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Someone should buy this http://www.raddicaltops.com/the-luxury-t-shirt-in-black/
If anyone kopped Balenciagas in size 40 and regrets it/want to sell then let me know!
Hey guys, should I size down 1 for Balenciaga? I'm 41 in MMM and 40 in CP and KVA, thinking 40 in Balenciaga too?
SNEAKERBOY Sale now open - 40-50% off SS'14 stuff
What are the general thoughts on Shwood glasses? Handled some in a shop today and liked them though I'm no expert on sunglasses at all. I do like the wooden frames http://www.shwoodshop.com/products/canby-walnut-and-oak-grey
Size? You can't be leading us all on this like
Completely random but it looks like Cristiano Ronaldo is wearing those KVA croc lows?
I know you said you already have the black/white SLP highs but here's the all red one (apart from the sole)http://www.sneakerboy.com/shop-sneakers/saint-laurent-sl12h-red-high-top-sneaker-ss14ystl2.htmlYou could try inquire with these guys too and check if they're getting more sizes inhttp://www.sneakerboy.com/shop-sneakers/saint-laurent-signature-court-classic-black-and-red-sl10h-high-top-sneaker-ss14ystl6.html
For those who have/tried both, how do XS Rick Owens jackets fit size-wise compared to Julius size 1? Or does it vary on season/model? I have an 09 Julius jut neck which is borderline too tight to wear zipped up comfortably. I'm a slimmish/athletic build, definitely not skinny
These are so good! What model CPs are they if I may ask?
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