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Quote: Originally Posted by welcomerain Yay or nay on this Dior hoodie? dior or not, nay.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt Trying to decide whether or not to topy my CP combat boots. Not planning to wear them in deep snow or anything like that, just don't want to slide around when it's wet. Has anyone tried them in the rain? The leather on the sole is weird, it's been so heavily treated it's almost feels synthetic. id say yes. topy extends the life, and you will have less worries after
Quote: Originally Posted by masshi I don't think the coat comes in any size smaller... (it's a Small). the fit is not good. i think you should consider other brands. something smaller and slimmer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Zippers are for boots and dad jeans. (1) you forgot jackets
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota ^ I would think so. The one I received yesterday came with the shearling collar. hopefully you are right. the shearling collar was a big part of my decision.
Quote: Originally Posted by Evil Sushi psycopath expression, whatevs i like the carpet. clothes looks good to me. Quote: Originally Posted by epoc past week to start school again.. robert geller n(n) visvim cool jacket!
i want to thank toj guys for their patience. i know that i have been a difficult customer Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Need TOJ Leather Goods & Bags in 2011 too yeah, and maybe scarves too?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one ^ you have a good point. I had thought of doing that long ago and somehow got sidetracked. For any new orders placed at today's new adjusted prices, I will make and include a custom embroidered garment or dust bag of some sort. placed an order 3 days ago. is there any chance of getting a dust bag? hehe
ykk isnt a problem. they are solid zippers aswell
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