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yoox spring-summer
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese Yup, I've been wearing them all winter, so I'll track how they hold up...but I honestly don't have very high hopes. It's to say they're straight up not worth it, but people ought to know what they're getting into. did you get a topy sole protector? i wouldnt wear leather soled fashion boots in the snow.
Quote: Originally Posted by nghiem This waiting game is the worst haha i know how you feel but it will be worth it. my calf bomber took 2 weeks to arrive including shipping. toj can be surprisingly fast
received a brown calfskin bomber today. had to pay customs but overall im really happy with this purchase. thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl You should probably ask this in the baller sneaker thread as well. I think Kelvin has both patent leather and rubberized iirc. He said he liked the patents better fwiw lol at ppl letting themselves go in the winter! Nicely nice, that attachment jacket you posted in waywt is great, especially with the Patagonia. What a combo. Anything like that jacket you can recommend?? Thanks toj fishtail parka. i know...
the lows retailed for $165. cp x evisu deserves more 'non-baller' credit
Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong yeah i've been doing a little reading on it and from what i've read, you still might be able to get like 1/2 a size out of it. honestly i dont know the first thing about materials/treatments etc myself though i wouldnt suggest washing rick leathers. sell it and you might get the money back.
acne pilot boots Quote: Shearling padded leather ankle boot. Pilot features an exposed center front zip closure, a sturdy top stitched leather sole and heel with protective rubber piece. Thanks to the front zipper, the shaft can be styled in several ways; All zipped up, half rolled down, all rolled down. The possibilities are endless!
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol those pants suck i gotta agree. they look too big. please return asap
Quote: Originally Posted by dismalfuture I am feelin good, about to go do an epic shipping day today with like 20 leathers in the mail (some shirts and wallets) so if anyone's been waiting awhile on their jacket, it's probably done and sent by this afternoon. good job. any chance that my bomber was shipped out yet?
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