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Ho hum, does mother know you've slipped your leash bitch? But it's Sunday and I could not be bothered by a such a troll.
Wanker where are you from exactly?
Saw a couple of examples of variations on M65 and Afriaka korps style safari jackets back in the DJ January sales. Not my cup of tea to be honest some by GANT others by HB.
Yeah too bloody cold to venture out there tonight had the option but, risotto and Tasie PN persuaded me to stay in.
Last night Return To Forever Chick Corea Open Your Eyes You Can Fly Flora Purim Free Airto Colours Judy Bailey Quartet Now Timeless John Abercrombie
Winter getting a bit jack of the cold here and on top of that a 15% price hike in natural gas prices.
Mushroom risotto with Shiitake and Swiss Browns made the stock today, with a mixed green salad and lemon delicious pudding with whipped cream for desert. Washing the risotto down with a Tasmanian Stoney Rise Pinot Noir and a bottle of Ninth Island in case the football gets interesting.
Makes sense looking forward to seeing it on the 24th. Where do they have the clothes made up?PS you going out to the Brumbies tonight?
HC Just curious, why quarter lined? Very nice I must admit.
Stick Up by Bobby Hutcherson 60'a Blue Note at its best. Also great to cook too.
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