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Its as true as WMD'sNo work of fiction appears that there were two books written with the characters and only one film.
Mark it down to religious differences
A plan to kidnap Churchill hatched by the Abwher and picked up by Himmler, using (good) German Paratroopers and a IRA Classics lecturer. Michael Cane Donald Sutherland and Robert Duvall lead an interesting cast including Larry Hagman. Actually seen it a few times not a bad translation of the book into film. 4/5
Christ on a bike AB Jonah Lomu has suddenly gone West. Tragic he was only 40 was a great player whose career was cut short. And I don't remember the TPP covering this thread?
Tried these once but found they were not really effective, have a 6.8 meter hall way with plenty of wall space to hang thinking of a picture rail.
Congratulations to your son.10 days and everything is back to normal, good going.Art and where to put it, finish painting the lounge room,remove tree and plant suitable natives is still on the menu for Mrs GF and me after moving in July.At least the vegetable garden is ready for planting.
55 OBLIVION by Arnaldur Indridason
Thats not a beer its chemical soup.
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