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Numerous Bundy Dark&Stormy to wash down the footy.
Taking Mrs GF to the Opera House to see them Sunday night.
"To a reasoning being, an that accords with nature is an act that accords with reason."FoxCheck out A Guide To The Good Life;The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy by William B Irvine very informed and practical guide to Stoic philosophy for todays world. Also check out CBC Ideas there is a pod cast interview with him that I'd recommend.
$50 for an overcoat st Vinnies? FTFAJ I think the most I ever paid for one of my Mackintosh's I've picked up in op shops over the years was $7. Sadly very hard to find these days. (Sigh)
Congratulations on achieving your 50 Steve.
Was going to buy a new blender on Sunday but with 20% off from Tuesday I'll wait. Why pay full price.
Pedant! However it actually was a "clearance sale"
Australian retail is in a state of perpetual sales. Mind you the what ever happened to winter sales of the past couple of weeks have saved me money which can now be applied productively elsewhere,
Once uopon a time in a previous century DJ's used to have two sales a year one at Christmas then one at the EOFY and the stock would be current items on sale sigificantly reduced I bought a lot of PRL, GANT & CR (when it was made in Melbourne sweat shops) at those times. If you needed jocks and singlets you went to Gowings for Bonds seconds.
Loner Matt Have a read of Payback Debt and the Shadow side of Wealth by Atwood which was originally the Canadian Massey lectures of 2008.
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