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No collard greens?
6 Men and Style:Essays,Interviews and Considerations by David Coggins The practice of life as art and how sartorial knowledge combined with a diverse range of other skills will serve you well in life. Read about a third of part one and will put it aside, I want to slowly ruminate on this. An enjoyable read to savour at a number of sittings, with a good GnT or glass of Pinot Noir close at hand.
28c so variations on Ottolenghi's coleslaw, fresh made mayo with radicchio apple cucumber carrots fennel parsley chilli purple cabbage red onions. Washed down with a WA clean skin Chardonnay.
Un club per Vincenzo's?
The gym new combination of cardio, weights and circuit training are producing results. That combined with a dairy free diet and i've lost 3kg in a month.
5 The Troubled Man by Henning Mankell This is the last book in the Wallander series and having recently viewed the last series I found it hard to mentally picture Wallander other than as Kenneth Branagh. I found the book in a little library on the Central Coast so its going next to one in Canberra. The story is dense, complex and intriguing, Wallander is on holidays or is he? At least he’s trying to relax but family intervenes and plunges him into a missing persons...
Very nice thanks.
Thanks sounds good but not sure about the Mason jar.
Sadly none of those in Canberra used to be good one in Sydney PM me for details.
A very attractive well dressed young (AFP) woman with handcuffs and a gun on her hips. Definitely a 8 on the Donald scale.
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