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They look good JM but we both know your too old for them and I doubt your children will approve.
A pair of suede sneakers are fine or (pushing the limits) Dunlop volley.
His mother gave him permission.
Well there is always these if I want to go retro.
First day of Spring time to break out that sample of Tauer Orange Star EDP
Are they comfortable for s a casual weekend beater? How do they hold up if your walking around all day?
from a Rolling Stone list of 20 songs which defined the early 70's http://www.rollingstone.com/music/pictures/20-songs-that-defined-the-early-seventies-w436373/elton-john-rocket-man-1972-w436398
I have three, Sartorial EDT and Opus 1870 EDT which are both warm winter fragrances. Blenheim Bouquet EDT is definitely a spring and summer wear. I've found them excellent for longevity and none of them are particularly loud. Quintessential English masculine fragrances at heart.
Monday night mixed mushroom and truffle risotto with a green salad and a bottle of Ravensworth 2015 Hilltops Nebbiolo. Sigh that is the final truffle meal this winter as the season has ended. (sigh)
I recorded but have yet to watch a 1935 version with James Cagney with Mickey Rooney as Puk.
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