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Coming soon from a Cool Hunter near you the next it trend beyond hipsterdom; suburban normcor. Or is it here already?And some non social Canberran mentioned a alterations tailor in Gunners, Kim's as being OK?
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem As a B movie it's not bad as it harkens back to those 1950 alien invasion flicks where the local town is placed under siege from alien (communist) hordes bent on world domination and the local towns people led by the town outsider are on thin edge of the wedge as they seek to repel the alien invaders and it's got the obligatory teenage pussy aspect provided by Kristen Hager. 1.5/5 Or is it the Bundaberg rum clouding my judgement?
Olli Agree with PoP on this. Send me a PM curious about the price.
Interzone John Zorn
Cashmere Lavender two ply Johnstons of Elgin crew neck, blue lambs wool crew neck from CR, grey lambswool quarter zip Trenery with a high collar on it. Blue four ply cashmere crew knit cable William Lockie.
Cox I had one look at that and the first thought that came to mind was "Dont try this at home children" Moved tioday and I can not believe how F($%ing cold it was in Canberra today and while they were unloading it didnt rain it was sleet. Hooked the stero up turned the heater up full and workinng my way through a six pack of Bundy special vat and black death.
F sharp A sharp Infinity Godspeed Yiou Black Emperor
No never on the hip its too close to you wallet.
I've had one for the past 21 years.
There was a radio play version of Julius Ceaser called Who Killed Big Julie. First heard it in year ten combined two of my great loves Shakespeare and Noir cinema. Heard it a few times over the years on RN never been able to track a copy down of it.(sigh)
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