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Civic around 12.30pm at the 200 stop Grey Suit White Shirt Blue Grenadine tie (HC?) White Pocket Square and Black Oxfords. Own up? Not your average APS look I have to admit.
PoP And here I was thinking you were president of the local sub branch of the George Best liver appreciation society.
Coxie So there are no good sourdough bakeries in the Melbourne CBD?
Out To Lunch for the 21st Century.
I've got a couple of mates at the ATO want me to pass them your details?
Any suggestions on good sourdough bakeries in Melbourne CBD?
The only op shop I've seen T&A shirts and ties in is Vinnies in Charing Cross. There is a Salvos in Crown St SH and a Vinnies on Oxford in Darlo.
24 SPAIN IN OUR HEARTS AMERICANS IN THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR 1936-39 by Adam Hochschild Interesting examination on a personal level of US comrades who fought for the Abraham Lincoln Battalion against the facist forces. Read a book of his some time back about the Great War. Impressed with it so far.
Corrupt cops, politically astute animals & greed combine with sexual perversion high class whores and a climbing body count fuel a great example of American Noir of the highest order. Stellar cast of Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kevin Spacey Danny DeVito and the (then) luscious Kim Basinger. Just under twenty years old and it hasn't aged at all. Great film.
If you can't visit Op shops and If that's your price range just shop at the mid year or Xmass sale at DJ's or Henry Bucks . They have a good selection then. That's when I used to stock up on ties.
New Posts  All Forums: