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Interesting association between memory and scent, something I've thought a lot about. Yes the Australian high summer when the sun begins to climb and heat forces the oil out from eucalyptus and pine trees during the day or the scent of roses and lavender near twilight while knocking back a Martin Miller and Tonic..
Sauce or Ketchup on the pie?
Grey Flannel bitter? Never encountered that while wearing it. First given a bottle some thirty odd years ago by a wonderful Greek/Egyptian girl I was going out with. SIGH!
Melbourne guitar heads John Scofield Trio is playing Brids Basement next week. Miss at your own peril. So pissed off as this appears to be his only Oz gigs.
Roger Henly as far as I know he is the only bespoke frame maker in Oz.
Barton Perreira, Anglo American, Hackett. All modernist but definitive traditional leanings.This http://www.operaopera.net/And there is the spectacle maker in Adelaide.Said it before visit George Skoufis.
Reading Eco for the most part is enjoyable, enlightening & stimulating.For novels start with The Name of the Rose. For essays Travels in Hyperreality
1992 Milan There is a plot with something of an absurd premise that only a semiotician could conceive. The are humorous observations about mobile telephony and why would you want one and the sorry state of society and the desire to know.There are insightful observations about the media and a healthy dose of historical conspiracy.Its not classic Eco, the short essays do it better for me, its good. Have you read The Prague Cemetery?
No comment.18 NUMERO ZERO by Umberto Eco
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