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As many of you know we were closed for a period of time before we opened in our new space. As a result we still have a lot of spring goods in great sizes. I am offering those goods to you all at discounted prices. Here is a list of what we have and the original and discounted pricing: 1) 19th century red/green madras was 239.00 now 139.00 2) 19th century tan/grey stripe was 239.00 now 139.00 3) workshirt white cotton herringbone was 169.00 now 99.00 4) workshirt grey...
Quote: Originally Posted by madstaxbro I'm hoping you might get some in 28 - 30. I haven't found any under a 32 waist, do they not make them that small? we are currently stocking 28-36 in one particular style and 30-36 in another. I am not at work yet, but can get you the specifics when I get to work today. thanks, blake
I would recommend going to Collier in Portland instead. I did not have a positive experience at Duchess and to be honest, my suit that I purchased from Collier was also about half the price. Brent (the owner) provided a excellent experience. He sources suit fabrics from very high end factories and is really easy to deal with. PM me if you want more details on my Duchess experience as I do not feel like posting in an open forum.
from what i have seen, the denim on the "Them Atelier" is nicer than the denim on the inexpensive levis.
I think for the pricing it is pretty good. Fits seem to be spot on. I think when discussing denim in this price range, you have to alter your expectations. It is not going to compare to other high end brands. If you want something that fits well and is relatively inexpensive, this brand looks good.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I agree with you, though I think that Studio D'Artisan does a pretty good job too. Of course, I feel compelled to say "Pics, or it didn't happen." my goal for tomorrow is to post some pics just for you..... madstaxsbro, what sizes do you want?
I tried searching but surprisingly could not find a thread dedicated to edwin. I thought since they are now available again in the U.S.A. it was my civic duty to start a thread. I have always been an enormous fan of the edwin product. We have carried it through the years when we could get our hands on it. It is now back and really great. The raw offerings are great ,but as always the washes are fantastic. I would venture to say that other than RRL, their washed...
I am loving the stuff from left field right now. Their pants come in some great fabrics. slim but not too slim.
I literally wear a black tee every single day. either alone or under something else.
just send an email to shop@loveblake if you are interested in any of these items. thanks.
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