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It does have its charms but after 10 years I still can't find a decent Thai restaurant.
Because at Federation the dickheads in Melbourne could not stomach Sydney being the Capital of Australia.
Bah humbug what has happened to Freezeageddon? Woke up and its 7c WTF? The Weather Man was talking bilzards, subb zero temps you name it and today spent most of walking around in thick lambs woold jumper. Anyone own any Eco shoes if so what are they like noitced there on sale and thinking the chuckas would make a good beater? Any view opinions on qualiity and comfort with lots of walking?
TERMINATOR Genisys Holy Mother of Dragons, went on a cold wet Saturday afternoon with no expectations as to what it would be like except the budget alone would have met the Greek debt repayment. Aside from that it was an interesting twist on the time travel theme this time recognising the possibility of reality branching and the multiverse, visually the CGI is great combined with some great action sequences and I liked Skynets demonstrating nano technology. Overall the...
The ubiquitous Mr Nelson is correct and if your APS EliotSmith you should be familiar with the way the process works, which is the highest scoring candidate wins the job. Anyway the time to make favourable impressions is in the first minute and work it from there using EQ.
17 FIELD GREY A Bernie Gunther Thriller by Phillip Kerr The trials and travails of Bernie Gunther a former Berlin detective, SS officer and pawn in the activities of Heydrich, the French Secret Service, CIA,NKVD and STASI over a twenty three year period. It adopts a Noir stylised approach to the narrative and combines good police investigative writing with 1950's espionage elements to provide a satisfactory story with some interesting insight into the frailties of the...
As an individual who works in HR and the interviewing process I think the grenadine tie would be fine. My knowledge of the signification of ties is that stripes are associated with Finance. While your appearance is important what is crucial at interview is your deportment, body language, demonstrated clarity of knowledge for the role and the confidence in your ability. The interview panel will be looking at your ability to communicate and interact with them. All this...
Little Creatures Brewery The Return of the Dread;Extra Domestic Stout 7.5% two pints and could be away with it.
Someone is definitely off their meds today the article is here http://www.dezeen.com/2015/07/04/paulina-lenoir-excessively-long-shoes-force-wearers-slow-their-pace-central-saint-martins-graduate-shows-2015/?utm_source=The+Shortlist+Daily&utm_campaign=01667d7f6b-The_Shortlist_Daily_07_July_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7870ce0889-01667d7f6b-249182041
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