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noob GOT is 1 hour a week nothing else on now that True Detective has finished. Mind you Rugby is 4 hrs each Friday and Saturday night.
Winter is coming and aside from the footy there is nothing to be had on TV so those long winter nights are perfect for a good book. And the odd glass of shiraz
37 Verdun The Longest Battle Of The Great War by Paul Jankowski. An overview of the battle of Verdun from a soci-cultural historical perspective the author attempts to analyse the Battle of Verdun in terms of the human cost, the egos and stupidity of both general staff the politics (futility), the main actors and their motivation, the home front and specifically the poor bastards on both sides who had to fight it. He acknowledges the horror but does not dwell on it, a...
Went online earlier today to see if I could find any Sartorial on the cheap no joy. Then thought TF Extreme, forget it too pricey for 50ml based on these two what would you recommend as a reasonably priced alternative?
Had a look earlier at a couple of local brand casual jumpers and was quite surprised to find that they were not 100% wool WTF? One was 100% combed cotton, I thought it was wool when i gave it a quick touch up in the shop the other day. The other 70% cotton 10% nylon and 20% wool. Is winter extinct or is lambs wool passe? I would like to know WTF is going on here?
I remember reading the Castle when I was 21 it started to drive me crazy, I gave it up out of sheer frustration. Little did I realise then this is how government bureaucracy works.
Merde PoP beat me too it with the phrenology observation. Mind you didn't think it was still credible after it's adoption by Nazi Germany. Not that it was ever credible to begin with.Either this man is on drugs or the notion of Italian fasionastias is a myth.Just watched final of True Detective highly impressed if you haven't seen it do so. What did you think Fox?
After reading the last page or so I have a few thoughts on customer service. First I've found service at restaurants, bars to be on the up and up, no obsequious wankers or waiters with attitude, but people who are good at their job seeing you have a good time. And I am a hard to please bastard as a former chef. Retail, I think some of the old establishment stores need a reality check big time, their attitude of looking at you as some type of bogan pleb no matter how...
Brumbies 29 V Hurricanes 21 and it's a long weekend in Canberra Whoo! Re Josephs gone past numerous times over the years checked the window display, went in once was totally ignored and never went back.
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