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Great album from 1976 never heard it before.
The other interesting thing is that the models are adults and not stick monsters. Also some very interesting combinations of colour and fabrics happening.
War films? The first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan. Fantastic cinematography and sound design. Das Boot.
Your not implying by any chance that the ABS is being flexible with the truth?
Love the tie have had similar in the past. Details please.
39 Hour of The Wolf by Hakan Nesser This is the darkest novel in the series that I have read so far. The story is solid in terms of its procedural approach but its up to the intuition of The (retired) Chief Inspector to solve it. An gripping slow paced story about egotism, blackmail and a total disregard for human life with its inevitable consequences.
Given up going to try in the morning. The NBN went into meltdown over it.I just want to know how many Jedi are amongst us.
HC is too much of a gentleman to state the obivious.😎
Australian Womens Rugby team wins gold by beating New Zealand in the final. And Canada beat the Poms for bronze. Go ahead make my day! Wallabies take note.
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