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Seeing JM yesterday so generously posted those pearls of wisdom from Executive Style I thought seeing as I'm off to the barber today I should share this gem. http://www.executivestyle.com.au/best-mens-hairstyles-for-summer-2016-gl69h0
Your right mutton chops have to connect to a moustache and then their "friendly mutton chops" according to Wikipedia.
Why? You want the address and prices? Sorry they don't let little boys in.
Bad iPhone photo taken by Mrs GF
CD if you show the Mo I'll show my mutton chops.
56 All the Old Knives by Olen Steinhauer The novel takes place over a dinner involving a complex web of intrigue a failed love affair the pit falls of espionarge and terrorist related acts, it uses the process of flash backs to expand and drive the narrative. As a spy novel the approach was original and engaging. However I have to question the value of motivation behind the central characters actions.
I annoy my neighbours by playing Tales from Topographic Oceans by YES, think there've grown to appreciate Bitches Brew. Actually both of those meet with Mrs GF going "Must You"
Why do Queenslander's drink Four X?Because they can't spell beer.
I'll let you know after the second Gin and Tonic.
What about brids JM? Surely their is an asortment of avian individuals in suburbia? Were I am the song of the Victa can be heard playinng on Saturday, not many kids in my streach of the street. Sadly they don't have out in the suburbs but this will do.
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