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moma's on yoox sale its the same model but different shade of brown as
Quote: Originally Posted by 123abc123 I have been saving up for a leather jacket for some time now unfortunately though while looking at R.O. I kind of got side tracked, having fallen in love with a few things... Knowing my proportions what would u guys recommend me getting? Thanks in advance. choose either 2 or 5 to get the best chance of successful rick purchase. id go 5 if i wanted a leather jacket edit: lmaozedong already told you xxx
i often regret not buying...
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl i know i posted this but still cant decide... how do ann d boots run? i wear a 40 in ro side zips, should i go 40 as well in these. i usually wear 41 in cp and 42 in mmm gats. also im not sure how brown boots will go with black trousers, not jeans. some of her boots and sneakers fit true to size. id say 41 or 42 but you should ask sz
Quote: Originally Posted by drmmr How do GF sneakers fit? Asked on Ask A Question thread but no reply. the ones ive seen were similar to common projects
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese [[SPOILER]] i like. the jacket is fine and supposed to fit slouchy as yours, but the bottom could have been slightly better
Quote: Originally Posted by gwydion Does anyone know where I can buy this scarf besides TBS since they're sold out? *EDIT Okay Didn't look hard enough lol. Oki-Ni has em. try thecorner and margiela e-shop http://eboutique.maisonmartinmargiel...X/areaid//sts/
Quote: Originally Posted by TWINKY long time lurker, first time poster please take it easy on me, as i am very fragile, ok muscular? please let me know what else you wanna hear
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo Can someone comment on fit of attachment down jacket. Not sure if I should kop 50 or 52 where to buy in a smaller size? would be ideal for the colder months
Quote: Originally Posted by gettoasty "black calf, waxed finish" to keep the water out! h hudson is ill received here but i think i found my boots @ the $200 price range, fuck goodness, i saw exactly the same boots for $150 iirc. they werent bad but i dislike h by hudson
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