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I am aiming for 50 to begin with and take it from there. However increased work loads may put a dent in that. My reading beings in earnest next Tuesday currently I am dropping in and out of Marcus Aurelius Meditations finding some inspiration and solace with a bit of Stoic wisdom. I have two copies which i may just leave on bedside table for the year so i can dip in and out of it as required.
I feel like chicken tonight?Another one has WW in a Rosie the Riviter pose saying "we can cook this"
The Cars first album.
As U2 once sang all is quite on New Years Day, until some bastard started up his Victa. Then The Immitation Game love the clothes, very interesting film. Mrs GF cooked dinner which was nice and tomorrow I have to work, damn the dark gods of HR!
Time frames depend on your scrip if they are a grind or stock. Most labs turn grinds around in a week these days.
Nothing wrong with Mongrels DB I use their inner soles in some GP boots that only see light in Winter. I used to favour Rossi Work boots or DM when I was working in mental health, or in kitchens for that matter.Bay of Fires Pinot Noir Tasmanian very nice and the Bass Phillips Crown Prince unfiltered PN is very enjoyable as well.
DBFarr Rising Pinot Noir 2013 excellent wine.You heading south this month?
So I thake it this is on again for 2015 was a bit annoyed I didnt get to 80 and found some very interesting books through peoples reviews. I have Napolen The Great by Andrew Roberts a three and half pound tome to read at night in January while on holidays and The Siege by Arturo Perez-Reverte to read at the beach while (not) distracted by a cornucopia of female flesh at Mollymook and Bondi Beach over thbe coming weeks. Congratulations to Steve B. and clookwise each...
F&@king Catholics!
Why am I not surprised. ( won't say how long on my mobile it to took to write that, damn Geelong Pinot Noir)
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