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Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Nice one. More messing around in casual clothes: The scarf with the jacket gets my full support, very nice.
^^^^^^ Seconded, thats a very nice casual look, done well, trousers sit nicley, collar looks good, my only question is how does it look with the heels? (bottom left of pic) Wait a second, those trousers are turned up! Oh you cheeky begger, get them hemmed at the height the left one is (per as you're wearing) I'll give it the thumbs up, maybe have the seat drawn in a touch too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker I really like this look. The rocker style scarf tie and red trou go better together than the Spoo's tweed and red combo (sorry Spoo). But, (FWIW), I think it would better with some "cleaning up", e.g. tuck your shirt, button the cuffs and keep trouser hems over boots. It would still have the Dashing Rogue look, just more streamlined. Parker I agree with what you say as a fan of fine fitting clothes, some...
Strong Jazzy vibe, you sure look like one of the New Young Lions. Love the second pic.
Mescaline can do strange things to a man.
Jimi Hendrix was in my dream last night, he said 'get high and watch family guy'. So I did.
Welcome, to my bathroom.
Thank you Parker, and thank you Jan, they're added to my reading list.
Sorry no full shot, I don't have a tripod, high shelf or any friends to speak of. Happy New Year.
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