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Nice watch collection. All new and shiny. Everything available in the shops for this eager young buyer. The owner is just 20 years old. It's good to establish yourself financially early in life. http://www.network54.com/Forum/12546...-+Long+Post%29
Quote: Originally Posted by 16520Man For sheer number of unsolicited compliments, JL Jermyn IIs: Beautiful shoes, but, ... compliments? They've never been outside your house.
As the owner of those shirts that the OP posted I just want to say that those are my most conservative turnback cuffs. I agree with some here who opined that if the material did not contrast it would make for a much more business appropriate shirt. How appropriate I guess would depend on your environment. I would also guess that a plain all white poplin turnback cuff shirt would be quietly distinctive and not jar any observer. As a classicist in dress: quiet suits, rep...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Recently I passed by a Catholic funeral, and what did I see? Men in bowling shirts and polo shirts along with some in cheap black suits and sneakers. They took the time and money to rent limousines and hearses, but bowling shirts? It's times like these that make me wish Victorian mourning etiquette was still practiced. There was a thread like this quite awhile back. I suggested that the funeral...
Epaulet, One more thing. The Tudor movement in (my blue dialed) watch has been thru thick and thin for 31 years (I bought it new).
That old Tudor you are considering ... they were lesser movements in actual Rolex cases. The Tudor line now do not share cases with Rolex - stylistically much, much different. I can tell from the picture that the case is in great shape - the 'horns' have that 'line' that separates the brushed top from the mirror finished sides. Often on older watches this is destroyed through owners 'home polishing'. The watch fora are rife with owners recommending scotchbrite pads...
Quote: Originally Posted by el Guapo WOngO! I'm wearing one of many today Shirt - Powder pink self herring bone stripe cotton. Italian spread collar. Barrel cuff/double button (Jantzen MTO) Yes, nice watch, and here is a similar pink with a similar weave.
Quote: Originally Posted by manofstyle Half inch minimum, there's no maximum. These tall collars look nice. I have mine done up this way. Looks 'important'. I'm having a real difficult time looking like the Duke of Kent, though.
Watch porn, it said, right? Love my Seiko 6309. About 25 years old.
For awhile there, about 10 years ago, the Panerai was THE insiders watch. Then due to some astute marketing they were/are all over the place. An 'insiders watch' - interesting term. I'm thinking something vintage, not available in the shops or at the mall. Something that was desirable and thin on the ground then and will continue so. It should be iconic and perhaps even available for less than $1K. I think you're on the right path with that LeCoultre. Think also...
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