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The store where I get them carries a few specific regions so it's a safe bet on what your buying and at half label price their good drinking value.
Martin Miller and if you can find it Flour Pillars Rare Dry Gin. One I came across last summer was Anchor Junipero gin which was very impressive and lately have enjoyed Portobello Road any at a couple of bars.And seeing its close to 5pm I'm going to indulge in a large Tanquaray 10 with lime and tonic.
Home made four cheese ravioli;ricotta, goat curd, parmesan and gorgonzola. With a slow roasted tomato and caramelised garlic sauce and a bitter green salad. Washed down with a 2009 clean skin pinot noir.
This is SUCH a great movie everything, just gels perfectly, from the opening shot the visuals and cast propel the narrative in a fluid continuum as it seamlessly rolls on to its inevitable conclusion, the flow and pace of the film is fantastic. Nothing is wasted or over indulged in and it maintains an intense rhythm throughout. The bank hold up simply explodes on the streets and is one of most intense filmed for the big screen. As for the cast they brilliantly...
Fratelli Fresh in Bridge St. Personally I prefer Walsh Bay food is consistently good.
CR Sportscraft Ternary are discounting between 25-40% on their winter stock already.
What! I won't look like the Tax Man?
RL and for a weekend outdoors in a Canberra winter it's fine, water and wind resistant.
Thanks junior I'm overwhelmed by your cultural and sartorial acumen.
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