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All I needed to know guys. Thanks. That's why I love this forum.
Browing the Gilt Groupe sales, they are selling Swiss Legend watches for a little over $100, when they MSRP is $695 and up. What's up with these watches? Quality? Legit?
Looks like I'll be getting that charcoal tweed jacket. That's the only thing I see worth getting. But I live in Houston, so the need to actually wear it won't be until Dec-Feb. when it's chilly enough.
I visited a J. Crew Factory store in my area (didn't realize there was one here). Is there any difference in the clothes there? I bought 2 dress shirts and a pair of brown/honey classic fit chinos there. They all fit great, but I'm wondering if there's a hit to the quality. I bought my girl a nice shirt as well. They had the blue Chambray there for $40 ($50 with $10 off sale) and I'm wondering about the quality compared to the ones found in the regular store.
I prefer the 1st one.
^ 38R is my size. You'll love the suit. I own the navy and charcoal suits and they look great on me. I get lots of compliments on it from the ladies (though they never really see me in a suit, but still). The fit is perfect, and I've never done any alterations to it. Fit right off the rack for me.
What is with the tab sticking out of the collar on these chambrays? The gray one looks so good, but that tab is a deal breaker.
Picked up: Secret Wash button down in Coastal Plaid Blue/White citadel madras button down Fit = superb.
The red cham won't look good on me at all against my skin tone. Sigh.... I'll have to opted for the gray one.
What I wore to church today: Suit: Ludlow by J. Crew (charcoal) Shirting: Michael Kors Tie: Brooks Brothers Shoes: To Boot New York Belt: Calvin Klein Watch: Skagen
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