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Saturday Night Mrs GF birthday party for 20 Entree Salt and Pepper Calamari with garlic aioli Chicken wings with either soy sauce honey and sesame oil or fish sauce chilli garlic and thai basil Grilled specialty mixed herb sausages BBQ Chinese Duck Rice paper rolls with asparagus spring onions and carrots Main Char grilled Eggplant Cous Cous Tomato parsley spanish onion salad Cucumber yoghurt garlic and mint Moroccan meat balls with parsley mint and ras el...
Soceroos 2V China Zip
The beer is cold the weather is warm and the Soceroos are about to take China on for a place in the Asian Cup Finals, just hope Gian Reinhart has not had a call advising her that the price of iron ore and coal is dependant upon the outcome of this match.
Mrs GF birthday this weekend I've been trying to organise family and friends, arranged for three of her girl friends show for the event and just confirmed that her older brother and favourite nice and nephew will be there. Have organised the wine an exceptional choice of Victorian Pinot Noir and now have to determine the menu thinking 3 courses spread over the afternoon and evening for 13 people and have the perfect Death by Chocolate cake to make tomorrow.Better...
BLACK? Is not a colour but an attitude.In CBD news I've contacted Braddon Tailors about a MTM sports jacket for autumn/winter wear.
I don't think its value for money, originally they were very well priced fior what they did then they hiked the prices up once they got a profile. What they want for the Roo wallet is exorbitant in terms of quality and price IMMO
I went into the shop when it was in Paddington a couple of years back and walked away unimpressed. What I saw on the shelves left me cold I don't know anyone who owns a pair so who knows. There have been good comments (?) posted here about bespoke shoes made by Wootten in Melbourne.Sadly they have jacked their prices up on a number of their leather goods in the past 12 months. I was going to buy one of their Kangaroo wallets but they price rise put me off.So any local...
Go Annandale you won't regret it great suburb to live in.Cash? Who uses cash everything thing is done these days via direct deposit.
48 Napoleon The Great by Andrew Roberts started it last night. It was highly praised in a number of publications so see you in a few weeks time as it weighs in at 3.5lb not a book for the beach I have to admit.
You can get a reasonable 2/3 bedroom house in Stanmore or Annandale for $700 a week or a 2 bedroom apartment of decent quality around Potts Point or Elizabeth Bay between $600-700 best place to look is http://www.allhomes.com.au Ultimo is another option. Best to look at a map of Sydney then allhomes good luck with it.
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