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Very knowledgeable looking socks you have there.
Sorry spent the past week working for the Prince of Darkness all I can say is that men under 35 in HR wear bad shoes.
Double post
ROLF join the club Commrade.
Is Miley Cyrus the one with the great butt?
I must have gone to the wrong University UTS when I did my Communications degree for I actually learnt something. For that matter all my lecturers were excellent educators and very entertaining to boot. One Xmas I was working with a law student from UTS and we were discussing course loads and work I had 7 contact hours and did 20+ hours reading a week he went to lectures and did no reading and then cramed for exams. Sorry JM but I find "The End of History" Francis...
Anyone interested in a split on the cost of hit on Glenn Stevens?
Sadly once in the bottle that's it I was given a bottle of JW Black which was 21 years old thought great. Sadly no chance whisky doesn't age in the bottle.
LOL came home at 4pm did washing and put out by 4.30pm 7pm all dry. Summertime and the living is easy.
WTF is going on in Martin Place. Been busy all morning and taken a break and this?
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