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You got your tickets for David Icke?
The SMH has followed up from Mondays Q&A with an interview with The Brownman http://www.dailylife.com.au/news-and-views/news-features/i-think-i-am-young-enough-to-see-change-tarang-chawla-is-positive-despite-steve-price-comments-on-qa-20160712-gq4g0h.html
With Canberra in the depths of winter its definitely movie time seen a few lately and here is just a few. Don Cheadle directed cowrote and presents a potent film which captures the lost years and some interesting back flashes of Miles Davis private life and career however, and its a big however as the lost years component with its guns, car chase a bullshit Rolling Stone journalist played by Ewan McGregor.Is just crap I'm all for artistic licence but, if you have read...
33 The Suit Form, Function and Style by Christopher Breward This is a very interesting and engaging book lavishly illustrated. It traces the origin development of the modern suit in the context of the historical cultural and social times. It arrived on Tuesday and I sat down and read the first two chapters with ease.The author was recently interviewed on the ABC the interview can be found here...
Sadly the 24/7 news cycle, the decline in standards of the Fairfax press, the decimation of the ABC have coincided with the rise of opinionated idiots whose main function in life is to be shrill foghorns for the ignorant silent majority. Basically the main reason these idiots exist is to sell more soap powder and they don't care who they offend to achieve it.
We're in the same club I was just furious with that stupid girl and her actions. Mrs GF was happy when I finished it.
Gawd almighty wake up and there is snow all over the back yard and it's still coming down. Wind chill puts the temp at -7c Best shave for money blades and I've used a few brands. Gillette Blue and Pol Silver Super Iridium made in Russia both even sharper than Feather blades. Mensbiz discount code for July DY9F87
What ever the price you pay the Feather leaves the Merkur in the dust.
Don't waste your money buy this http://www.mensbiz.com.au/feather-as-d2-all-stainless-steel-double-edge-razor.html best razor I've ever used and for soap Occams original shave soap also from Mensbiz
Christan Kimber Sale 25% off "PICKLES"
New Posts  All Forums: