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52 The Museum Of Modern Love by Heather Rose This is one of the most engaging, stimulating and intellectually observant books I have read in a long time. Its a joy to read. The narrative is focused on the 'The Artist is Present' at MoMa by the performance artist Marina Abramovic in 2010. For seventy five days she sat and silently engaged people who came and sat with her. It intertwines the lives and observations of audience members with the event and how Abramovic...
Sunday night, bought a kilo of organic broad beans on Saturday what to do with them? Hulled the beans, blanched for two minuted remove outer shell. The colour is amazing such a vibrant emerald green. Consulted a few cook books and decided on a recipe from Plenty multi vegetable paella; red and yellow caps, julienned carrots used a used a leek instead of onions to start. Then fried off some chorizo, chicken and left over flat head filet for Mrs GF and son. Then for the...
Tried a sample of L'Homme Ideal by Guerlain. The notes state "the captivating scent of almond the warmth of vanilla and the mystery of leather." Well its been an hour and all I can smell is vanilla, if theres anything else its so far back it may well arrive next year. The sample didn't provide enough for a second use either. Meh!
Filson Bridle Leather Field Satchel.
The original and best IMHO good ensemble cast, soundtrack and great choreographed stunts the sky diving is wild. Also who ever the board riders were they wee impressive for Bhodi and his crew. Entertaining for a Saturday night at home. Can see where they extracted certain of Bhodis surfing ideas and expanded on them for the second film. Recommended.
Woke up this morning to find Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prise for Literature. Strange days indeed. Everybody has a personal favourite. I think its due to the fact that I have a blue eyed son.
Matt Congratulations on the 50th. I've never read that Carey book. Ever read Bliss?
Aren't the animals still out in the pasture growing?
The life of a freelancer/contractor under the current government ensures I have time to read. and I split my reading into two steams one for daylight hours and nighttime which is about half an hourt before sleep.Also do not read The Fountainhead its bad for your mental health.
This is such a great film, superb cast,script & direction. Visually full of incredible and amusing tropes, loved the Odessa steps homarge. I haven't seen it since it came out at the cinema. Terry Gilliam is such a remarkable film maker. Have to get a copy of the Fisher King wore out a VHS copy of it.
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