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Yes but have you ever worked the sausage sizzle?
Sigh, no. Think it discreetly went to Dublin to celebrate with the Irish. Waiting for the photos to show up on Facebook.
Finally my small package from Chicago arrived. Never mind that it arrived in Sydney on the 6th November. I could say something obscene about the effectiveness of Australia Post but why bother.
56 Quartely Essay 64 The Australian Dream Blood,History and Becoming by Stan Grant Last night attended a meet the writers night at ANU with Stan Grant and Pat Dodson discussing themes from the essay. A must read for any Australian progressive or ethical minded individual.
55 Critique of Criminal Reason A Mystrey by Michael Gregorio A historical who done it set in 1804. Add the birth of forensics as devised by Kant, (news to me) the threat of war courtesy of Napoleon, add a serial murderer add political intrigue and it was an entertaining read.
Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls. Coriander and Vietnamese mint, grilled steps of chicken breast, marinated tofu, Chinese omelet, carrot, cucumber, asparagus. With pickled ginger and sweat chilli sauce. Summer has at last arrived.
Australia Post took my Postman's motorbike off him and put him on a push bike.Remind me what century are we living in?
Saw this yesterday and have to say its one of the most original, intelligent and interesting alien first contact films I've ever seen. Highly recommended.
Toms Hair Salon in Victoria St Potts Point. Last time I went they had this Japanese barber who used scissors as opposed to clippers. Did a good job and was very reasonably priced.
Agree JM had a PB copy then to my great fortune found the a first edition HB. Highly recommend this book.
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