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Monday with the wind chill factor Pea Coat has been resurrected plus beanie, over night low of -6c predicted. I can hardly wait for my gas bill.😞
Watched a great doc on Bowie last night so Young Americans and Station to Station albums both works of genius after all these years.
You look ravishing in that leather kilt.
"I'm waiting for the man, credit card card in my hand,yeah I'm waiting for the man."PM me.
Friday afternoon and the clock is counting down the time till a couple of pints of Bent Spoke Brewery Grainy Forigen Extra Stout loom large, quite lethal at 7.5%
Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Mrs GF wants to get me some as anniversary present, anyone know anywhere to buy it local without hocking the silverware?
Ottolenghi's spicy cauliflower fritters with lime and coriander yoghurt and a green salad. First time I've cooked one of his recipes in a while.
I have read some Tim Winton and think he is a great Australian author has a knack for the Australian idiom with langue and spirit of place, I got him to speak at Writers in the Pub night I ran in Freemantle in 1987. As for Cloudstreet I've never read it only seen the series on TV. Mrs GF has read it and is big fan of his work.
ee cummings said it allsomewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyondany experience,your eyes have their silence:in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,or which i cannot touch because they are too nearyour slightest look easily will unclose methough i have closed myself as fingers,you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens(touching skilfully,mysteriously)her first roseor if your wish be to close me, i andmy life will shut very beautifully...
Disagree with this having worked in kitchens producing food for A list restaurants and being a diner at said establishments.Fine dinning is and hasn't been the purview of the wealthy for years. Fine dinning has become a lot more democratic and I find in terms of experience its your interaction with the waiter, beyond them working for tips, is how your treated in terms of service.There is a social hierachy at work but its much more diffuse today for example the crowd at an...
New Posts  All Forums: