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The casual holy grail; a rust coloured Cor-du-roy Levi jacket circa 1973I had one damn bint I was shagging stole it in 77
KIND OF BLUE Miles Davis
Foxy I took a lot of inspiration from US & French Noir films from the 50's and the French New Wave in particular A bout de soufflé & Jean-Paul BelmondoNice boots by the way
Time is a flat circle.Don't give me any of that Neitzsche shit.
Looking good Tax Man.
Also check out A Most Wanted Man PSH last film opens this week will take Mrs GF on Friday night as there is no rugby on the box 2 Hundred Days The Campagin That Ended World War 1 by Nick Lloyd and I start reading it on the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War.
Ernie On my monitor picture one is decidedly lighter than picture two. If two is the correct colour I would say yes it would be a fine edition to a summer wardrobe. White, pink or even a deeper blue shirt would would be suitable with it. Pale yellow depending upon complexion.
Well now the Warrathas have their home final they better win it.
Now children if don't behave you'll both be wearing polyester underwear for a month. Ps when will the South Africans realise that rugby is played with the ball in hand.
I had the same problem with Fathers Day by Tony Birch read the first couple of stories thought they were Ok but just got jack of the same narrative voice, the stories I read were good however the narrative was in this continous Mono FP POV with no variation in the voice so took it back to the library.3 The Fire Engine That Disappeared by Maj Sowall & Per Wahloo don't know why but there is a sudden craze in Nordic Noir and the all of a sudden all the books I want to read...
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