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I had a few DB suits in the eighties mandatory blue pinstripe, a dark brown and one in turquoise (my bleak romantic phase) The turquoise made in the early 60's the blue and brown were 50's box cuts got a lot of wear out of them with and with out ties. Or if I wore a tie it was with the top button undone and tie skewiff suited my louche approach to life. That blue pinstripe generated a wonderful affair with a woman slightly older than me who lived in Fitzroy long before...
Agree excellent chino colour for Autumn/Winter not my style for Summer. Blue is always practical anytime of the year.
I did a Cheffing job back in the mid 90's at a legal firm in Goldfields House at Circular Quay. Private dining room with wine temp controlled wine cabinet. Great art collection on the walls of the premises impressively Australian focused, Lloyd Rees, Johnson, Whitley, Lanceley positioned thought out the floor I got one of the PA’s to give me a tour of it as I did some name dropping which suitably impressed her. I had to serve lunch up on this beautiful virtually...
Victoria's basement at QVB is good excellent for red wine glasses or wait for the half yearly sale at DJ's or is the 'sale' now every other month.We have some MW for everyday use then a collection of good Italian table wear for more formal occasions coupled with the odd antique all in white of course.
Just dug up three kilos of potatoes Kipfler, King Edwards Red Pontiac plus a few chats use some in a curry tonight and share the rest when I bake Mary's little slow cooked (5 hours) leg of lamb on Sunday night. I soak a big bunch of rosemary and after sealing the lamb put it on top of that in the baking tray and leave it for 5 hours find its keeps the meat nice and moist then crank it up high for the last 45 minutes. Have a few bottles of a solid Barossa cleanskin...
44 INSIDE THE DREAM PALACE The Life and Times of New York's Legendary Chelsea Hotel by Sherill Tippins Started it last night got hooked in the first ten pages fascinating read, it got good review last year in the Guardian and the NYT
DB I never knew you played banjo.
Come on CD surely you remember the most important thing when you were a young lad of 20 something was non committal pussy.
Going outside to pick from the vegetable garden Roma tomatoes, heritage courgettes and aubergies for an oven baked Ratatouille served on a bed of goat chèvre polenta with basil oil.
A bearded tattooed woman in a flannelette shirt is a different matter.
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