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53 Nutshell by Ian McEwan [[SPOILER]]
Bondi Beach and Sculpture by the Sea taken with an iPhone5. Had my Cannon EDS 400D which takes a nice shot but found it too large and unwieldily. The light at 9am EDST when I took these was fantastic clear & vibrant, great coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama Beach.
Spent the weekend at Bondi Beach admiring the native flora and fauna and the Sculpture by the Sea amidst gale force winds and three meter swells, small bars and good cheap Italian food. While there picked up these which will go well with both olive and British Khaki chinos, good solid casual wear and walking shoes. These did not come in my size.
The TV and radio series form the 80's were good adaptations of the book.
I was having such a pleasant weekend then some Welsh git TARFU'ed it.
George Skoufis 38A Oxford St Padding been going there on a and off for the past 25 years.
Went and checked out some fabrics this morning. WSL The red is a pure linen. Any would be good for summer casual wear. Will go back after due consideration.
Last night with pasta Mornington Peninsula 2014 Red Claw Pinot Noir.
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