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52 The Doors A Lifetime of Listening to Five Mean Years by Greil Marcus
Grooming question radical short back and 2 on the sides. Only problem without any product the makes me look like an extra in Eraserhead. Problem is Spruso and Yardleys Lavender brilliantine no longer made. Looking for some thing just to slick back hair devoid of fragrance so I can wear aftershave.
CLOSER Joy Division
My Bombay Bloomers only came to the kness and I got a lot of wear out of them in my 20's by my 30's they dissapeared. Now days I just wear kahkai and navy or shock horror PRL Cargo shorts in summber as I find them functional to carry all extra crap I have to tote around. As for denim shorts no way.
LM I feel sad that you 'didn't get' Borges I find him a) a good story teller b) erudite and wondrous. I wonder if a lot of the references are too obscure? Was that the problem? I rate him along side Eco for me in terms of pleasure and enjoyment. Try The Book of Sand which is actually in The Book of Sand,its a great story about compulsion, madness and mystery amongst other things one of my favourites.
So your horse is stll running?JMDig the colour of that Jacket you posted.
If its a duck it quacks what more can you say.Read the article on meth addiction in last weeks The Saturday Paper and I think you'll change your tune.
So Hell has frozen over at last, best of all a big thank you to Richie McCaw for the penalty that won the game for the Waratahs. Poetic justice at its best.
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