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Quote: Originally Posted by JibranKhan I don't think it was intentional; I'd put money on their not being the only people in the crowd that idiotically dressed in A&F. There's a young neurosurgeon lives near me that goes for the full A&F. Worn during the commute to and from the hospital too. I wonder why A&F gets such a hard time here at SF. Outside of SF I know that the clothing is well regarded. I will admit a bias. My daughter is...
zupermaus, those London pics are so cool. You are lucky to live there. -Moose
Relations by marriage that I can do without seeing but I must in order to preserve matrimonial peace. There is: the slacker brother-in-law who does the snide/subtle snipe. The other brother-in-law who married the smelly fat circus lady. Sister-in-law who dropped my infant son. This piece of work went on to scald her own daughter with boiling water. The wife turned out ok ... talk about sibling differences. :>) -Moose
Too horrible to contemplate. What these children went through, what their parents went through as they were taken from them. And they rest now lost and forgotten by family. Also too creepy is the principal asking his child charges to help him bury one of their own. I occassionally drive by an open area in Toronto on the way to work: http://www.psychiatricsurvivorarchiv.../cemetery.html Just a bit of park between an expressway and industrial areas. Makes ya weep.
I have to take customers out to lunch sometimes. Some of them order all the courses; soup, salad (not a 'side' salad), main, dessert, polish off the bread basket and ask for more. These same people usually make noises while eating and also eat like they had nothing to eat yesterday. Horrible. -Moose
Something unmentioned in this thread is the durability of Seiko movements. I've had ownership experience of mechanical and quartz versions since buying my first Seiko in the 70's and I have to say that the reliability is outstanding. They have created basically what are miniature perpetual motion machines as far as I am concerned. -Moose
Most interesting thread and opinions here in a long time. Many posters here cite the mental thing as well as the lifestyle thing. The 2 solutions most posited, food for the first and no handout for the second seems to be best. The winters around here ... you would think it's easier to get a job, any job and stay indoors and warm than sit outside ...
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 I'm confused by this one. First because I don't understand why anyone else's jewelry choice would piss you off, but also, because jewelry is completely arbitrary. Nothing dictates that a person ought to wear a certain number of earrings. Or rings. Or necklaces. Or any at all. Expland on your point, please. b Ummh, twin earrings offend my sensibilities?
el guapo wongo, What's up with the yellow faced Mickey Rooney avatar. Your hero? -Moose
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