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Agree with Ernie.In other news MrsGF and I have just bought a house which means more wall space so we can finally get all out art collection up. And yesterday I put some moves in place that will get me out of HR And I have a new Giorgio Armani spectacles to pick up later this week, gun metal coloured titanium retro futurism rules.
Haven't read the books so can only speculate but slitting Ramsey's throat would be too lame an end for him. I hope Reek really gives the sick fuck an appropriately perverse and painful send off.
28 Possibilities a biography by Herbie Hancock Read about a third of last night could not put it down, aside from the historical perspectives the musical insights are fascinating and stimulating. Working from home today so I've pulled out a fair bit of the music he has mentioned and will be listening to it. At this rate probably stay up all night and finish it.
Any one who is interested in Piano's check out the new Keith Jarrett CD the playing is just staggering. And I'm feeling retro where could I pick up a pair of Adiddas Roma? Spent some time looking last night but drew a blank. Believe they still make them saw another suede sneaker that I had a pair of but the price is absurd for it.
Have you heard The Hazards of Love the review in the SMH got me interested when i read it was a rock opera.
ha ha you do mean BB Australia? Don't need one everything appears to be in a state of permanent discount.
The Decembrists What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World have this on high rotation very up album, great harmonies, playing and Colin Meloy's singing is one of the best male rock voices I have heard in years.
Canberra members anyone up for a beer at the Bent Spoke sometime? Also the suit without tie look has reached endemic proportions in Civic. Personally I think it's this years untucked shirt taken to a new level.
Fuck off Junior.
Get and ABN take the Dell back and buy something better to use as a tax write off.
New Posts  All Forums: