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Took my nephews on Friday night. What can I say except Margot Robbie's arse saves the day. I have to ask don't the DC film writers understand humour or do they just take themselves too seriously. At least Marvel has a sense of humour and irony.
Hurricanes finally win the Super Rugby final on their third attempt. Not the greatest of finals due to the rain but good solid game. A Maori Jack Mormon friend of mine is seriously working on the "mother of all hangovers" at present. Two weeks till the Rugby championship and the Bledisloe Cup games. Would be good to see an annual North EPCR v South Super Rugby hemisphere championship game involving the respective winners. Could be played in the respective hemispheres on...
38 The Inspector and Silence by Hakan Nesser A weird christian sect, a charismatic charlatan who leads them, murder in the forest of two young girls. All Chief Inspector Van Veeteren can think of is he's getting too old for trawling through the detritus and misery of the human condition. Retirement or a holiday in Crete beckons in the stifling oppressive heat of the Swedish high summer. Van Veeteren has a debt to pay and find the fiend behind the murders. The pace of...
Red Hill Estate Pinot Noir 2013 a great example of Mornington Peninsula pinot at its peak.
I must be such a mastodon when I think jeans I think Levi Strauss.
Today 9c clean blue skies, winter is in recession (maybe) so TF Neroli Portofino an embracing clean fresh fragrance that speaks of the lapping of azure waves on a sun drenched shore and climbing heat is pushing the fragrant oils of wild florals and citrus onto the breeze.
they also did a great version of TNK
37 The Greenwich Apartments by Peter Corris Cliff Hardy is a laconic Sydney PI whose snappy repartee is anchored in the Noir tradition. In this tale from the mid 80's, the Monorail and Darling Harbour are still under construction, Cliff is hired to seek answers for a bereaved father whose talented cinematically obsessed daughter was murdered. The police stupidly peddle the idea it was about porn. But the truth is out there and its up to Cliff to unearth it. What...
First image is a remarkable composition in terms of light and shade. Second one as Kaplan says is very poetic, has great compositional balance and symmetry.
This is one of my favourite Sci Fi films of all time, always on the look out for it when it shows on cable. A great retelling of the Tempest. The Electronic Tonalities were generated using a theremin. Great film and one of the few 50's American Sci Fi films that didn't have cold war undertones.
New Posts  All Forums: