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Quote: Originally Posted by mdg137 It is an easy fix for a tailor to take in not only the sides, but continue through the arm hole and down as far as necessary on the sleeve. My alterationist does exactly this for me as well. It's a 25$ job and makes the shirt look like MTM.
Hi SF'ers. My tailor made a blue suit for me - fits nice like some of the WAYNT examples here. The coat ends at my thumbnail tip when my arms hang naturally. So, I'm happy and go back to choose corduroy for a fall sport coat; and he says: "we'll make this coat a bit shorter since it's a sport coat". Is this the norm? Thanks in advance for your replies.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow The majority of brands out there produce shirts that seem to fit like tents and seem to be cut for a man with massively broad shoulders, a huge chest and massive waist. Brands like Brioni, Canali, and pretty much all the non-slim-fit shirts seem to be guilty of this. Who are these shirts made for? Is there anyone at there that these shirts actually fit? I love how stores show these shirts on torso-model with...
Quote: Originally Posted by sm332 Mustapha ... thanks a lot for the photo essay. Could you shed some light on the pricing structure for Trend? It seems that you are highly satisfied with the quality of the shirts (given that you have 20 of them!). thanks a fellow torontonian Hi sm332, $195.ea Minimum order is 3 shirts.
Yesterday around the supper hour, I visited Don Lee, sole prop. of Toronto's Trend Custom Tailors, to pick out some new shirtings. Don has made 19 shirts and a suit for me over 2 years. I would order more suits but I work in the software industry and even senior level client meetings are sport jacket and JEAN affairs nowadays. I had a camera handy and managed some quick shots as Don always graciously takes me around to see what's new in his Victorian mansion...
film noir buff; Trend Tailors of Toronto made these for me. Yes, I consider them casual shirts.
I have about 10 shirts in this style. I had them made this way. They are a compromise - the practicality/simplicity of a barrel cuff and the ability to insert a pair of links when the occasion arises. Most people notice only the links; no one has ever noticed the missing folded fabric. I realize that here at SF many of you have the occasion to wear FCuffs and links; I mostly do not. Certain of my relations react with derision at the sight of links; I have to put up...
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Cool! What sort of shirts are those? Thank you everyone. AnGeLiCbOIS, I got them here.
I like mine a lot. Stop obsessing.
Shown this before. New sexy pose.
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