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though not technically waterproof, they should do just fine in the rain. If you feel the need you can spray them with a waterproof protectant. They still will not be waterproof, but just fine.
It obviously depends on your body, but for the most part, these seem to run about a size big.
we definitely have the low straight raw in.
I actually had such a terrible experience at duchess that I would never use them again.
nobody in portland does chain stitching. Jay in seattle or Kiya in SF are the closest. We are currently hunting for a machine so we can do it here for you.......
good luck with this. they own everything. it is a true monopoly.
Quote: Originally Posted by pumped Going to be spending a weekend in Portland, Or. what are some cool shops to visit for shopping. Denim, sneakers etc. TIA if you come in and find me, I can make you an entire list of places that I would recommend. I can tell you about all the shops and restaurants that are really good and not just the ones that get the hype. for example, Voodoo gets all the hype, but there is actually a place called...
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I'll let you know in a few weeks if I'm in. this is great. I am out for sure. too much good shit coming this month. and yes, I technically still have to buy it from myself.
your best bet would be to put them on and get in the shower or the bathtub and stretch them while wet. This will definitely work. I know everyone gets super crazy about not washing stuff, but if you do this for just a couple of minutes and make sure the water is not hot. This will at least salvage them so you can wear them.
I literally do this anytime I buy anything I like. I have triples in a lot of items that I own.
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