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I had never heard of Leif G.W Persson before seeing your post quite a find to be honest.Tigerman by Nick Harkaway arrived in the post yesterday and looking forward to spending the weekend between the covers.
I can remember my first pair of 501's bought in 1971 for $11. Didn't think they were overpriced at the time.
73 Another Time, Another Life The Story of a Crime by Leif G.W Persson Noiced this book on dispaly in the local library after sighting it on CD post the other day. Very entertaining translation and a great Scandi Noir read. 74The Locked Room A Martin Beck Novel by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo With this i have read the whole series and highly recomend them can see why critics claim that this is the origin of Scandi Noir.
Get used to the new all purpose HR catch phrase " he/she is not at his desk right now I'll get him to call you back" Yeah Right.
Mensbiz Code BB2014
If you haven't tried the Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap give it a shot it makes a great lather. I have that a tub of Valobra but I keep coming back to the Prosaro Green Tea & Oatmeal.
Agree with you on this I've ordered a few things on a Tuesday morning and its on the front door Wednesday 8am.Anybody here use a Bellroy wallet I was thinking of getting one for my son for Xmas. Opinions views? His is bursting at the seams and thought it could be a good option for 20 yo.
Yes at this time of year its important to stock up on alcohol never can tell when you'll need a medicinal brandy or four.
The other phenomenon which is just as bad is the mirror sites for number of labels and stores which direct you to their Australian site in OZ dollars and is over priced to the hilt. Never mind that you can't get on to the BB US site anymore.
38c at Manuka Pool and the variety and variation of nubile female flesh on display in all its glory.
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