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Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal Look what I got in the mail! Relatively fast and great service. Perhaps my only complaint is that Joe's isn't all that large an operation and only carries about 20 Goldine and 40 Silverline swatches. I turned the Silverlines into buttondowns and am ordering some Goldline dress shirts. Basic patterns, but love that houndstooth. Nice. Very nice, don't let the straights here get you down.
Quote: Originally Posted by academe I can't express how much I disagree with you. Do you happen to be American? academe, I'll tell you what look I do like. It looks good on Asians and White Guys alike. It's the clean sharp look that the 'Mad Men' tv show seems to have accelerated. There is a bit of this going on in the WAYWNT thread. Grays, blacks, white, close but not too close, silhouettes on fit bodies; this is a great look to me,...
Quote: Originally Posted by academe I don't agree with this at all. Your vision of culture and ethnicity really doesn't take into account the multiculturality of many industrialised countries, and how style can be adopted by anyone, so long as it complements their complexion, build, etc. Perhaps I'm over-interpreting this, but by this rationale you might as well say that ALL non-Europeans shouldn't wear suits, since after all, the suit is a Western...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan What about all the Italians and Indiana Jones? ok, I'll cry 'uncle' and concede to a point. The FULL - tweed, brown,.. - look is best on WHITE guys mostly. Italian, Swede, Brit whatever. I think if an Asian wears a tweed jacket that looks like it came out of the pages of Country Life; he should NOT add to its aspect of regional kit by accessorizing it with obviously English or Italian shoes, hats,...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Believe me, LK is more than aware of this. Quote: Originally Posted by bluemagic I think LK is saying that in the same spirit he talks about "porch monkeys" or "negroes". Ah, ok guys, I get it now. Still, the lesser the usage the better. No sense in making possibly making anyone uncomfortable by bringing back to attention usages best forgotten.
If we subtract 'tweeds' from the question; I would say imop mostly no, 'Asians' should not. To me tweed is a fabric with entirely British connotations - a kind of regional thing. It looks 'off' on Asians. As one, I won't wear it. In some instances it looks fine on younger Asian guys; but youth can get away with a lot. I'm not sure about the Japanese guys that adopt this. Some few look good, most are costumey.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I prefer the term, Oriental. It's all encompassing. That's a very old expression; used as a perjorative occasionally down through history.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tailor In Style I am a big fan of these cuffs, but I would have to agree except if you want to bold wearing them to a formal work environment could be inappropriate. But they still look great Thanks. I surprised no one has mentioned collar sizes on my cocktail cuff shirts. They are LARGE; 70s era large. I love my shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I'd never get those weird cuffs. That's because they wouldn't suit you. Seriously, it's nice to see my some of my old thread pictures resurrected again; I get a kick out of that as much as I get a kick out of wearing these fun shirts. For the record, I have conservative shirts as well. josepidal, try out a couple of shirts like this at social events with better jeans and footgear and you cannot go wrong. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Patrician Do we have any fencers here @ SF? I fence epee and I'm really good I fenced for 5 years; left it behind about 5 years ago. I got my coach certification - the lowest level. I lost all my partners - wife, when she lost interest and then the teenaged children when they went away to school. I lift weights now; it's not as fun as foil.
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