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Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Installed custom firmware into my camera, just playing around with it: Nice Seiko.
The man is some kind of exhibitionist but aren't we all from some angle in some way?
Quote: Originally Posted by il vecchio Me neither I think SFs need to get some sort of consistency. Whenever someone says blocked hats or double breasteds look good; out come the pics or citations of old Hollywood stars. Grant, Cagney, etc. But in this case, nooo- ooo; Cary made a fashion misstep. It's like FC and OCBD are the mark of a parvenu or something? What about those perfectly tailored wasp waists on some of the coats posted...
Hey guys, here's my 'crusin for a boozin' shirt. I'm wearing this to the local taproom tonight. I will look sharp and schoo-weet for the babes. [ok then , my wife] It s a navy twill. I chose it from the Shirtex fabric book at my shirtmakers. The watch is a 30 year old Breitling made for issuance to the Iranian airforce. It's a 'Havanirooz' model. Best, -Moose
Soo-oo nice. Don't wear them in the rain.
You're looking at their signature hidden panel in the collar - seen when and if you decide to 'pop' the collar on a sunny day to protect your neck. The Asian inspired prints are created by a hand carved rubber block, hand inked and then pressed against the fabric. I suppose you could ask that this not be included but I've never asked. Those cuffs are purely my affectation; and the early James Bond's as well. Forgive the out of focus watch dial - it was that or the...
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Understated shirts, however, are another matter. Touché
Quote: Originally Posted by etown883 All, I'm looking to purchase a new (or old) dress watch. Funds are not up for the JLC Reverso, but I'm thinking about either a Stowa or a nice Omega Vintage. Anyone have some thoughts or feedback? Thanks! Cue my old Omega. New Stowa or old Omega; understated watches never went away.
I think I know by now that earth tone corduroy and tweeds are for fall and winter. Linen is spring and summer. Blue hopsack is for blazers. I don't like how any of these look on me. Is there a material / color / finish / weight that would be good for all year round? I would wear this jacket with jeans and RMWilliams. I do realize this is veering into the odd jacket/suit jacket w/jeans debate; sorry. I was thinking of a worsted with a rougher finish. Some kind...
I think the monogram is fine - better than fine. I know of a judge that wears a monogram stitched in red on his shirt pockets - it's done with a 'wink'. There are some posters here who seem to spend an awful lot of money on bespoke and have set themselves up as advocates for some sort of other-world refined frou-frou low-key style. Many others here are in their thrall and ape an opinion. Enjoy the shirt. You can see who is really classy here.
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