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@the Andromeda Strain @FTFAJ @sick as a dog! (Charming)
I've refined tastes in alcohol so the scotch should be JWB if not a 12yo single malt will be fine. See you tonight.
I have worn most of my overcoats, car coat, trench coat, pea coat when out doors this winter. I have a five minute walk to an open bus shelter and then a variable wait depending on time of day and bus driver who may or may not have the heating on in the bus. Then traverse a couple of wind tunnels in Civic. The Mac is good for keeping the wind and sleet out and their is room for a suit underneath same with the trench. Overall the pea coat is the warmest, sitting on the...
Victorian Public Servant Health Services Middle Management potential alcoholic I'd say.
What is the quality like, their Chesty Bonds and Wife Beaters are OK. The last time I bought a bonds t shirt it was pretty poor quality.
fxhDue to continued weight loss I am a bit loath to spend on clothing, aside from a couple of jumpers a Field Coat and Argyles. I am wondering considering next winter is 10 months away if I should go for a size 36. Part of me thinks be confident but I wonder when my weight will plateau and stabilise. Aside from the potential to get some new corduroy trousers there are a couple of pairs of winter trousers BB grey flannel pleated a pair of Zegna fish tail trousers hardly...
4 Finite and Infinite Games A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility by James P. Case Arrived by post today I read about this in The Game Changer a book on change management. Intriguing concepts be interesting to see how they can be applied. Read the first 12 sectons of the book last night and then put it by the side of the bed as it is definitely a text one needs to ruminate upon.
A question for the wise men re alterations is it easier and or better to let trousers out or take them in?
Hamlet how twee.
The poodle barks, the caravan rolls on.
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