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God I am so out of touch (or sober).
The basic problem faced by anyone who wants a career in the media or arts. That and alcoholic sub editors.
Comrade I think bespoke is only option for revolution, off the rack is so bourgeois.Worse I am still waiting for a shirt to arrive from UK and its Thursday!
I think the concept of the 'Citizen' which was central to the post modern project has gone down the drain and with it all the self governance and social obligation it entails. Go see Citizen Four great film deals with the issues you have raised, well not the nude pics.
Politics? Political writing? Coxie is right it's about time we the people exercised some control and discretion over those we elect to govern in our name. And that means more public participation at branch level politics to ensure quality candidates are selected not just some dumb hack or quisling. Will the Australian public do it? I doubt it. But don't worry she'll be right mate, the crickets on and the footy season is upon us so all is well in the nation.
42 Absent Without Leave The Private War of Private Stanley Livingston by Paul Livingston A memoir of his fathers military service which combines historical fact probability and Mr Livingston's unique humour. Highly entertaining and funny in equal parts.
The crucification in that was the most physically brutal interpretation I have ever read, while on JC Quarantine by Jim Crace is worth reading if you haven't read it.Also The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by Jose Saramago.All that said on JC the Faust story and theme is one of my personal fictional favourites in both books and film.
If you haven't read this I would highly recommend it The Testament of Mary by Colm Tóibín
I've used this guy a couple of times very good with scissors does a great job and only $25 Tom's Hair Salon 189 Victoria St Potts Point 9358 8636
Looking forward to Leviathan seen the shorts and read a few reviews hasn't opened in Oz yet.Akhnaten is one of Glass's best works its being preformed in August in Adelaide would love to see it. Haven't listened to it for a while must make time.
New Posts  All Forums: