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Basmati Rice with steamed mixed vegetables with fired red onions mushrooms and tofu with home made satay sauce. A simple yet pleasant meal on a Monday night.
Farewell, Aunty fxhWe know you'll be back.Though you're ten feet tallYou don't scare us at all.You're big, bold and tough,But you're not so rough.There's a scream as you plummet away.
Street of Dreams Grant Green, Elvin Jones, Bobby Hutcherson, Larry Young. Been hunting this for a while and finally got a copy sublime musical artistry at work.
I do that with football and the rum has to be a dark rum like Bundaberg, white rum is for pussies, and the consumption is proportionate to how badly the Wallabies are playing.76 FALLING FREELY AS IF IN A DREAM by Leif G.W.Persson a reopening of the Olof Palme murder investigation twenty years after the fact. Highly readable half way in.
What is this thing against tucking your shirt in? I see it all the time but as to what and why I have no idea. To me it just looks slovenly.
LMSound interesting and will see if I can pick up a copy have you read The Testament of Mary by Colm Toibin. The crucification seen is one of the most savage I have ever read does in words what The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb by Holbein does in images also The Last Temptation by Nikos Kazantzakis is well worth reading and Quarantine by Jim Crace.
Went to see the The Drop with Mrs GF great small time gangster film and a fitting exit for James Gandolfini. Even she commented on what a good film it is. [[SPOILER]]
Its got more flavour than Wheat and its healthier for you.
That is one of the best journalistic accounts of Vietnam I have ever read Read it in 1981 and Heart of Darkness then went to see the documentary about Australian camera man Neil Davis One Crowed Hour tis then went to see Apocalypse Now. Why? Well I wanted to understand what my old man went through in the Pacific Theatre between 1942-45. Conclusion until there is full body suit immersion in virtual reality forget you can never really understand what they went...
Oli I understand where you coming from but have you ever been to a museum? The objects on display all have narratives attached to them. The story of how they were made, who used them, who kept them and the emotional investment they attached to them.Then they enter a system which exhibits them for their historical and social content and context to and how that fits into an overall narrative history of the nation. The point I was making is that we all have objects that...
New Posts  All Forums: