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Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift I really want a pair of Nudies, so I'm looking at both the SLim Jim and Grim Tim. I really like the fit on my 514s (tapered to 15" leg opening) From what I read in this thread, the Grim Tims are slimmer than the 511s? and the 511s are slimmer than the 514s I think, but I'm not sure can someone clear this up. I want the fit of the 514s, I've got some pretty muscular thighs and they fit just right, I had them...
i try to convince myself to not buy something because id regret it but then i regret not buying it
Quote: Originally Posted by rdgn123 what shoes are these? buttero iirc
Quote: Originally Posted by Johan Everyone hate them. i believe that there is more love than hate thanks snake
Quote: Originally Posted by Bullethead86 Is this leather jacket reasonable??? if you like it, go for it. all saints isnt bad deal at 50% off
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol KVA has the most limited design ability of any designer i've seen eh, i love daniele alessandrini
Quote: Originally Posted by filth Got these off RFX45 blog. They finally added zippers to the combo stretch sneakers, but then now they just look like the dior homme 2010 high tops lol kris van assche is current creative director of dior homme
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah ^ this should be in recent purchases not this thread thanks, soon its mine
the cardigans are great. i was surprised in a good way
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