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Somehow I don't think Hezbollah will buy this.Watched this last night started off good but in the end a disappointment.
Yes but it is Dutch Heineken Grasshopper or that made in Australia shit.
Fellow Canberrans can we petition CK or DM to come to Canberra?
You know they cut the size down on the old chesty bonds, wankers the only ones with any length in the tail are the wife beaters.
Great film exquisitely shot and brutal in its realism.
3 Submission by Michel Houellebecq First up I have read all of his work in English and I thought at one stage he was the Existentialist inheritor of Camus and Sartre. Now well i'm not so sure these days. This is a challenging novel more so considering the mass migration of people occurring at Europe at present. In terms of its politics its bound to piss off the nationalist right,the ethical left and the muslim population and feminists out there. Its central character is...
That is the issue for me thanks.
Thinking of these Their on a Loake 3625 last any comments re width as Im not sure if I should go the G or F.
Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds deliver strong performances, as the for the Austrian Government and its Ministers, the sins of the Nazi past are hard to exorcise. As usual why let history stand in the way of a good story, enjoyable way to pass a Saturday night.3/5
Australia 15 V Wales 6 what a remarkable 10 minute defensive effort from 13 Wallabies Shakespeare says it all "From this day to the ending of the world, we in it shall be remembered we few, we happy few, we band of brothers" Now the quarter finals bring it on!
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