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Does it come with a set of steak knives?
Oils aint Oils!Last night The Correct Use of Soap and Don't Throw Stones.Picked up the AFR today and the magazine is the Fashion editon worth a look but flicking through I see Sauvage by Dior WTF is this.Nooooo! Having worn Eau Sauvage for thirty five years I can attest that Western Civilisation would crumble if they changed the formula. A quick trip to DJ's allayed my fears and thats its a spin off.And picked these up for summer as they were marked down...
A question for the horologically inclined. I took an Omega Constellation 30 years old to Qmega and they have just called and informed me after sending it to Switzerland they can do nothing for it. It will be ok I've had it serviced here and it works but I need to have a new glass made for the watch face. Any advice? PM me if you know what I can do next.
Your not talking moleskins? Couldn't imagine cuffs on my RM Moleskins.
Sold! How wide are they?
The Bills MP2 corduroy trousers, there pleated which I like in terms of style and comfort, ordered arrived and I'm thinking of cuffing the, I wonder though cuffed corduroy trousers in 15 Wale for casual wear would they look archaic in this day and age?
Send me a PM for my rates for advice as a freelance HR and interview style consultant.
LM Congratulations on the 50. 6 Phantoms of Breslau by Marek Krajewski Corruption, whores and murder given a particular historical twist in this case of German Noir with Criminal Inspector Mock. Sadly the local library has only these three books in the serie, Schizer!
First a SciFi film set in Scotland? This is a very strange languid film that relies on the visual exposition to tell the story, it took a while to get into but its an intriguing tale of a female alien, and her posse who are harvesting single young men for some unstated purpose. Reminded me of the pace of Solaris but there the comparison ends. I enjoyed it but may not be everyones cup of tea, received very favourable reviews on release. 3.5/5
Eric Harland Voyager first set from a live gig they did in Melbourne earlier this year go to 1.01 minute mark for some sublime creative jazz rock http://www.abc.net.au/radio/programitem/pegrQmYRKQ?play=true Saw them in Canberra great gig simply sublime display of musicianship.
New Posts  All Forums: