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BBC The Why Factor http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p038klf6 interesting sartorial program
Think this album will be an addition to Mrs GF Xmas stocking.
I know this is more CD's shtick than mine. Anyone after scents for self or the significant other, SWMBO, Mrs, favourite squeeze DJ's have 10% off all perfumes/colognes/after shave. Today in store and online till midnight.
I was given a short sleeved cotton black & white check shirt from Target back in 81 surprisingly good quality. Got a lot of wear out of it in summer for a couple of years. Made in Australia, probably in one of fxh's Melbourne sweat shops which manufactured garments for CR.
No HBO on demand in Oz sadly.
Interesting story on Satanism, ignorance, murder and a travesty of justice. Colin Frith and Reese Witherspoon present an admirable performance in the lead roles. Recomended.
Bad Santa great Christmas film.
Picked up a new Australian Gin Stone Pine comes with a strong recommendation.
59 The Vanished Ones By Donato Carrisi An interesting and slightly bent take on Noir the urbane environment of the city where the crimes occur is never mentioned specifically as a location back drop. Its more a generic City odd but highly effective.
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