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I'm still struggling with the overall feel of the Apple event yesterday. It seemed like a tired bunch of wealthy middle age men, out of touch with what's currently cool or fashionable, parading around in their 'uniform' of jeans & button down shirt - untucked if you like - presenting 8 bit frogger-like video games as some revolutionary development in set-top gaming? Where is the 'Style' in this Apple team? - I don't necessarily need them to revert to a "Classic Menswear"...
I looked it up, and I believe the chairman of Hublot watches also makes cheese as an aside. Apparently it's not sold and he only gives it away as gifts.. Came through my twitter feed - apparently gifted to former Tour de France Champion Cadel Evans.
Going on a complete non-sequitor here, but anyone seen this before?
There's more where this came from..
I think I paid 1600 at Leffot.. And you can have them ship the shoes to you if you are out of state and save sales tax. That said, I see a number of questions about sizing. I know the closest retailer may not be close by, but if you are spending 1600-2000 on a pair of shoes, it's a good excuse to spend a weekend with the wife/sig other, in NY/Toronto etc., and try them on.. I was still on the G&G kick, thinking I wanted a pair of Arrans and once I tried a few pairs on,...
All three are very nicely done, but I am especially drawn to those hatch grain derbies.. Congratulations on a great trio of shoes.
Uncle McArthurs closet (That or Leffots store room)
Mimo - these have been great write-ups. Thanks for taking the time to share. You must be one interesting dude.. Bag of money through Iraq, etc.. Can't imagine. I (kind of) get the 750,000 price tag on that watch, but I still find the PC more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
If you haven't seen them in person, you'll want to check them out side by side. I believe the size is quite different on the wrist between those two. (The pics make them looks similar)
I love these.. Not normally a monk fan, but between the Deco last and the vintage chestnut finish.. They are up there for me.
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