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I agree that black is difficult to find in something like this. I as a general rule do not were brown shoes of any kind and often have to custom order styles that I want in black. I was going to recommend the above shoe as well. good luck and let me know if you can find anything.
^^^^^^ I have had e--neff of those beanies. seriously, overall the coal stuff is great and well priced.
I have never seen the intentional wrinkling stay in a pair of jeans. It always flattens out.
if any of you are ever here in Portland, Danner is based here, and we have an outlet store near the airport where they sell their boots for a lot less.
If anyone wants anything, Please call the store and ask for sam or melissa as I am off to vegas for a bachelor party till sunday. I will have email too.......
workshirt charc denim 185.00 workshirt grey hb 185.00 workshirt rust/navy 185.00 workshirt red/yellow 185.00 knit vest hcharc fleece 145.00 knit vest black cable 175.00 henley navy/grey 129.00 henley charc 129.00 zip knit hoody black wool 235.00 shawl collar jkt blk cable 445.00 4 pkt cardigan brown wool 399.00 4 pkt cardigan blk wool 399.00 hood dickie charc wool not in yet kneewarmer charc wool 125.00 armwarmer charc wool 175.00 zip hoody hcharc fleece...
how much are you looking to spend?
Quote: Originally Posted by Roachman You sure they exist in black? I haven't seen black NCs at the Mercer St. store. they definitely exist in black. we have carried them in the past....
...and here we go SK505T-1089 SEN - slim fit raw state dry shave $295 30x33, 31x33, 32x33, 34x33, 36x33 -- SK505E-989 SEN - slim fit raw w/o cinch $255 28x34, 29x34, 30x34, 31x42, 32x34, 33x34, 34x34, 36x34 -- 5503LS-1036 LOOM STAY - straight dark used rv wash $295 30x33, 31x33, 32x33, 33x33, 34x33, 36x33 -- 5503LS-9126 LOOM STAY - straight dark used $295 31x33, 32x33, 33x33,...
We just received these and I have to say I am throughly impressed. They remind me of early Rag and Bone when they were small (which is not a surprise since the jeans were originally made in NC). They are very clean and the fits are impressive. I will post some pics in our own thread for you to view.
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