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Peoples Republic of Fitsroy flag?Dark blue with a white field of stars of the Southern Cross.No Commbank iteration and no Souther Cross, been hijaked by Nazi's over the years.
Well I only have "a white wog" name but as as an Irish/French mick I would like to see the flag changed. Can understand NZ reaction the design was crap.
Jeremy Irons Alfred was good. As for the rest what a crock of shite.
Agree it never ceases to amuse and amaze me the advice peddled by 'Sartorial Experts'😂 As for a signature scent I would say Eau Sauvage would be mine seeing I've used it for over 30 years. But not every day of the week or all year round for that matter. My boss at The Treasury used to wear Fahrenheit every day without fail, sorry but it reminds me of mosquito repellent.Today P Frapin & Cie 1270 not sure whether to wear it or drink it.
Eau....Eau Sauvage. For citrus,has staying power.
Executive Style is a continual source of sartorial advice (not) for Australian members. This gem from the Telegraph, London comes from ]15 lessons a man should have learned by age 30 11. Have a signature aftershave Aftershave is one of those things you can never really buy for yourself. It's a birthday present from your mum or a Christmas gift from your godmother. Maybe you'll get some for Valentine's Day. Make it easier for everyone, then: stick to one scent. Today Grey...
CD is the resident fragrance guru and a fount of aromatised knowledge. As for citrus I favour Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet EDT
Watched this last night first time in a while absolutely brilliant Heath Ledger so manically intense in the role. Great film.
Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin with tonic and a slice of orange. Double gold winner at this years San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
A grand lavish sprawling epic which encompasses Machiavellian politics, war and the madness it inflicts upon men and its consequences. Vibrant cinematography "there is nothing in the desert and no man needs nothing". And some sartorially superb suits. Great ensemble cast with Peter O'Toole in a career defining role, Alex Guinness , Omar Sharif, Anthony Quinn. Directed by David Lean and a score by Maurice Jarre. Hadn't seen it in years a good way to pass a public holiday.
New Posts  All Forums: