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Go back to the beginning with Gibson with Neuromancer as for Lacan try Jacques Lacan by Anika Lemaire its a good introduction. You read any Freud?
50 Shades of Petpan? The Marquis de Petepan?
Those courgette flowers stuffed or did you just deep fry them? And what type of batter?
19 The Sandman A Joona Linna Thriller by Lars Kepler Typical the local library say they have books 1&2 on the shelf but do they? Ha anyway this is books 4 which features a Swedish Hannibal Lecter and his faithful side kick. Very easy to read got through a 100 pages before bed last night. Enjoyable Swedish Noir not a bad read and not as blood drenched as others.
I never knew that fxh had such sartorial influence from Executive Style SMH The must-have item at Pitti Uomo, the twice annual menswear trade fair in Florence's splendid Fortezza da Basso, wasn't something you could buy. It wasn't handcrafted, wasn't bespoke, nor was it a nonchalant little accessory. Quite simply, the must have item for this summer edition was a clean pair of exposed ankles.
Three martini lunch what do you expect?
Don't know it this is another exceptionally good take on the Faust theme
Money? Buys Swans proper 80's white shoe brigade hero. Christ I remember the white baby grand in the practice window on Broadway in Sydney. Everything bulk billed of course.
ANGEL HEART on cable. A Noir take on the Faustian pact with an interesting twist. Mickey Rourke as the luckless Harry Angel and Robert De Niro as Louis Cypher "Mephistopheles is such a mouthful in Brooklyn" Charlotte Rampling and Brownie McGhee as Toots Sweet and a highly salacious performance from Lisa Bonet. Another film I have not seen in years the sound design in particular is first rate. I have to admit that the Faust story is one of my favourite narratives in...
20 The Fire Witness A Joona Linna Thriller by Lars Kepler This is the 3rd book in the series. An above average Scandi Noir thriller well paced and a couple of interesting pickled herrings to throw you off the track of the killer.
New Posts  All Forums: