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Last night Aubergine Lasagna with Bulgarian goats feta and a slow cooked tomato sauce, picked and balanced the tomatoes skined them pushed them through a mollie, with black olives, mushrooms, fresh basil oregano rosemary and garlic with a bitter green salad and a clean skin NZ Pinot Noir
I don't think I'll be eagerly awaiting the sequel.
Dracula Unbound It sucked and their doing a sequel.
Junior the next time your in Sydney check out some of the estate jewellers on Castlereigh St between Park and Market Sts. There are a number of them who deal in watches will give you some idea of what is out there, most of them will always offer better deals for cash. A large Doberman in one of them got me a VERY good deal on some jewellery for Mrs GF some years ago.
Been wearing Tom Ford Noir de Noir today perfect for autumn, first time I've worn it in a while. Not only impressed by its complexity, but also by it's longevity. Thanks again PP.
The Thin Red Line Terrance Malick's metaphysical meditation on the Pacific War.
In ten minutes time I will be sitting down with a pint or three of White Rabbit Dark Ale and at 31c its going to go down a treat.
They have yet to integrate via the food process.Food is the way to gain cultural acceptance in this country.(sigh)
Would you recommend their dry cleaning service?
Vale the Farmer from Nareen who has gone to the Western Lands. Wonder if the dry cleaner there will return his trousers?
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