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Never did. When they first started playing I scored a lot of pussy at their St Kilda gigs.
Actually according to the Catholic Irish rain at funeral means the corpse has had a happy life and a good death.
Dont argue with lawyers. Remember they charge in 6 minute increments. If that isn't ironic I don't know what is.
I read the first two books but third was far too graphically brutal and misogynistic for my taste. Gave up on it and took it back to the library.
As I said irony is a lost art.
fxh Don't know someone with size 10G hoofs do you?
Irony requires a high degree of intelligence to grasp it's signification. Just saying.
LOL I wear shorts and I'm over 50. Just so long as it's over 30c.
Sunday This is a very entertaining and funny film. It has its moments of character pathos but overall its a 'hoot' laughed from beginning to end. Excellent sartorially inspired comedy.
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