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BB is have a family and friends sale at 40% off till Sunday midnight code FF40
Where's the fridge or do you still use a meat safe to keep the beer cold?
Not everyone is CD.
Semillon Sauvigon Blanc think an abundance of rockmellon cantaloupe from Margaret River Western Australia which goes great with Asparagus other wise would only go near it with an unwooded Chardonnay. Agree with you about thepinot grigio a lot of its being produced locally very nice chilled on a summers night.I eat a lot of Asparagus grilled with salt and lemon infused EV olive oil or blanch it and have it with fresh pasta and goats chevre either fresh or aged.Re pasta I...
squealing pig central otago pinot noir 2012
It doesn't like me and is out to prove it.
My ISP had a system outage issue on Wedneday night great no Wifi no internet. Then i find the Air Port has up and died as well $300 for a new Air Port fuck Apple. And the system is still not working FUBAR. Of course this happens in the middle of bluk recruitment round I am workinng on for the AG department and all the documentation I need is on my computer which I can't transfer to my iPad and I can't get on to the ISP technical support becaue I am in and out of phone...
Napisan is good Vanish spray is very effective for stubborn stains and it's in a hot pink bottle.
Junior do not go aluminium frames it will look cheap and nasty.
Junior stop being a skinflint and get it done professionally.
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