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JM you are so far ahead of the curve I just read an article on lumber sexual's in the Guardian on Saturday.
Home made pizza and Tasmanian Pinot Noir Mrs GF made the spelt bases Mushroom Sun Dried Tomato Baked Aubergine Caramelised Spanish Onions and Goats Chèvre Desiree Potato Caramelised Spanish Onions Rosemary Chilli Salt and English Stilton
Congratulations Steve on reaching the 100 I wonder with these Louis L'Amour are there any singing cowboys between the covers?
Half your luck I saw the SSO do it at the Opera House some years back and the Jazz Trio The Bad Plus do an interesting interpretation.Right now The Drop by Brian Eno
A good game for a Wallabies fan is when they win. Now excuse me i have to find my sack cloth and ashes.
Good game? The Wallabies lost FFS! I got up at 7am to watch it and the second half was appalling by the Wallabies that last play they had the French out wide but did they pass it that way. No they rumbled it up with the forwards knock on game lost. Merde!The only redeeming factor now about Sunday is that its currently bucketing down.
Jacket size?
SenseiThe bespoke suit begins with a single fitting.Grasshopper
The pocket square is not a singularity but a multiplicity of Iconography whose truth is as varied as the socially constructed eye of the reader.
Everything is a sign. Signs signify particular social codes and within those codes there are particular cultural mores. While a pocket square may signify a sartorially aware individual, a Dandy, a peacock or a spiv its interpretation is always in through the eyes of the beholder. The reader of signs carries their own socially constructed baggage and this in turn fashions their interpretation of the sign. So even such a small item such as 'the pocket square' is in actual...
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