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Post natal depression not only affects mothers. I found that after nine months of expectation the birth. Bang the reality hits you big time,you go up then you come down. Then you just go with the narrative as it unfolds and deal with things as they arise. Which they do. As as a friend said after my son was born we could proclaim to the neighboring village you have a son. Then slaughter their men folk and burn the village down as a celebration if that would make you feel...
Interesting idea only saw something like this years ago with a small catering firm where you had to pay up front and they did two seatings a night. Was on the Swan River in a very nice weather board with a large enclosed veranda perfect for a summer dinner.I have noticed that a lot more restaurants are imposing cancellation fees on people these days.TonightEntreeAubergine Caviar:chargrilled whole aubergine to impart a smoky flavour then roasted for 20 minutes with black...
I thought the surveillance was pulled from fxh.
Congratulations and as my favourite Vulcan said "Live long and prosper."First thing do the prenatal classes with the Mrs, be at the birth, do the controlled crying and also say goodbye to sleep for a while. Handout cigars to your friends as it will kill off competition in the breeding pool.Take as much maternity leave as you can and find out where the local dads group meets. Talking with a friends nephew about how he a couple of other blokes set one up in Erskineville...
Bring it too Canberra I haven't heard the Debussy preformed live since 1989 one of my all time favourites,remarkable piece of music.
Has to be thirty years since i have seen this. And only recently discovered that it was based on a true story. Interesting for its visuals politics, ideas and the debut of Chris Cooper with a solid ensemble cast Made featuring James Earl Jones. Left me seriously contemplating reading USA by Dos Passos again after 40 years.
St Patrick had a little slow cooked lamb leg roasted on a bed of rosemary and studded with garlic on a low heat 100c for four hours then cranked up to 200c for the last half hour. With plenty of baked potatoes, butternut pumpkin and steamed brussel sprouts and broccoli. Vegetarian schnitzel with a tomato,mushroom and basil sauce. Elizabeth Davids flourless chocolate cake with Over the Moo coconut caramel ice cream. And far too much Ottago and Marlborough Pinot Noir.
I read that last year and throughly enjoyed it. Interesting take on the multiverse. Some interesting twists and turns. Highly recommend.I also got a copy of SL & SD Dr Strange omnibus this week. Fun read.
Saw a trailer for American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Looks bent anyone read the book and if so what's the verdict? Worth reading or just wait for the TV series's?
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