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36 The Soul of the Marionette A Short Enquiry into Human Freedom by John Gray Read a couple of his previous works and have a Guardian Podcast where he discuss the book and its ideas with Will Self will listen to that then dive in.
Interesting that the script of Levithan was inspired by an incident in the U.S. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvin_Heemeyer No wonder the Mayor looked like a Saprano cast member.
For casual wear its fine I would would wear it, good mid season accoutrement. I have a cotton one in a a similar style in Red from Sportscraft Marcs have this which I have seen and like http://www.marcs.com.au/product-detail.html?styl=17347&clr=NAVY&cat=657#.VSte5lxgGH8
Great you just put me off dinner, thanks.
Home made pizzas Danish salami, black olives aubergine Bulgarian goat feta cheese. Potato caramelised red onions stilton rosemary chilli and Murray River salt Mushroom sun dried toms black olives marinated artichoke caramelised onions goats chèvre and fresh thyme. The thyme was lifted it right up, was a revelation all washed down with a Phillip Shaw 2012 Orange NSW Pinot Noir
blahmanI think you would classify as a half back while i am a breakaway don't know the size comparison for AFL.
Need to replace gym shorts usually go Adidas as they have pockets. But last two years they have only lasted 12 months before the crotch gives out. Any opinions on other brands?
Albanian sheep? Romanian shearers?
Leviathan absolutely brilliant visually and narratively but overall fucking depressing. God how much vodka can Russians drink?
Swiss brown mushrooms sweated with garlic oregano and seeded chilli then cream and goats chèvre to create a sauce for Pastabilities three mushroom ravioli. Lightly dressed with black pepper and parmesan, with a mixed bitter green salad and washed down with a Victorian Yarra Valley Oakridge Over the Shoulder Pinot Noir and a game of Super Rugby for desert. Pastabilities has been around for twenty odd years in Sydney excellent product their goats cheese and ricotta...
New Posts  All Forums: