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Will follow these up next time in Sydney. Was speaking with a friend who mentioned that I could try the glass works here in Canberra to get one custom made. Aside from that it's been serviced a few years back and just needs a new battery. Going local with BT to get my linen jacket. Considered OH but that would involve at least three trips to Sydney. Quarter lined, two buttons, single vent,patch pockets. Padded shoulders? Not sure of colour either Tobacco or an olive...
Home alone Mrs GF in Sydney, boy at 21st, the dog has been fed. Spelt fusilli, organic broccoli, tofu and shiitake and swiss browns with garlic and last years birds eye chilli. One of my standard bachelor dishes from back in the day.
OMG I just gave my son a lesson in ironing a shirt. He watched while I did half then he did half. I feel as if I have just inducted him into some secret mens lodge mind you i did tell to get married and that way the Mrs would do it for him. On the subject of watches do you think one of the people mentioned may be able to procure a hexagonal crystal?Or know where i could have one made. I have taken it to Omega and they sent it to Switzerland and returned it un-repaired,...
Zegna Acqua di Bergamot EDT presents the refreshing aromatics of just cut citrus prepped for an afternoon G'n'T which mingle with Mediterranean florals and freshly cut grass. Definitely spring is in the air. Will be excellent for summer, relaxed subtle definitely not too brash for an HR environment or as CD once said, "definitely wouldn't frighten the horses." but would spark their attention.
So much then for Deckard being a replicant.I found the movie to be very emblematic of its time, it encapsulated the anxiety of those days scuicintly.
This is stratospherically mental! Fantastic
Have numerous clothes brushes boar, horse not that good.Have a roller with sticky tape which works to a degree and a Magic Clothes Brush with Rotating Head.
I thought with Spring here he had stopped shedding.
Sadly that directive does not apply to those dogs on the hill.
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