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WTF? I thought The Wallabies had a bad year but just saw the cricket score. So much for needing to find an excuse to drink (excessively) this week.
Seeing this reminded me that I have Seven Samurai on VHS in the garage and no player. The quality film lovers video store in Canberra closed twelve months ago. And it hasn't screened as part of any festival or on cable since Adam was boy. Such a good film. This too, saw ads for the remake but heard it was crap.
Not that much of cocktail drinker, actually don't drink many spirits but do enjoy quality gin with tonic and ice. Lemon lime or cucumber depending on the brand and I'm happy. More inclined to imbibing quality wines wines.The last time I looked the Junipero was $100 a bottle its good but not that good.
God is dead. Marx is dead. And I'm not feeling well myself now.
Iraq 2003 was all the work of King George the second and the neocons which has resulted in the cluster f..k that exists there now.
What concerns me is the approach to Global Warming. And how a Trump presidency will affect Oz relationship with China and let's not forget the Middle East.
Really? The imbalance between ostentatious wealth and power in the world is impossible to address. Those that have it have no intention to give it up. As far as the 1% are concerned the 99% are there to service there needs. The rich get richer while the poor are simply surplus to requirements.
Just finished off the Tanq 10 with lime and tonic. Going to put a dent into the St George Terrior Gin, plenty of ice lemons & tonic on hand.
Looking for a recipie for Ambrosia?😁
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