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Speaking of meet ups iSurg and other Canberrians interested in meeting up this month?
If memory serves me correct and geek is not my first language, didn't Apple buy out some Software called Sound Jam and redevelop it into the iTunes interface. Aside from that my current attitude is Fuck Apple even though I am hooked into the iLife ecosystem.
Deep Purple Made in Japan crank it up and annoy the neighbours. Was playing Celebration Day DVD the other day and this interesting observation occurred to me. When I was a teenager I would put Led Zeppelin on and the adults would leave the room. Now as an adult I put Led Zeppelin on and the teenagers leave the room.
Irony the world is full of post modernist irony#beforesomecleverbastardstrikes #toolatebyhalf
My LL Bean Field Coat arrived today wore it out earlier and been wearing my Pea Coat a few times, weather is perfect for it.
14 Pierced by Thomas Enger 13 Scarred by Thomas Enger Couldn't find the first book in this series Burned at the local library, Nordic Noir this time the protagonist is a journalist. Quite a good read entertaining and not too much work to do, my only reservation is that unlike most journalists I know he is not a piss head.
Shaken or stirred?
"A nods as good as a wink to a blind horse."MeaningTo a person who is ready to understand or undertake something, any subtle signalling of it is sufficient. The context is usually of some undertaking that is borderline illegal or of sexual innuendo.OriginThis proverbial saying sounds as if it might be quite modern but it is in fact a 16th century phrase originating in England. The longer version of the phrase is 'a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse'. It might seem...
fxh was put on mobile life support for the day and PoP sent his evil clone, the one with the drinking problem.
Tried a AZ Pinot Noir from Oregon at a barThursday night remarkably akin to PN from Mornington Peninsula in Victoria in terms of characteristics amd flavour. Was surprised as I thought the terrior would have provided a more pronounced difference.
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