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First she has a pair and second your too young to appreciate the joy of women and Doc's.😎
Anybody watchig War & Peace. The Russian officers costuming is stunning.The tailoring hours that would have been required to produce the garments, does help if you have a big budget.
I'm looking to buy Mrs GF some nice (translation well made and stylish shoes). Any suggestions for somewhere in Sydney? She's not keen on online shoe shopping.
Oz Summer Beach Rituals Avoca Beach 2008Cannon with zoom lens. Was on the rocks about 10 meters from the waves. iPhone 5 Panorama Bondi Beach Tuesday 3:48PM Ubiquitous cranes in the distance a fixed feature of the Sydney skyline at present. Clovelly Sunday 3:46PM
"forget it Jake...its Chinatown" First time I have seen this in years. Superlative direction, script, dialogue and cast. As for Nicholson's wardrobe sartorial nirvana. An all time classic 5/5 and then some.
3 monks 2005 taken with a Cannon EOS400D 3 dogs 2013 iPhone 5
This is a deeply disturbing film that also showcases what was great about the 4th Estate. Excellent ensemble cast and performances. A solid piece of historical drama which is still resonating today.
Pussies its cold overnight when the rain gauge freezes solid and yes I was born and bred in Sydney.VirgilVerne The Standard Store on Crown St carry those Trickers boots if want to get a look and try them on.
Polish political/spy thriller about Colonel Kukliński, a Polish Army officer who motivated by his horror of the Russians Cold War tactic of wanting to turn Poland into a nuclear waste land and deeply affected by events in Gdansk in 1970 decides that personal morality and patriotism is the best course of action against nuclear madness. A man of ethics he never acted for money. A tight tense intelligent film with solid acting and a lot of bad 1970's and 1980's fashion. ...
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