essential part of Canberra life
I remember walking back from our bedroom door to the front door with my son strapped to my chest while listening to SEX by the Necks all 60 minutes of it. As the last last note faded he finally feel asleep.If its any consolation three years olds are the spawn of the devil if you ask me.Anyone know exactly when the BB flagship store opens in Martin Place.
New Posts  All Forums: