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FURY last night on cable. Why did I bother it was a crock of shit. Worse was the hipster haircuts, can someone explain to me what that movie was about for I have no idea, it struck me as just some old fashioned murder fest with tropes taken from numerous other war films of the past thirty years.
Commrade Billy Brag The Intrenationale is what you should be listening too. No Pasaran!
Is pomegranate molasses en vogue? I used it throughout most of summer on salads works well with bitter greens lemon and EV olive oil.
Tonight slow roasted tomato sauce with mushrooms, garlic and rosemary and goats chèvre over three mushroom ravioli with a bitter green salad. Desert The Lemon Delicious with whipped cream. Washed down with a bottle of Chateau Haut Madrac 2010 Haut-Medoc, no idea what this like its a Cab/Merlot which was in a recent mixed dozen.
DASS in Canberra tonight, haven't laughed so hard in years. Total anarchy loosed upon the world.See them and die happy. Edit Memo to self don't drink and text
Capital Jazz Project I think most of the acts mentioned are playing for Melbourne International Jazz Festival.
Tonight DASS The Playhouse and takeaways.Tomorrow PN Rugby and home made Pizza.Next week Sunday The Bad Plus progg and new wave jazz.Tuesday Eric Harland Band hard bop.Wednesday Stefano Bollani & Hamilton de HolandaBest thing about all the Jazz is its absurdly cheap.Then a week later My Friend The Chocolate Cake are in town.
I have a thing against Barbour, I don't want to look like Southern Highlands hobby farmer at my age.
Watched blackhat last night I thought a Michael Mann film should be good after all he directed Heat which is a brilliant film for the bank heist alone. Why did I bother? It sucked it had a promising story, but in the end it was just a waste of my time.
Typicall the LE vest in Garnet which would go with all my casual wear is not avalable in my size, so I have a look at LLBean and notice that their winter wear is not as marked down for Australia as much it was at this time llat year. Is this a new trend? US sites selling their winter stock at full price to us during their summmer?
New Posts  All Forums: