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One for the whiskey artisans how does Sullivans Cove Single Malt rate? Is it as good as the hype claims or should I consider something else. It for a friends 60th.
Bitch Moan Is there any logic in Men's sizing these days and how can one brand have trousers which are both a supposed 38 Waist be so dramatically different in the waist and lets not forget the thighs and they were both standard fit. The pants I wanted were not available in my size but I did get option B when I really wanted option A.. Any way its Friday night which means Pizza Pinot and Rugby so
Testament of Youth it deals with the English lost generation of the Great War and with the 100th celebrations in full swing it provided an antidote to some of the jingoistic BS those events have bought forth. Very moving and a great story.
He came he saw he did a little shopping?Either that or he's a prisoner of the DPRK.
Have khaki thank you and no beige.
Last night with dinner Lake George Shiraz 2012 a local cool climate wine opened it and let it breathe for a couple of hours impressed will go back for more.
I have bought a couple of jumpers from CR of late so wonder about the quality of their clothing thinking of either of these for casual wear http://www.trenery.com.au/shop/menswear/clothing/pants/modern-cavalry-twill-trouser-60174984-4148 http://www.countryroad.com.au/shop/man/clothing/pants/60175772/Tapered-Twill-Pant.html any views on quality or durability?
Phillip Glass Symphony Number 8 then the 9th
Its only Tuesday!
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