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Happy hour in Canberra 6 pints of British Brown Ale = $39 who to thank? David or Tony?
The Read out at the OK Corral?
Active Imagination? Bad enough seeing Billie Piper nude in Penny Dreadful last night very disturbing for an ageing Whovian.PS God I hate editing your paid to make total idiots sound like rational human beings and get no credit for it, money is not worth the angst. Somewhere the sun is over the yard arm.
Grumbling Fur vocal sound similar to very early Eno. Interesting.
Au pair working overtime?
Maybe but it might match the pocket square.
Thanks will look to see if maker details are on the label. A lot of time with exported wine those finer details are removed their selling it under the name Morning Fog.
Home made fresh pesto with spelt pasta and a green salad. Summer has arrived.
If you want minimalism try this http://www.abartwatches.com/index___id=serien&l=en&serie=4281.html Bauhaus inspired simplicity and it doesn't clash with my Fitbit.
New Posts  All Forums: