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kiya, did you ever receive this jacket? I got mine and they had to re-make the entire thing as there was something weird going on with the leather. I have my new one and it is amazing. I will get some pics taken and post them.
I think the jacket is going to turn out really well. they did a great job measuring and if it is not quite right, they will fix it until it is. I am lucky a company as great as this one is based here. kiya, you might just have to come up to get one. when you do, you better bring me a burrito.....
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Can you post some photos of the type of jacket you're getting made? yes. the one pics I found online are not great. I think I will go back this week and put on a "stock" model that will be similar and post pics for all of you. It will not be exact since mine will have an additional pocket but it will at least be the same silhouette. they do not have my style on their website for some reason. kiya, hope you...
this jacket is literally going to take years to break in.
After wanting one for more than 20 years. I finally decided to order a custom leather jacket from Langlitz here in Portland, Or. I am actually embarrassed that I do not own one already. I am from portland (or at least have lived half my life here) and should already own one of these amazing pieces. They have been here since 1947 and all the details can be found on their site. This might be one of the worst sites ever, but that is part of the appeal....
personally if this means seeing less of that stuff walking around, then I am backing this move by him. I do not know how long he will be able to stand producing clothing that does not have his name splattered all over it. this coming from a guy who named a store after himself.
it is nice to see V::room get some love on here. great brand that does not get discussed very often.
all tiger fleece is currently over 40% off. Here is what we have in stock; two tone tiger fleece royal/heather grey small-1 med-2 two tone tiger fleece black/heather grey small-1 medium-2 xlarge-1 hoodie (solid color) heather grey medium-1 x-large-1 they were all 179.00 now they are 99.00. call or email with questions. thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by blake today only.......... wool hand knit hoody grey/brown color 50% off. was 559.00. now 279.00 we have s-1 m-1 xl-1 quilted m-65 black. 50% off was 489.00. now 245.00. we have m-1 l-1 xl-1 call or email. thanks, blake I am going to continue the sale on these items through the weekend. let me know if you are interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by blake today only............. bedford jacket black/grey 50% off. was 435.00 now 218.00 we have s-1 m-1 l-2 xl-1 bird shooter jacket black 50% off. was 539.00 now 269.00 we have l-2 xl-1 call or email. thanks, blake I am going to continue the sale for these items through the weekend. let me know if anyone is interested.
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