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Looking for a recipie for Ambrosia?😁
Eye Candy in Braddon or Vision City in Civic. I had Vision City put in some lenses for me last year into an Armani frame and they did a good job.
Saw this last night. Mind altering use of CGI which in some sections harkened back to the original artwork of Steve Ditko. A cut above the usual bill of Marvel fare. The ensemble cast worked well but overall its Cumberbatch's show.
Saw Dr Strange last night great film adaptation of the character and some of the special effects harked back to the art work of Steve Ditko. Was reading a review on the Guardian and in the comments someone listed that Jack Kirby and Frank Zappa were friends and neighbours at one stage. Strange days indeed.
Gourmet burgers from Burger Man ( think its still there) a craft six pack eat and drink at Mackenzies Point at Bondi. Or Simon Johnson still does gourmet hampers?
Late Mail; Ireland beat the All Blacks this morning 40-29. The first time in 111 years. Truly we live in miraculous times. And the Wallabies thrashed Wales.
Journey Man perfect for a splendid,sensuous summer Saturday in Sydney. I just have to convince MrsGF and son to buy me some for Xmas.
Friend of of mine stared in that as an assistant stranger, didn't get a gig in the Matrix. Another one was a set decorator/painter for the Matrix. Keanu Reeves came down to the workshop for chat with the hired help. Out of curiosity he asked my friend how much he was being paid, he told him them Reeves replied. "We pay Mexicans more than that', and walked off.
Been following a package from Chicago on UPS and it appears it arrived in Sydney yesterday then detoured to Tokyo. Didn't know they were throwing a party for the Cubs there.
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