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The classic RM Moleskins in a cream are still popular west of the divide and when I lived in Melbourne I had some cream flannels that got a good work out. At one stage in my (past life) life I had a white Levi trucker jacket that got a lot of wear.
First time i've seen this in a over 15 years forgot how good a film it is. Michael Douglas at his career best also starting Sean Penn and Deborah Kara Unger. Fascinating concept and highly entertaining. Douglas wears some slick suits in the production and this memorable exchange occurs. MD There goes a thousand dollars DKU Your shoes cost a thousand dollars MD That one did 4/5
I have zucchini fritters a lot in summer, they grow well in my veggie patch, I put plenty of basil, parsley and oregano in the mix. The cinnamon and cumin would be a nice lift.
7 Cult Fictions C G Jung and the Founding of Analytical Psychology by Sonu Shamdasani Depending on what floats your boat this is an interesting work, it concerns the allegations that emerged in the books The Jung Cult and The Aryan Christ:The Secret Life of Carl Jung by R.Noll. As someone who has studied Jung extensively I knew of these books and their absurd ideas and Shamdasani sets about forensically demolishing Noll's claims. Shamdasani was instrumental in having the...
All Gone Girl did was make me angry thought the story was a crock of shit. A try hard attempt at Hitchcock which failed IMHO "what a bitch" was my sons reaction after seeing it.
Interesting take on the serial killer genre. Ben Kingsley plays a 'remote viewer' who is a psychic able see serial killers at work. What follows is a hunt and catch film with a few twists as Arron Eckhart comes to realise that the perp he is chasing is hunting serial killers. Not spectacular but a solid 2.5/5
10 THE END OF TGHE WORLD IN BRESLAU by Marek Krajewski Set admist the death rattle of the Weimar Republic with Hitler on the rise a tale of depravity, corruption and sleaze combines with a solid murder mystery. More corrupt than the louche style of the good German Bernie Gunther but an interesting and entertaining read. 9 How the French Think: an affectionate portrait of an intellectual People by Sudhir Hazareesingh Interesting and stimulating over view of French thought...
Depends how much plastic you carry either a 6 or 8 card slot. 6 is sufficient for me I recently bought this http://www.brooksbrothers.com.au/french-calfskin-wallet-690F.html?cgid=0479&dwvar_690F_Color=BLCK&contentpos=11 on sale and it works well for me. It was half price in the recent (ongoing) sale.Just had a look at Aspinal and thought that Croc would be very nice, price is reasonable then noticed that it was in US dollars, merde!Anyone else use a Cordovan wallet I have...
Too true for in truth the Soviet Union won the Second World War in Europe.
This is one of the best things he has done IMHOHad the CD of this for over twenty years.Just ordered some Bills on STP oh the pain of the exchange rate.
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