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RMW Comfort Craftsman
Domestically not good however REMO have a new online shop which is promising.
Are vests making a periodic comeback? Seen about half a dozen in various combinations the last couple of days.
I heard the news today o boy. AM this morning was reporting that negotiations are underway to bring Brazil V Argentina game to the Gee in June next year.
Canberrans Bent Spoke has very enjoyable new Beers on tap. Recommend At Wits End very appropriate at this time of year. fxh great selfie of you and PoP
Roast Chook with roast spuds, butternut pumpkin, leeks and parboiled asparagus. For the herbivores eggplant and feta fritters. Chocolate mousse with whipped cream. And washed down with a clean skin NZ Wild Fermented Sav Blanc.
I started to watch the Bronson "The Mechanic" got about fifteen minutes in then he started to talk and turned it off.
A post apocalyptic vision which tapped in the zeitgeist and still delivers the goods. Been years since I've seen this. Highly recommended Mel Gibson, Tina Turner and excellent Australian acting talent deliver a great visual narrative of a post nuclear waste land. Frank Thring The Collector, has one of the best lines in the film. " He can beat most men with his breath"
Any advice on how to remove sweat stains from a hat band? And no I can't simply slip it off and wash it.
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