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Taken recently with iPhone 5.
Herb garden in full bloom. Went out and picked a huge bunch of basil then hey pesto add spelt tagliatelle. Wash down with the last bottle of Pinot Noir from Christmas.
Summer survival kit. Come home bush fires close by yesterday 36c today 38c. Thank the gods for quinine. Tonight Tasmanian Bay of Fires 2014 Pinot Noir
Watched this last night one of my favourite Clint Eastwood films more so now that I am in the over 50 heterosexual white male demographic. The story has a solid slow burn in particular the way that John Malkovich is revealed. Interesting historical twists and Rene Russo adds a bit of interest the coitus interrupts between Frank and Lilly is a great laugh. "damn now I'm to have to put all this shit back on again" Solid direction and cast produces a highly entertaining...
I'm on the Hume heading West at present. Will be back in Sydney on the 27/1.
3 The Man Who Wasn't There by Michael Hjorth & Hans Rosenfeldt Third book in the series. A combination of personal, psychological and political intrigue weaves a complex web with a multi strand narrative with sufficient twists and turns to keep the reader engaged till the end. Quality Scandi Noir. The only issue is that the next book isn't available till June. Merde!
A quick top ten Casablanca Rififi Seven Samuari Marx Brothers go West Forbiden Planet Groundhog Day Blade Runner Pulp Fiction Heat Chinatown Saw it with MrsGF interesting emotionally charged film dealing with the aftermath of the assassination of JFK. Portman delivers a great performance at times like a lost ghost wandering an empty White House and at others angry and tragically traumatised by Gods bad sense of humour.
Terre D'Hermes EDT 2016 currently a strong mix of orange and pepper. Great pick me up on grey hot day.
Last ten days in Terrigal have had aircon all day while not at Avoca beach. No sign of the sliver bodgie, probably Olli scared him off. Haven't slept properly and I thought the quinine was supposed to help. Effing hate the humidity. CD you talking about 'the change?'
Another cultural quirk of the English language.Wikipedia;In French cuisine, as well as in the English-speaking world (save for the United States and parts of Canada), it is a dish served before the main course.
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