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my suit is at home. Let me have a look. It's getting busy here at work and I may be gone for a few days. I had some time to kill this afternoon so it looks like I live here All the best, Jeff
All prices in CDN$ of course. I might add that Don is good at 'figuring you out' quite quickly. My first 3 shirts are of the 'peacocking' variety - as someone else termed it on this forum recently - that's what I wanted. I mentioned when picking up my shirts that I couldn't wear these to the office - younger co-workers not being appreciative seeing older associates swanning around in obviously tailored stuff. Don picked up on this and on my next visit showed me...
Hello everyone, my first post here. Don Lee is the young proprietor and he is a good guy and very expert. I can't comment on the price of $750 mentioned here - that sort of thing is fabric choice dependent. I had a dark blue navy 2 button side vent made up in the English style. The process involved the initial measurement appointment, followed by a basted fitting and another fitting when the suit was nearly done. I am impossible to fit OTR (wide hips, large butt,...
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