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I know you said you already have the black/white SLP highs but here's the all red one (apart from the sole)http://www.sneakerboy.com/shop-sneakers/saint-laurent-sl12h-red-high-top-sneaker-ss14ystl2.htmlYou could try inquire with these guys too and check if they're getting more sizes inhttp://www.sneakerboy.com/shop-sneakers/saint-laurent-signature-court-classic-black-and-red-sl10h-high-top-sneaker-ss14ystl6.html
For those who have/tried both, how do XS Rick Owens jackets fit size-wise compared to Julius size 1? Or does it vary on season/model? I have an 09 Julius jut neck which is borderline too tight to wear zipped up comfortably. I'm a slimmish/athletic build, definitely not skinny
These are so good! What model CPs are they if I may ask?
http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/153187-wts-many-dior-homme-jeans/ Some amazing Dior Homme jeans there for smaller folk
That's exactly the case, I was really impressed when I visited. The guys and girls working there are extremely helpful and probably the coolest bunch of SA's you're likely to meet
http://www.sneakerboy.com/ Just showing some support for these guys who have just opened their physical store here in Melbourne, online store has been open a bit longer. One of the best selection of lux sneakers you're likely to find under one roof!
That hooded RO is fuckin awesome
Try Harrolds, they sometimes have Julius (never have size 1 though I think) and RO leathers which you might be able to pick up online for cheaper or even 2nd-hand from B&S here or Superfuture for $1-1.2K
Awesome sneakers, I also have them. Prefer tying the knot at the very back like this though:
My bad, didnt read properly
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