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Anyone interested in a split on the cost of hit on Glenn Stevens?
Sadly once in the bottle that's it I was given a bottle of JW Black which was 21 years old thought great. Sadly no chance whisky doesn't age in the bottle.
LOL came home at 4pm did washing and put out by 4.30pm 7pm all dry. Summertime and the living is easy.
WTF is going on in Martin Place. Been busy all morning and taken a break and this?
Bring it to Canberra. Maybe the Mahler 4 Chamber Version.PS I have reached the conclusion I fucking loathe Christmas Bah Humbug!
Went to an early evening session of Exodus Gods and Kings. Had to go at that time as they are not showing it on the big screens in the complex during the day. [[SPOILER]]
Cottesloe beach hotel worth a visit, excellent steaks good beer and views. Fremantle docks area good for fresh local seafood.Found a CT shirt on my doorstep when arrived home last night packing box was destroyed by rain and no readable address AP repackaged it then delivered with note saying it arrived in Oz in this condition. Shirt still sealed in CT bag and not damaged.However the week before after waiting two weeks past delivery date I contacted CT and informed them of...
I bought MD&E on CD a couple of years ago still fantastic after all these years.
CD Getting back to Leif GW Persson its a trilogy the order of the books are Between Summers Longing and Winters End Another Time Another Life Falling Freely, As If In a Dream Wish I knew this earlier as I read book two then three and now book one merde! 77 Between Summers Longing and Winters End by Leif G.W.Persson
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