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The Australian v France was the most boring rugby test I've ever seen. Merde!
Christ on a bike the test between the AB & Poms is over the top. The pace it's being played at is incredible just hope it's like this in the second half and then Wallabies v France and the World as HG Nelson says "a weekend when too much sport is not enough"
lachyzee Have a look at BB I've a couple of pairs very comfortable wore a navy pair with a sky blue OCBD and heather cashmere jumper last night to the theatre. Good casual alternative for winter. PRL used to make good ones in particular the St Andrews cut if you ask PoP nicely he may share his knowledge of English corduroy trousers sites.
I never worn corduroy in a business environment I mainly wear them casually through winter and to be honest I've never ironed creases into them. In all honesty I very rarely iron them
Sounds like a Paul Smith early 90's suit
Hey I thought Olli was the only one who could talk about Joe & Tony in that manner.Re Ax it's a live stream via the SOH website. Don't know if ABC FM is doing it.
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world
For those with nothing better to do tonight, eg no footy or pub the SOH is streaming Emanuel Ax with the SSO preform the Beethoven piano concertos 1 &2. Sadly Mrs GF is taking me to Henry V tonight. Not that I'm complaining.
12 PLATO AT THE GOOGLEPLEX Why Philosophy Wont Go Away by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein Read some interesting reviews in a number of online papers about this book so will be interesting to see how she uses his persona and ideas.The book is a being described as a hybrid between fiction and intellectualism, perfect book for a rain soaked weekend ahead.
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