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SenseiYour words are pearls of wisdom in field of fresh cow manure.Grasshopper
Interesting I'm a UK 10 in all shoes but with Adidas trainers I'm a 12 or even a 13. My regular gym shoes, Asic are 12. Prior to about a year ago I was an 11US in most brands. Go figure.
Saw Jamie Oehlers early Sunday night even better with freebies.
Good cast good director. [[SPOILER]] Cable Sunday night first time I've rewatched this since its cinema release, unadulterated grandiloquent visual cinematic extravaganza. Bigger than Ben Hur!
This was turned into a film with Clint Eastwood in the lead, not bad from memory.
Just picked up my Oscar Hunt sports coat now off to Bondi. Very happy, next a new overcoat or blue DB pin/chalk stripe suit. Ps of course this is contingent on the progress of Mrs GF's landscaping project.(sigh) PS big thanks to Steve for his assistance. PPS fabric details Porter & Harding Glorious Twelfth ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glorious_Twelfth ) Scottish milled 11oz. pure wool.
Occam's original shave cream, been using it the past nine months. Also Mitchell's Wool Fat, Proraso Blue..
Chairman & Yip has moved out of Civic to Barton, where I've eaten at their previous incarnation.I eat at Sammy's a bit.
The ubiquitous ( Australian) Chinese restaurant is part and parcel of the rural landscape and its very rare to find one that serves decent Chinese west of the divide, I'm not including Canberra in this. One of the best Asian restaurants I've come across was a Laotian/Thai in Albury was as good as anything in Newtown.The leaves are falling of the local trees along my street, wish someone would inform the rest of nature that Autumn is here.
MARSHLAND A slow burning detective thriller set in Spain amongst the turmoil of September 1980. Two detectives from opposite sides of post Generalissimo Spain are sent to the Marshlands to search for two young women and find that the case has connections to a number of other disappearances, uncooperative locals and drug running which operates under the nose of the local police add to undercurrents of the narrative . A solid Noir thriller which drew comparisons with...
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