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One of Mrs GF colleagues gave her a bottle of St Germain Elderflower liqueur for her birthday. Considering the amount of gin in the house can some one recommend a couple of simple cocktails using gin and the St Germain?
Jollof Rice didn't have all the peppers required and used Mexican red rice. Then served it a mix of fried eggplant, mushrooms and tomatoes fried off in chilli, thyme, Italian parsley and garlic. Great meal at 35C.
Well this is typical I go to H&H and find that the Country Check shirts in my size are all sold out. On the positive yesterday Mrs GF presented me with a belated birthday present Men and Style: Essays, Interviews and Considerations by David Goggins. Not something to plough through but more of book to dip in and out of over an extended period of leisured time. Mensbiz discount code for February WZ9H6G
Ron Howard's cinematic paean to The Beatles. Roll over Beethoven this is such a great documentary. Surprisingly both Mrs GF and I still know the words to the songs. A fine time was had by all. Fascinating cultural cinematic document and great music.
Sunday night after a great weekend away and Mrs GF and I wanted something mindless to veg out on. Why, why? I should have quit after the opening sequence. One hundred minutes of my life wasted watching this crock of fascist shit.
I think substance has overtaken style and become pure showmanship.
^West African Peanut Stew? Not something I'm familiar with have a lot of kale growing at present. Have found an interesting recipe will try it next weekend. Did you make the peanut butter or just store bought? Wonder what it would be like with cashews. Very tempted by those country check shirts for a Canberra winter. Mind you get back from Sydney and it's 35C. Bondi Beach is too far away.(sigh)
^ Congats I've just scored a bottle of Amoauge Journey Man for mine. Wearing it out to dinner tonight at Yellow with Mrs GF and friends.
This is such a scintillating piece of cinematic genius. I haven't seen it in over twenty years. Fascinating that the last frame 'the dance of death' has become such a cultural meme.
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