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Go Annandale you won't regret it great suburb to live in.Cash? Who uses cash everything thing is done these days via direct deposit.
48 Napoleon The Great by Andrew Roberts started it last night. It was highly praised in a number of publications so see you in a few weeks time as it weighs in at 3.5lb not a book for the beach I have to admit.
You can get a reasonable 2/3 bedroom house in Stanmore or Annandale for $700 a week or a 2 bedroom apartment of decent quality around Potts Point or Elizabeth Bay between $600-700 best place to look is http://www.allhomes.com.au Ultimo is another option. Best to look at a map of Sydney then allhomes good luck with it.
The myth of Sisyphus is still relevant to life much more than Freuds oedipus complex. I still have my copy of The Myth of Sisyphus and The Rebel.
Don't know JM I finally adjusted to the humidity of the coast then went to the Central West of NSW beautiful sunny days not too hot and then arrive back in Canberra and the weather is shit. Low of 5c at Thredbo over night.Thanks to PetePan for the Noiir de Noir except now I'll hav to hide it as my son tried it and was very impressed.
Sartre was my hero when I was 18 my how times changes your perspective on life. Camus had more going for him in terms of literary skills and intellectual development mind you I picked up The Transcendence of the Ego by Sartre last year at a charity sale.49 Monstrum by Donald James A murder mystery in the alternative history vein that was very popular back in the 1990's which included such titles Fatherland, Archangel and SS-GB this one is set in post revolutionary...
Dear TBM Having recently dealt with the loss of a beloved family myself member I offer my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your sister. GF
The Miles Davis Quintet featuring John Coltrane All of You The Last Tour 1960 4 CD set fantastic.
Herring shoes have branched out into other sartorial items. They state that they can provide belts to match shoes for those interested.
Pitty I've see the Quartet for the end of Time performed a couple of times and have a recording of it, the genesis of the work is a remarkable story,
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