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Careful JM if he tells you he may have to kill you.
Indeed it is, couldn't really imagine it in colour to be honest.
I knew Shirley MacLaine in Atlantis and I didn't like her then.It is a great film.
Interesting how the 'risqué sexual ones' are tempered by the times. Go West which is on tonight has to be one of my favourite comedy films, cracks me up every time and also last night taped this.Only seen it once thirty years ago at a University party was so.......!Very very warped film.
My son was 7 when he first saw them thought they were crazy then his Grandma turned him on to Chaplin and Keaton.
Rather than bore the masses send me a PM
Cable last night Last time I went on a Marx Brother's binge was at the turn of the century. Total anarchic comedy and holy mother Chico and Harpo their musical ability. In particular Harpo doing Blue Moon, incredible. A fantastic comedy that stands the test of time. 5/5 Tonight their playing Go West which is my favourite Marx Brothers film.
The Guardian books podcast has an interivew with Marlon James http://www.theguardian.com/books/audio/2015/oct/16/marlon-james-brief-history-seven-killings-booker-prize-podcast
Great stroy JM and the Apocalypse is a very popular theme in writing and films. Strange how nobody ever get the date right.
1 KILLING THE BLACK DOG by Les Murray The Australian poet laureate writes of his life with the Black Dog and how he overcame it, well at least put it on a chain. Interesting and insightful didn't realise he was so fucked up. Its one of a series published by Black Ink called Short Blacks, actually its an essay but it is bound and if it looks like a book tastes like a book then it is a book in my opinion.
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