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How so in terms of flavour?
Is there any difference flavour wise between a white and black truffle? in Oz we only get black.
If not using them right away put a few eggs with the truffle and leave them for 24 or 48 hours if you can the yolk absorbs the flavour of the truffle
JMI enjoy the metaphysics, if I want to read about real people in the world I can turn to Ian McEwan ever read Saturday wonderful novel.For me Murakami fills a void in literature and ventures forth where others fear to tread. After all metaphysics is just philosophical bench pressing. Speculation that only really finds its forte in discursive practice and it's good that their is a novelist who can present the logos in written form.
Been contemplating whether to read this or not as I have read most of his work but you and Matt has provided the answer on this for me.
Ninja Goth Kabuki very Melbourne. very stylish.
Really? this was one of my favourite Orwell works. I think that the Spanish Civil War was one of the major turning points of the 20th Century for the failure of the the democratic west to stand up to the machinations of Hitler directly resulted in the horrors of 1939-45. A very good book from the journalists perspective of the SCW is We Saw Spain Die by Paul Preston and The Battle for Spain by Antony Beevor is worth reading novelistically Waiting for Robert Capra by Susana...
Christ on a bike after spending more time in the wilderness than Moses Souths have won the NRL premiership. I have some friends who will have VERY sore heads in the morning.
Celebration Day loud while i wait for the NRL Grand Final and dinner to cook.
A holiday weekend 27c Mollymook Beach and nubile scantily dressed young women making the most of the sun.
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