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Brooks Brothers online sale 50% off sale starts today.
Ha ha I remember the first time I walked out in the morning and found washing left out overnight fozen solid on the Hills Hoist.Th 48hr submergence in the freezer is standard practice for museums when clothing or materials are donated to decontaminate them and prevent any damage to their collections from any bugs.
Re Moths Csnberra is particularly bad if your not careful. I had to throw a suit out because moths feasted on it. Since then with jumpers I wash then seal in ziplock bags with a few sprigs of lavender. The thing is to ensure wardrobe doors are shut. As for freezing 48 hours is enough to kill off anything.
Blues 6 Queensland 4 thank god 8 years of misery over. Now if only the Wallabies can beat the AB's and get the Bledisloe Cup back.
Do yourself a favour go and see George Skoufis in Paddo.
JM is correct If just for reading Sneaking Duck or local chemist. Christ SOO is so god damn boring and to think I passed on a repeat of Breaking Bad, merde!
Keith Jarrett/Charlie Haden Last Dance
Wake up -2 go to gym, shower it's now 3c Yes! at last get to wear Pea Coat in daylight hours.
The Law is an ass.
I agree I just could not bring myself to comment on the article. Jeffrey West simply proves that money does not buy style.Good to know that BMT has AE will have to check their range out when in Melbourne later this year along with DM.
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