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This is Canberra Junior, this town is the centre of national power so it oozes street cred.
Canberrians Blades JH and Ken Cook have all gone on Sale! Blades have some nice Italian suits on sale for under a grand. Also a couple of unlined linen SC. Of course there is sweet f all in my size at Blades.
Sorry to hear about this fxh,boys cars and speed its a big problem.
SELMA incredible film would like to know how close to the historical truth it is.
Lake Street Drive Friday night 26c down by the lake sitting on the grass with some cold beers watching hipser girls sway their hips Rachael Price has an incredible voice. Like to see them in a club sometime.
41 Vivid Faces The Revolutionary Generation in Ireland 1890-1923 by R.F.Foster
So it was you who stole it. Wonder where it went.
Go to a proper art house framer and get it mounted properly might cost but well worth it.
FTFY Certified pending release.
God I am so out of touch (or sober).
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