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Yes Wild Horses! Brumbies down the Bulls. Marvellous what a difference Stout Pizza and Pinot Noir taste like when your team produces a good win. edwak ditch or change the pocket square.
Couple of pints of Young & Frisky Dark Ale, full bodied stout prefect for the winter weather, an excellent brew to relax into Friday night with.
Olive is quite versatile in terms of matching shirts. Lemon, any soft shade of blue, white and pink. In terms of ties maroon, burgundy dark blue.In Braddon this morning and the amount of "young men" wearing trousers which are short in the leg is absurd.PS i should add that there were men my age and even as old as fxh walking around with matchbox toed Aladdin Sane shoes. The end of the world is nigh.
Shoes, but what about the shoes!
19 1971 Never A Dull Moment by David Hepworth A sociological and cultural musicological tour of how 1971 shaped the future of R&R with long playing records of which the following amongst many came out that year. Full of insight and fascinating trivia and memories..
FTSFAJ I buy nearly all my books online due to the fact that it takes three months or more on average for them to be released here then marked up at double the price. FUBARThank you very much Malcolm and Gerry.
Is global warming affecting fashion? I've noticed a lot more jumpers with cotton/wool blends on offer locally this year more so than last. Also wool/nylon blends. Shudder.
Master-Classter S/FOTD thread.Winter is coming,maybe.
Grilled gourmet or is it Paleo sausages, beef honey and thyme and vegetarian garlic snags on a bed of pumpkin mash with a bitter green salad washed down with a 6ft6 Geelong Pinot Noir and a creme caramel with whipped double cream.
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