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Contemplating this as a casual weekend jacket. Now just waiting to see how soon the big retailers lose their nerve and call their maybe winter will happen sale.
I don't have so much of a problem with piling for me its the elbows, in particular the right which have worn through on 4 jumpers after 2 years, its not like I prop myself up at the bar drinking pints with fxh either.The real tragedy is that my Lockie 4ply cashmere has blown out at the right elbow, merde!
20 where my heart used to beat by Sebastian Faulks I picked this up from a little library in Bondi Beach after reading a very good review and interview wiht the author. I've already read work of his before.Its not nihilistic or pessimistic but it presents a view of humanity influenced by war, love and its loss which is bleak. It also engages with the of the function of memory in constituting our existence and the narrators journey as a doctor through the anti-psychiatry...
The 'big blue' was very entertaining and surprising in terms of both story and marketing. But it was in context to the broader story arc of the film.
Sunday afternoon at the movies, spills thrills and action galore in a big budget extravaganza which was honestly very entertaining and distracting while the lights were out. Big ensemble cast, big CGI scenes and some interesting stunts. Marvel is light years ahead of the self inflated seriousness which was Superman V Batman. Not the Marvel I read back in the late 60's & 70's but a lot of fun. And Mrs GF enjoyed it as well.
The suppository of all wisdom?
Yes I don't think Malcolm is a RTW kind of guy or PJ MTM for that matter. I'd imagine it's all bespoke,is he a client of John Cutler?Anyway I hear Malcolm has called the erection,nice Mother's Day gift to the nation. Now if only I can find a safe place to hide for the next 55 days.
Two photographic sections mainly B&W some colour.
Yes Wild Horses! Brumbies down the Bulls. Marvellous what a difference Stout Pizza and Pinot Noir taste like when your team produces a good win. edwak ditch or change the pocket square.
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