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^ A bit too old to make a good curry with.
Not Merkins?
I have heard that their are men who are into knitting. Don't know if their responsibile for the pink pussy hats.
A supernatural historical horror film. What can I say except that it's a true horror. Why...why did I bother with this steaming pile of goat shite.
After the last few days I finally understand what 60's Hippies meant by "do not adjust your mind the fault is with reality." The Oz dollar is going up against the greenback. This is good.
^ They can be found in bars in Braddon and Kingston.
Well you've moved to the right town to study alien lifeforms and that doesn't include Bogans.
Ridley Scotts presentation of War as a total cluster fuck. The 1993 Battle of Mogadishu. Once the action starts and draws you in it just doesn't let up till the end credits. Epic film making of the first order. Its combat scenes are easily the equal of the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan. An epic multi faceted narrative driven film of brutality, action and comradeship. Josh Hartnett, Eric Bana and Sam Shepard are standouts in a huge ensemble cast. First time...
MC Did you bring these fragrances with you? Yes/No? If not where are you procuring them in Sydney?
Bundaberg Rum Small Batch Vintage Barrel with a lot of ice, lime and fever tree cola. Probably the first of many tonight.
New Posts  All Forums: