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Quote: Originally Posted by gj555 Are the button holes hand sewn or machine made? On both my coats and all my shirts - machine made. The hand sewn thing never came up - it doesn't matter to me. As to whether it can be done.. the question should be put to Don directly by you if you are interested.
Here's a Trend shirt. Lower left. Light blue stripe. Split yoke, 70's height collar, snug all over, the way I like it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Albern Hey Mustapha, Thanks for sharing; is that a recent addition by any chance? I don't know if you've noticed some of the comments made regarding Trend as to whether they are truly bespoke or not. Do you think you can comment on this to provide some clarification? Hi Albern, This coat is my 2nd from Trend. It's 6 months old. There was one fitting for this. During the fitting, Don took padding out of the...
Trend made this for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by holymoly Probably not everyone's taste, but just got this... Like this a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey I think it looks about as good as off the rack can look. I know what you mean about it being a bit short, but I believe it is cut to be that way. I think it looks great with jeans. I agree with this. This is in keeping with the slightly cropped - shorter - look on a lot of sport jackets lately. This is a deliberate design and look; there's nothing wrong with the jacket. It's that way so as to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin Mustapha, I absolutely love your shirts! Thanks. I think of myself as a creative type. These styles are not for the Everyman. Here is a shot of some more shirts in the Trend shop, awaiting pickup. Therse aren't mine. Ladies shirts too.
Quote: Originally Posted by erdavis Didn't see it mentioned above.... If I may ask, what does this shirt cost? Is that in USD or whatever the currency is in Canada... PS: Super cool shirt. Its nice to see something interesting and innovative. I would like to see if they will make me a few shirts remotely. Thanks, $225.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Transporter Beautiful shirts! They remind me of some Robert Graham designs, only better since they're bespoke. Care to divulge the location of the two beautiful ladies? But of course. The two ladies are Rosa and Johanna, located in Toronto. They work for Don Lee of Trend Custom Tailors.
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