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Caught up with HC for an ale and purchase a burgundy grenadine tie. The next thing I know I'm buying Mrs GF dinner at the Kennedy Room, how did this happen?
Holy Mother of God 131.2 proof no wonder Gin was called Mothers Ruin. Going to a bar this afternoon which has Aviation Gin amongst others something I have wanted to try for a while.No Aviation Gin, merde!
The Hypnotist A Swedish Noir, interesting narrative and visually stylish which combined both procedural and thriller genres very well.
Brian Eno Nerve Net/My Squelchy Life
Red lentil and pumpkin Dahl with basmati rice and the last of my cucumbers with greek yoghurt and garlic, and papadums.
Winter is here in the ACT!
Same in Canberra time to don the corduroy, OCBD and lambs wool.
Bryan Ferry Avonmore
37 A Short History of Richard Kline by Amanda Lohrey went to an authors talk two weeks ago at Electric Shadows a soon to be defunct independent bookstore, now there are only two in Canberra. I finally picked it up on Easter Saturday and so far so good. The subject matter is somewhat contentious, the person interviewing her made the comment that 'spirituality is the only subject left in the closet' and if you have read The Razors Edge by Somerset Maugham you may find some...
Yes the hot X buns are very nice
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