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It's a slippery slope - living with your parents in your late 20s/30s. Next thing you know you are 40 and waiting for them to die so you can inherit the house.
I'll add to the OP's list the guys that AREN"T built/cut/muscled but have adopted the 'walk' - with arms hanging out from the body; like some of those pics in WAYWT to emphasise the waist on a coat.
Quote: Originally Posted by soaped Here's some old pictures I dug up. I don't spend time in watches anymore I like the aged patina of the numerals on your old Seiko. Here's mine.
This is nothing new in Asian families. Spoiled out of control adult sons with no grounding in reality. It's epidemic. My 40 year old brother in law was GIVEN a downtown condo. This after he was given 4 years college tuition and living allowance and paid trips to Europe to finish some university courses. Now he writes movie reviews for internet sites - how much does that pay? - and rides everywhere on a bicycle, even in snowstorms, to save even the cost of bus fare. ...
I've had this for about 5 years and have rotated many watches in and out of the 4 watch collection. All three you are considering are the most historically iconic models of their Houses, so you can't go wrong in any direction. The pros of this particular watch: *Worn it swimming and fencing [on my non-foil arm so it's seen some pretty wild motions]. *Much admired at WIS gatherings. Garners nice comments from strangers in the street. *Design is like the other two...
I like this Seiko a lot. Classy.
I bought this off ebay. It's neat because it came with all the old materials. It was just a little over $200. plus another $75. to clean the movement. Longines is a great 'marque'. You can't loose if you come here first for advice.
I found a man locally who repairs a variety of old clocks and watches and he has never returned a watch to me as unrepairable. There is quite the hobby out there of people collecting watches from this era; I have about six myself and all run without issues. I have given him a watch that stopped working after I dropped it. So, if you can find one of these guys locally you are in good shape. I have also read that the materials in these old watch movements were made of...
Cool midcentury vibe to it. I'd buy it. Tell your watchmaker not to polish the case - original, even with scratches, is better.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton A Freudian slip that could cause one to wake up a soprano. I hope that no one follows this up with the SF standard: "this post is useless without pics".
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