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The Magus persisted with it even though the story was driving me around the twist with it affectations and carry on. Then gave up.Tried to watch the movie once but walked out.
It's interesting but withholding my vote on it as yet.CD care to express an opinion?
My samples of Lonesome Rider arrived today, initial thoughts enjoy the way rose blends with the leather as to sillage and longevity well remains to be seen as I am working home alone.
Henry Bucks DJ's and others at sales time. And there is always Sam Hober http://www.samhober.com
Interesting as the Bosch series which screened last year incorporated elements from a couple of books, Echo Park and now i realise City of Bones, wonder what others are in there. And this morning noticed has that Amazon has the Bosch series plus a second. Typically not available in Australia.
Leather jacket + blue denim jeans , so this is what you get up to in your spare time?
Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. Cinematically and technically it's intense, visceral and disturbing. Emotively the constant close up of Saul draws you into the maelstrom of an emotionally charged journey through hell.This hell on earth was further reinforced by the SS language in the film which striped those murdered of their humanity by referring to them objectively as "the pieces" mere units in a machinic process of...
11 The Concret Blond by Michael Connelly This is a dark disturbing noir of the highest order. It moves at pace as most books in the series do but also raises questions of ethics, justice and delves deep into the psyche of Harry Bosch.It is clever with the narrative as it lays a trail of clues and then spins it off in another direction. The final murder is one of the most gruesome literary events I've ever read more so as it taps into the victims pre and post death...
Ha that's what he wants you to think. He uses the last CR sweatshop in Coburg.
Last night at QT Junipero GnT very impressed but can I buy it locally, no 😠 Selected from a very tempting array of gins even a couple of new ones from last visit there. Tonight Anericano's in a tall glass with plenty of ice. Public holiday Monday!
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