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'To a reasoning being, an act that accords with nature is an act that accords with reason.'
Saturday night saw it on first release haven't seen it since brilliant film, great cast & dialogue 'I look like a turkey with leukaemia' As part of the Festival of Sydney Antonio Sanchez is playing live to film at the Opera House very tempted.
Some of his early jazz recording are first rate the album he played on with Miles is worth a listen.
I am at 59 might have time for one more. On your recommendation CD I've ordered a couple of Carlotto books from the local library. Mrs GF has appropriated The Hunter of the Dark from me.
Ford, John Ford.
Anyone able to recommend a good Pomade have JS Sloane but not thrilled with the results. Basically doing a short back and sides comb over and don't want to look like a Wehrmacht Hauptmann. Did use Uppercut Featherweight but not overly impressed, actually my son appropriated it and only got to use it twice. Would prefer to source it locally.
The Monkees were a product, a machine for making money, they did have some good people writing songs for them and Mike Nesmith is a talented musician. I know they came to Australia but I was too young to see them.Basically I can't see how The Monkees would would mix with peyote maybe Jefferson Airplane? That I can understand.Actually the George Benson version is betterAs for the Carpenters tragic in the extreme. Now if you want to talk about Carole King.
Sugga Sugga Saccharine?This puts the Carpenters out with the trash if you ask me.or this
Summer paperback take to the beach potential reading list The Hunter of the Dark by Donato Carrisi involves the same protagonists who populated The Lost Girls of Rome. Good reviews in the Guardian and hard to track down but finally found a copy in Canberra. Luna New Moon by Ian McDonald one of the Guardians SF books of the year, the blurb says 'a violent SF epic of Matriarchs, Machiavelli's and Godfathers. Into the Labyrinth by Sigge Edlund more Scandi Noir Post...
Sorry, Sugar Suagr by The Archies. That is vanilla at its purest.
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