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Quote: Originally Posted by Willsw Love that diver on the brown strap, and love the strap as well. My favorite of the three. Thank you. You're right. You don't need to spend big money to acquire nice things. I have to learn this.
and my new Dormeuil cloth blazer.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji Rolex oysterdate Very nice, and with the 'rivet' style band too.
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology It almost appears as though the waist is in the wrong spot like when older men wear their pants too high. I think if the waist was a bit lower it would have a better appearance. I like the overcoat though. The waist is where it is to accomodate the stomach; it can't be lower. If you have a belly and want 'waist suppression' or a simulacrum of it; this is the result. When I was having a MTM sport...
You look better than 99% of men out there. That said, you also appear to be 40ish - I'm not sure this type of retro-suit style-for younger-men 'suits' folks like you and I. It is very 1960s though. A good look overall. It takes into account the width around your hips very well.
I don't see any here or in WAYWNT. I don't even see them in the shops anymore. What with fashion looks recycling themselves every 20 years or so, this one seems to have never re-ignited. They looked good on my teachers when I was kid in the 60's and 70s. They looked good on men under a cord jacket. They did tend to emphasize a good physique and made a bad one worse. Black turtlenecks were especially popular. They did have a literature professor vibe to them...
I do it all the time; everything must FIT. Darker boot cut jeans, RM Williams boots, FCuffed bespoke shirts. Looks sharp - to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by WhateverYouLike I'm pretty unfamiliar with getting alterations done and the structure of a dress shirt, but this sounds like what I'm looking to get done. Usually, the shoulders and chest fit fine but the sleeves are rather billowy and there is no drop from the chest to the waist. Is this what you guys are talking about? Getting a tighter fit around the arms and a taper going from chest to waist? If so, what do you tell the...
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