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This has been a long thread. Has anyone done this one yet?: Guys who wear TWO earrings. Been seeing this lately. Closely followed by guys in their 60s with an earring. It really goes well with the Buick and the full Eddie Bauer (baggy cords, tartan flannel shirt, camp mocs).
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer I got bored this weekend. Since I have immense trouble finding double-sided cufflinks, I decided to make my own. I raided the wife's button box and, with some brass rings and pliers, I produced these in about 10 minutes. Nice. In some of the bigger cities there are sewing notions/dressmakers supply stores that carry a selection of beautiful buttons, In some cases they are vintage as well as...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mildly Consumptive True, but it's not necessarily better. I used to iron my shirts like this, straight out of the washing machine, but then my shirt-maker told me not to. The interlining in the cuffs and collars is wetter than the rest of the shirt, and ironing out all the moisture basically cooks the fabric. Now I wash, hang to dry, and then spray dampen and put in a bag before ironing. I feel I get better results this...
Boy, there are a LOT of Torontonians here. Hi everyone. And Trend is bespoke.
Very cool indeed. Thank you
Wonderful post Lucky Strike. Thank you. -Moose
Looks nice and soft. As trinibot27 said this would be nice with charcoal pants. Is this really glen plaid? To me it's just a tweed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Girardian I like the principle but not the execution. His outfit; personally stylish tho'; looks like it was thrifted. It's funny, if you Google 'Kiton suit', all sorts of strait-laced images result. I imagine that he like many in leadership positions will dress out of the ordinary to make a statement. The fit doesn't look spectacular either.
I had a mixed time in HS - I suppose many, of not most of you did too. Some of the teachers I loved. Some ... I would throttle one 85 year old if I came across him again. Some students bullied me. Some got after school jobs for me at the supermarket and the construction site. I go alone. Never attend the dinners. The jocks have stayed together over all the years; what else is new? :>) -Moose
I had Trend make this one up for me in button down. Button downs look ok on me because I wore them back in the day and they suit my age. I had the collar done up quite tall as I have a thing for the 70s - I think it's a good look on an older guy; this one anyways. They also fit the waist area to me in quite the military style - snug. Snug as in US Marine Corp/don't wear an undershirt/or wash in warm water/put in dryer snug. So their shirts get me lots of...
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