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David Stratton is an Australian cinematic legand. Ran the Sydney Film Festival for 18 years. Cohosted a weekly movie program for over twenty years and a regular contributor to Variety and conducts a course in World Movies at Sydney University. Has watched at last count over twenty five thousand films and possesses the encyclopaedic knowledge of film. This is a fantastic documentary well more of a visual long song to the Australian film industry. Highly engaging,...
8 Aspects Of The Novel by E.M.Forster A series of lectures delivered in 1927 at Trinity College Cambridge. Interesting in terms of insight into the creative process.
A visually arresting epic that draws you in and unfolds at a perfectly measured pace that deals with the big issues of belief,faith and purpose with cinematic elegance. A lot more subtle in its dynamics than The Last Temptation. The cast is first rate with some dynamic performances. Highly recommend.
Bent Spoke a Belgium style hand pumped Rasberry wheat beer. Have moved from pints to half pints with Mrs GF then pizza at the multicultural festival.
7 The Grand Hotel Abyss:The Lives of the Frankfurt School by Stuart Jeffries Fascinating insightful biography of the intellectual development, lives and social and cultural impact of the leading figures of the German Marxist institute of social research. Tragic at times but eye opening didn't know Adorno tutored Thomas Mann on musical theory and supplied musicals sketches for Doctor Faustus. Enjoyed studying these men and their ideas in my undergraduate degree and...
Considered this upon release will find the DVD. The opening twenty minutes of SPR is epic film making on the grand scale.The tone and visual atmospherics are astounding. The rest of the film dissolves into every hackneyed trope on war film imaginable.
When did PJ hire fxh as a stye adviser?
A variation on Ottolenghi's Coleslaw, grated Purple and savoy cabbage, fennel, apple carrots, diced red caps & Italian parsley with finely sliced Spanish onion & home made mayo. With gourmet lamb sausages and vego snags.
I thought it was sister/mother?Only in Bairnsdale so I've been told.
With only half the girlfriend/mother tat visible. True Australian aesthetics.
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