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I looked it up, and I believe the chairman of Hublot watches also makes cheese as an aside. Apparently it's not sold and he only gives it away as gifts.. Came through my twitter feed - apparently gifted to former Tour de France Champion Cadel Evans.
Going on a complete non-sequitor here, but anyone seen this before?
There's more where this came from..
I think I paid 1600 at Leffot.. And you can have them ship the shoes to you if you are out of state and save sales tax. That said, I see a number of questions about sizing. I know the closest retailer may not be close by, but if you are spending 1600-2000 on a pair of shoes, it's a good excuse to spend a weekend with the wife/sig other, in NY/Toronto etc., and try them on.. I was still on the G&G kick, thinking I wanted a pair of Arrans and once I tried a few pairs on,...
All three are very nicely done, but I am especially drawn to those hatch grain derbies.. Congratulations on a great trio of shoes.
Uncle McArthurs closet (That or Leffots store room)
Mimo - these have been great write-ups. Thanks for taking the time to share. You must be one interesting dude.. Bag of money through Iraq, etc.. Can't imagine. I (kind of) get the 750,000 price tag on that watch, but I still find the PC more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
If you haven't seen them in person, you'll want to check them out side by side. I believe the size is quite different on the wrist between those two. (The pics make them looks similar)
I love these.. Not normally a monk fan, but between the Deco last and the vintage chestnut finish.. They are up there for me.
As nice as the Arca's are, they don't have the most comfortable last for me.. A bit tight and narrow.
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