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30 The Butchers of Berlin by Chris Petit A new entry into the Berlin Noir genre. 1943 the last round up of the Jews is underway and a hungover desk bound detective is thrust into the heart of darkness that is the Nazi capital. Dragooned into the investigation of a murder suicide and encountering the Nazi hierarchies favourite chiromancer, things then get worse with the discovery of a flayed headless body found in abattoir. And in the best detective fashion his hangover...
Truffle season🎉🎉😀 Twice baked goats chèvre and truffle soufflé with fresh steamed organic broccoli and organic mixed green salad. Washed down with a SA Nebbiolo.
Sunday cold bleak and wet so Amouage Journey Man last of a sample why is it so expensive(sigh). Monday same weather so Amouge Myths another complex orientalist fragrance which is a lasting delight to lift the spirit.
Fusion lives
Look it up on NGA website I'm going to a talk on Thursday about it and will pick up a biography I saw there about her.
Silver Fox? At those tips it would have to be "you tight arse bastarda". And then some waiter running out of restaurant yelling "Sir you forgot your change" while holding the coin up for the world to see.Seen it done a couple of times in the mid 80's by waiters with attitude.
Worse it provides the most absurd explanation for Salanders hacker handle 'Wasp' linking it to the Marvel comics character. Brings in a evil twin sister WTF And sets it up for another book. What a crock of S..t!
Went to see a Diane Arbus exhibition today at the NGA. Fantastic the prints date from the late 60's and mid 70's and were developed by her including one of my favourites Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park 1968 Social Realist photography at its best,provided some stimulating food for thought.
Taking a holiday in Hell!
As I said "Grave robbing" I think he made a number of political points throughout the series which condemned particular aspects of Swedish culture which that powers that be would rather not acknowledge.As a story it could have been cast with other characters and it would have been a good read, as it is it's simply grave robbing.
New Posts  All Forums: