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I annoy my neighbours by playing Tales from Topographic Oceans by YES, think there've grown to appreciate Bitches Brew. Actually both of those meet with Mrs GF going "Must You"
Why do Queenslander's drink Four X?Because they can't spell beer.
I'll let you know after the second Gin and Tonic.
What about brids JM? Surely their is an asortment of avian individuals in suburbia? Were I am the song of the Victa can be heard playinng on Saturday, not many kids in my streach of the street. Sadly they don't have out in the suburbs but this will do.
PoP I have a bottle of The Botanist open at present. Not bad, I prefer Tanqueray 10. But then I'm only a GnT kind of guy. Off to see Specter for those who don't know this site is very informative about Bond and his suits. Set up by someone over at AAAC http://thesuitsofjamesbond.com
Is the Pope Catholic?
Now that brings back memories. Gold lame bikinis left a lasting impression on a boy of 10. Never got to watch them put the money in the slot. (Sigh)
Never wore then used to wear Red Backs and Docs as a mental heatlth worker. For the non slip soles of course.Knocking Four Pillars gin and tonic tonight due to the heat.Ever try Monteith's Golden Larger?
This is also true for trousers.
Mrs GF is on her school board and I chaperone her to the annual board dinner which is held in one of Canberra's better restaurants. After doing my performing bear routine I order the most expensive Pinot Noir on the menu and sit quietly for the rest of the night.
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