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Wonderful shirts, here's a couple of mine with a cuff type I'm fond of.
I saw this in the cary Grant Style book. I suppose a softer collar might let you get away with this - it looks like the wind flipped it.
I saw a beautiful young woman doing this at the mall; her sleeves were deliberately sloppily rolled up too; quite striking but I think you have to be young and attractive or have a lot of gravitas - think Cary Grant - to carry it off. On my custom shirts there is a 'secret swath' of asian themed fabric under the collar; I haven't the nerve to show it off.
chessplayer's nice steel 60s era DeVille inspired me to post this. Been in our family new since 1966.
Thanks whacked :>) Yes, it's a 6309.
Thanks TheHoff,,, for your kind comment.
Hi Gunnar, It's a model 15202. The bracelet is all steel; there is no gold in it. All the best, - Jeff
Hi Holstein I quite understand your being upset, however this is a quite normal way of many cleaners to id shirts to their owners. It been in use since the late 1800s. My grandfather told me about that this was done by Chinese laundries WAAY back. Regards, Jeff
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