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Peter Weir The Cars That Ate Paris 1974 all time Oz classic
I live in Canberra so its just plague, pestilence and famine all courtesy of the current (Mal) administration.
Wahoo! Just had a grovelling Aus Post courrier begging forgives and expressing a thousand pardons on my doorstep branding my parcel. Win!
The original stands up very well after 37 years. Orwellian Dystopia, manic car chases interesting forgot that the bikes were Honda and Kawasaki, great seeing it for the first time in ages. Lots of tropes and signifiers I picked up on which I didn't when I first saw it'd, proves the benefits of a University education in cultural studies. Great film 5/5. Trivia Crewed on a ATO training film in 1991 which stared Steve Bisley, bastard walked off set with one of my best...
Not up on current affairs so can't comment on the ban ramifications but the sire and bitch are both registered breed dogs with good pedigree, I'm in ACT laws are different in NSW where most of the trouble was.He's settled in fine, short sporadic periods of intense activity then sleeps for hours. Its ok as I'm currently working from home. Son is a chippie so will be going on the job with him when he's trained, old enough and sensible enough.
Buy new tie?I'm sure fxh has a solution.
lefty Am Staff but for some reason they call them Red Nose Staff here in Oz. Am Staff/SB got a bad name a few years back due to the actions of their bogan dickhead owners, which caused a 'public panic' and media beat up. Mother developed mastitis so owner decided to let them go.
This is Raphael six weeks old originally called Hulk as was the biggest pup in the litter. My son brought him home last night six weeks old pure bred staffie. Raphael came from the TMNT I forgot how hard it is to photograph a puppy. Our last dog Elmo was a lab staff cross and got to 15 and 1/2 before we had to send him West 15 months ago. One of the worst days of my life. Last weekend a friend showed me photos of a lab/staffie who was a couple of years old in the...
Is Australia Post staffed by idiots? I'm home working waiting for a parcel to be delivered today. So mid morning I check the tracking number and find out its been delivered. Nothing has been delivered and it had to be signed for. So I ring Aus Post and they confirm that its been delivered, clearly to the wrong address and some tool has signed for it clearly knowing its not theirs, but hey what does it matter its been delivered. Then in the best Kafkaesque fashion I...
This is from the Market St store or online?
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