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From the Shortlist Daily http://www.gq.com/story/my-son-the-prince-of-fashion
So much for time off for good behaviour.
Another option is the Baxter factory in Goulburn friend picked up two pairs of seconds boots on the weekend for $100 each.Can't comment as i have never worn Baxter boots.
46 DARK MATTER by Blake Crouch. This is a seriously weird book to call it simply SciFi is an injustice. Read a third of and its well written, moves at pace and has some facinating ideas on the Multiverse and Identity amongst other things.. Seriously weird and entertaining.
In my experience and I guess depending on his career it would be better to give it to him when he is 25. Personally I believe 21 year old males lack maturity and common sense and as a father its a view shared by a few of my friends with sons that age.Been in Bowral this Canberra long weekend. Found a couple of interesting op shops, one had BB LE Gant chinos. Some interesting bands for shirts and if your about a 46 a great Italian Silk/Wool jacket sadly it was too small...
What position does he play?The festival of the boot is looking good this year.Edit. WellI guess it depends on which side of the fence your on and as someone whose mantra is ''there's all ways next year.' As their team didn't even make the eight. Bring back Roy and HG.
Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin in a large glass with plenty of ice, tonic and fresh lemon. Anyone familiar with a Californian Gin St George Terroir Gin? A local bottle shop has just started to stock it. View, opinions?
Decided to dink a couple of Bundy old vat special reserve instead save the gin for warmer weather. Not a shirt one of Mrs GF Remo stripey tops she is contemplating the next move. Anyone see tonight's Clark&Dawe best satire I've seen in years totally demolished the Medici Prince.
It's cotton below the elbow and its from a Uni-ball eye rollerball. The gin could be a good idea because if it doesn't work I'll just drink the gin.
What I just read was that it was the alcohol content in hairspray that removed the stain and that worked best on polyester. There are a number of gins in the cupboard so I'll try the Bombay Saphire.
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