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29 The Girl In The Spiders Web by David Lagercrantz The front cover states continuing Stieg Larsson Millennium Series. Time waits for no one and time moves along with grave robbers and the profit motive. I just started this last night fifty pages and in a long way to go its 430 pages long. Mrs GF picked this up at a Op Shop during a recent Sydney visit. First I notice that the narrative voice is nothing like the trilogy and its focused on contemporary ideas of Big...
28 WHAT ABOUT ME? THE STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY IN A MARKET BASED SOCIETY by Paul Verhaeghe A psychoanalyst takes on the issues of social constructed identity and the impact of Neo-Liberalism both on the individual and societal level to deliver a critique of our current society,its changes and the impact of these on the human condition.
You might find one at DJ's in their current sale.
Bjork VR at Carriageworks if you can get in.
I can hear the brass monkeys singing "welder"
Dark & Stormy then with dinner a bottle of clean skin Marlborough Pinot Noir.
Couple of tracks from the King Kong album
I bought new ugg boots and with the mornings at -3c I am happy.🎉
Cool I've the Yo Yo Ma recording Nunero 1 is my personal favourite. Never seen them preformed live. Would be interested if you do.
Who else would they have been referring too? Particularly in the light of the abandonment of trial by combat?
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