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Ever wonder why Lowes do such good business in Canberra JM?As for the quirks of SES I worked with a SES2 in DHS before the amalgamation who would front to interviews in just a shirt and trousers. When he had this drawn to his attention his reply was "I've never worn a suit and tie in my life and I'm not about to start now" And this character was in accounting.
Like JM I will venture forth into the world of Executive Style at my own peril it appears. "Online makes shopping for accessories quick and now super affordable, so you all have no excuse," Birley challenges. "It's a great way to differentiate yourself from the (group) herd ." I think that combined with the Wannabes who play on Saturday night makes me t think that I should just go outside and shoot myself now.
No that's AG.
Hugo Boss so you can dress like a Party Member at PM&C.
Well Watson my powers of deduction lead me to believe that their are only three high end menswear stores in Canberra. So that definitely narrows down the culprits.Don't worry mcfox has yet to front up at a Canberra meet up or even drop into Bent Spoke when I've been there.
41 Brett Whiteley Art, Life and the Other Thing by Ashleigh Wilson A biography of the " Enfant Terrible" of Australian contemporary art. Interesting thought provoking but ultimately tragic. Was good seeing the Surry Hills studio museum recently which has a number of works mentioned in the book. Getting up close and personal in particular to Alchemy after reading of the story of its genesis. One of his best works IMHO. The story is littered with an assorted cast of...
FUBAR excuse me it's time for the medicinal run. TARFU!
Bledisloe Cup game one. Currently drinking cleanskin NZ PN from Potts Point. Will the Wallabies deliver or is it another night of sack cloth and ashes!
Bobby Hutcherson has gone West. Remarkable talent.
I used to push film from 100 to 400 iso in years past. I found using Rodinal bought out the grain of the image and gave B&W photographs a stronger presence. A quick introduction http://www.danimalweb.co.uk/blog/2010/01/22/an-introduction-to-rodinal-bw-film-developer/
New Posts  All Forums: