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Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal I have a Forrester and love it. Its a 2002 and has done everything I've asked it to. But it sounds like you are going for more of a off road rally car so why not try the Tacoma? The engine is legendary, my dad got well over three hundred thousand miles out of his, and you can add any number of after market modifications. A Toyota 4W4 with a Baja kit is pretty much the backwoods special and you ought to be able to pick up...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing My family has some military backround--my grandfather flew for the Flying Tigers back in WWII. That can't be. They were all (White) Americans weren't they?
He's funny and irreverent.
Quote: Originally Posted by patty25 Hi, I am in need of a new peacoat. I currently have the JCrew University coat and do not like it at all. The fit is horrible. I want to buy a new peacoat, charcoal in color, with higher armholes, and with a slimmer fit that fits my body very well. Possibly with a vent in the back. Not sure if all pea pea coats are double breasted, but single breast? (like the university coat) will work too. I do not want it to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hans I don't care for the doll, but I like the Rollei. Is it yours? Yes, thanks Hans, it's my Rollei. Shoot digital nowadays. Just so much more convenient.
How is everyone today?
Happy Holidays everyone. I'm rockin' this shirt and watch to the family Christmas pot luck. Oh, and it's a buttondown collar.
This 40s Asian guy with a mental grin, 80s glasses and bad clothing does his thing on a stationary bike nightly while his head is resting on the handlebars - he has a towel there for cushioning. His forehead never comes off the handlebars for the hour he is there.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. By an owner of 3 pairs of RM Williams. I bought a pair of Gardeners a few years ago - 'graduated' up from Blundstones. Then Craftsmans a couple years ago, which I thought loose for my narrow foot. Then I went to the Toronto store and special ordered the same Craftsmans in a narrower fit. Which they asked payment for in advance. Can't say I blamed them, given some of the browsers and timewasters of shop clerks time who post here. So, I wear...
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