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Last couple days have seen the arrival of The Butchers of Berlin by Chris Petit: Berlin Noir in the style of the Bernie Gunther novels Stasi Child by David Young. East Berlin Noir? Centred upon a female Police Inspector who is lumped with a politically delicate case to deal with. Both got good reviews in the a number of online news sites. And managed to find some Scandi Noir Hakan Nesser Woman with Birthmark and the a couple of Bosch The Black Echo the first book in...
Interesting piece about DJ's in todays SMHhttp://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/celebrity/private-sydney/ps-fashion-icon-out-the-door-at-david-jones-20160525-gp3a2b.html makes me cringe thinking what is going to happen to the Castlereigh St Store when its sold. While service and clothing options have gone down hill the sales at time have produced some memorable items for my wardrobe.
Angrove Heavyweight Shiraz 2014;Renmark South Australia with the Mercury at 7c perfect for a Friday night
Civic around 12.30pm at the 200 stop Grey Suit White Shirt Blue Grenadine tie (HC?) White Pocket Square and Black Oxfords. Own up? Not your average APS look I have to admit.
PoP And here I was thinking you were president of the local sub branch of the George Best liver appreciation society.
Coxie So there are no good sourdough bakeries in the Melbourne CBD?
Out To Lunch for the 21st Century.
I've got a couple of mates at the ATO want me to pass them your details?
Any suggestions on good sourdough bakeries in Melbourne CBD?
The only op shop I've seen T&A shirts and ties in is Vinnies in Charing Cross. There is a Salvos in Crown St SH and a Vinnies on Oxford in Darlo.
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