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I'll send a PM with my mobile number
Sunday grey overcast day, winter is back in Canberra get uo at 6am watch Wallabies give it to the Poms then watch Samoa V Japan and South Africa V Scotland. Life is good.
Go ahead make my day Wallabies 33 v Poms 13 Wahoo!
New album is cool, hopefully we will extend our association from the virtual to the actual on the night.
Seeing it tomorrow with the Mrs looking forward to it.
Level headed and sensible? Sorry not this weekend, The Festival of the Boot is on! All major religious proclivities are catered too, AFL NRL and ARU. So the beer is bought the steaks are cut the potato salad is made and a weekend where the Mrs is already complaining about being a football widow. The cross country basketball not my cup of tea, the NRL can you wish to two teams to lose? And the rugby 6am Sunday morning to quote Lt Colonel Kilgore "I love the smell of...
Playing in Sydney on the 8th October should be good if this album is any indication.
Christ I was in my twenties dating a very nice dark haired primary teacher from Fitzroy. Great film by the way.Last nightEntertaining late 60's religious cold war political drama, great cast Anthony Quinn, Lawrence Olivier Leo McKern very good suiting throughout the film and David Jensen had some loud pocket squares which worked.
Always get that confused is it pressing the knuckle on the middle or little finger? Last time I tried it I was asked what lodge I belonged to.
Sunday at the Union Hotel Craft beer menu has ten local micro beers on tap. Friend and I got stuck into Willie the Boatman Black Bunny Dark Ale. Not as a filling as a stout or as gaseous as a Porter sits nicely in the middle. Rich malty and probably had too much.
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